Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of GACK

GACK means: Gack is American slang for to vomit

Slang Meaning of Face-Fungus

Face-Fungus means: Ugly face.

Slang Meaning of humongous

humongous means: Really huge. If she could get over her humongous ego, she could be a groovy chick.

Slang Meaning of tha sh*t

tha sh*t means: The coolest thing or person around.  "Danny really thinks he's tha sh*t!" 

Slang Meaning of piss-artist

piss-artist means: n useless drunk. The .com must have gone, but IÂ’m too scared to check. Have you ever played that game where you pick a .com and bet amongst your friends as to whether itÂ’s a porn site or not? I bet youÂ’re sitting there thinking that sounds like a stupid game, but let me get you started. YouÂ’re wondering, arenÂ’t you?

Slang Meaning of lob

lob means: Chucked.

Slang Meaning of rack off

rack off means: Used e.g. "Please go away you are annoying me.".

Slang Meaning of Dick Year

Dick Year means: (1)Adj. A very long time. Ie. "I havn't seen you in a dick year"

Slang Meaning of Danny La Rue

Danny La Rue means: Clue. He ain't got a danny.

Slang Meaning of DOB

DOB means: ecstasy type of drug

Slang Meaning of DREAM STICK

DREAM STICK means: opium

Slang Meaning of TAIMA

TAIMA means: marijuana

Slang Meaning of LETTERS

LETTERS means: Service letters given to men who resign or are discharged. Applicants for railroad jobs are usually asked to present letters proving previous employment. In the old days, when these were too unfavorable, many boomers used faked letters or would work under a flag on somebody else's certificates

Slang Meaning of upchuck

upchuck means: To vomit. Why are you so up tight, man? Relax!

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