Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of BACK DOUBLE

BACK DOUBLE means: Back double is slang for a back street.

Slang Meaning of DROPPED ON

DROPPED ON means: Dropped on is slang for punished, reprimanded.

Slang Meaning of SNIPPY

SNIPPY means: Snippy is slang for irritatingly critical.

Slang Meaning of Lameoo

Lameoo means: a person who is extremly not cool and thinks the're ghetto, even though the're just crackers who live in the big TP

Slang Meaning of Manky

Manky means: Food

Slang Meaning of Rekt

Rekt means: The name of an app that allows users to re-share Instagram photographs.

Slang Meaning of rap

rap means: An accusation. Eustace has a rap sheet as long as your arm.

Slang Meaning of bomb, the

bomb, the means: see "da bomb" 

Slang Meaning of fo rizzle

fo rizzle means: For Real.  "That new Canye' West single is bangin' fo rizzle." 

Slang Meaning of counting coups

counting coups means: Homosexual that seeks those that have never experiened it up the ass in anal intercourse.

Slang Meaning of sandwich

sandwich means: A sexual act involving three men in anal intercourse, with one man being passive and active at the same time, One men only being passage and the other man being only be active. Standing facing the same direction first man is anally penetrated, by the man behind him, and at the same time being anally penetrated by the man behind him. [I would like to be in a sandwich with those two blond guys].

Slang Meaning of Douse it

Douse it means: Cover it in sauce

Slang Meaning of bad business

bad business means: Trouble. Wow, that was really a bad movie; I loved it.

Slang Meaning of cop out

cop out means: To give up or give in. How did you get the road sign? I copped it.

Slang Meaning of funny farm

funny farm means: Insane asylum. I'm thinking that the milk is too funky to drink.

Slang Meaning of off the deep end

off the deep end means: To lose control of yourself, go crazy. My parents are going to be offed when they see my grades.

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