Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of GHOST OF A CHANCE

GHOST OF A CHANCE means: Ghost of a chance is slang for unlikely, little chance.

Slang Meaning of GLENN ROEDER

GLENN ROEDER means: Glenn Roeder is London Cockney rhyming slang for soda.

Slang Meaning of PAD OF STIFFS

PAD OF STIFFS means: Pad of stiffs is Black−American slang for a funeral parlour.

Slang Meaning of SHERMANS

SHERMANS means: Shermans is slang for phencyclidine.

Slang Meaning of SPELL

SPELL means: Spell is old slang for a theatre.

Slang Meaning of Robert's your mother's brother

Robert's your mother's brother means: Phrs. Expressing that something is easily achieved. A witty variation on 'bob's your uncle'.

Slang Meaning of SJ

SJ means: Strong Jaws

Slang Meaning of SWIT

SWIT means: Sit and Sweat

Slang Meaning of put on

put on means: To deceive or gull. I don't believe a word you say; you have to be putting me on.

Slang Meaning of bucketfanny

bucketfanny means: Self-explanatory insult designed to insult a female by suggesting they had a slack fanny. Often accompanied with the suggestion you'd have to pack her vagina with bricks in order to 'feel the sides'. The response from the girl is to imply the male is a pencil dick.

Slang Meaning of heteroflexible

heteroflexible means: Bisexual, or one who is usually heterosexual, but 'open to persuasion' now and then.

Slang Meaning of sodomize

sodomize means: To do anal intercourse, to fuck.

Slang Meaning of tandoori queen

tandoori queen means: Men who are interested in Indian or Pakistani men as sexual partners.

Slang Meaning of Aye

Aye means: Yes. Aye, aye captain!

Slang Meaning of FLASH

FLASH means: LSD

Slang Meaning of buff

buff means: Muscular. Look out, Buddy Roe, or you'll get into trouble!

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