Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of BRUM

BRUM means: Brum is British slang for Birmingham.

Slang Meaning of OILED

OILED means: Oiled is slang for intoxicated, drunk.

Slang Meaning of yam

yam means: Noun. Home. Also 'yem'. [North-east/Cumbrian use. Dialect?]

Slang Meaning of ISWYM

ISWYM means: I See What You Mean

Slang Meaning of Stanley knife

Stanley knife means: n box cutter. The small retractable knives used for cutting up cardboard boxes and hijacking aircraft. In the U.K., these are mostly manufactured by a company called Stanley. The knives, not aircraft.

Slang Meaning of nutted

nutted means: To drive the testicles back to their point of origin. Overeard from one boy after another slipped onto the crossbar of his bicycle: "Oh man, he nutted it!".

Slang Meaning of Ball of fire

Ball of fire means: Shot of whiskey

Slang Meaning of Big Nuts to Crack

Big Nuts to Crack means: A difficult or large undertaking.

Slang Meaning of Die-up

Die-up means: The deaths of several cattle from exposure, disease, starvation, or other widespread catastrophe.

Slang Meaning of In orbit

In orbit means: In the know

Slang Meaning of PERUVIAN

PERUVIAN means: cocaine

Slang Meaning of ROSA

ROSA means: amphetamine

Slang Meaning of FOREIGN CAR

FOREIGN CAR means: Car running over any railroad other than one that owns it

Slang Meaning of blow away

blow away means: Greatly impress someone. Hey, don't blow a fuse.

Slang Meaning of sucker

sucker means: To swindle or cheat by deceit. Don't be a sucker; buy your car from someone you know.

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