Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of GYPSY MOTH

GYPSY MOTH means: Gypsy Moth is American slang for a liberal to moderate Republican politician.

Slang Meaning of KLEPTO

KLEPTO means: Klepto is slang for kleptomaniac.

Slang Meaning of LAME DUCK

LAME DUCK means: Lame duck is London Cockney rhyming slang for sexual intercourse (fuck).

Slang Meaning of TROLLEYS

TROLLEYS means: Trolleys is northern British slang for underwear, specifically knickers and underpants.

Slang Meaning of bournville boulevard

bournville boulevard means: Noun. The anus. A British equivalent of the US slang hershey highway. Often heard in phrases such as "take a stroll/trip down bournville boulevard", meaning to engage in anal intercourse. Commonly mispelt as bourneville boulevard. [1990s]

Slang Meaning of bottl’o

bottl’o means: Bottle Shop (liquor store)

Slang Meaning of skip

skip means: To miss, to not attend. Let's skip chemistry today and go to the library.

Slang Meaning of vege out

vege out means: To do nothing. I want to vege out in front of the television this evening.

Slang Meaning of ice

ice means: Jewellry.

Slang Meaning of sphincter boy

sphincter boy means: Male homosexual. Refers to the boy sticking his penis up another guys ass and touching his sphincter muscles.

Slang Meaning of yellow packet

yellow packet means: Insult directed at povvos, doleys and so on. Derived from Fine Fare supermarket's economy range of "Yellow Packet" products. Being seen with a bag of Yellow Packet crisps was tantamount to admitting you were receiving free school meals. "Ey, them trainies are dead yellow packet they are!", (Used during the early "Thatcher Years").

Slang Meaning of Alleviator

Alleviator means: Glass of tomato juice with black coffee

Slang Meaning of Ken Smee

Ken Smee means: Pee

Slang Meaning of BLACK RUSSIAN

BLACK RUSSIAN means: cannabis resin; also refers to opium mixed with hashish

Slang Meaning of Saran Wrap Technique (aka “Glad Wrap Techinique” or “Shrink Wrap Technique”)  

Saran Wrap Technique (aka “Glad Wrap Techinique” or “Shrink Wrap Technique”)   means: A form of nail art  that creates a two-tone marble like design  using saran wrap (not to be confused with water marbling.)  There are 2 techniques used to create this look.

Slang Meaning of dummy tit

dummy tit means: a pacifier (babyDunch – soggy

Slang Meaning of ghetto blaster

ghetto blaster means: A large portable music box. Get off the street! Here comes a ghetto bird.

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