A vehicle is said to be in idle mode if its engine is running while the car itself is stationary. This phenomenon is prevalent among drivers and is usually considered as a norm. However, when switching off is viewed through efficiency and technicality, its negative impacts come into the spotlight. Excessive fuel consumption is the main side effect of engine idling. According to a Colorado government campaign named Engines Off!, many trucks idle up to eight hours a day, which can cost managers...
The GPS tracking software have come a long way since their inception. They have improved in functionality with the growing needs of the companies. Their scope has also expanded over the years. Nowadays, they cater to everyone ranging from small businesses to large ones. It is the ideal solution that provides them both productivity and profitability.  With the latest vehicle monitoring systems, the managers’ job has become much easier. It has given them a lot of relief by taking over...
 Mining Fleet Management devices can assist fleet managers gain real-time exposure into their operations while enhancing vehicle driver complete satisfaction and also decreasing gas usage through predictive analytics and precise reporting. That's why 75% of fleet supervisors depend on fleet administration software or lorry telmatics to help support their everyday operations.             What is fleet management? Any kind of company that...

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