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Slang Meaning of CAROL SINGER

CAROL SINGER means: Carol singer is London Cockney rhyming slang for a ringer, something that isn't what it appears or claims to be.

Slang Meaning of DO THE DOWNY

DO THE DOWNY means: Do the downy is slang for to lie in bed.

Slang Meaning of FAG−HAG

FAG−HAG means: Fag−hag is slang for a woman who likes and prefers the company of Gay men (fags) over heterosexuals.

Slang Meaning of GROCER'S SHOP

GROCER'S SHOP means: Grocer's shop is London Cockney rhyming slang for an Italian (wop).

Slang Meaning of NINCUM NOODLE

NINCUM NOODLE means: Nincum noodle was early th century slang for a poverty stricken fool, idiot.

Slang Meaning of POLO MINT

POLO MINT means: Polo mint is London Cockney rhyming slang for penniless (skint).

Slang Meaning of RINGBURNER

RINGBURNER means: Ringburner is British slang for a hot curry.

Slang Meaning of MCE

MCE means: Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller.

Slang Meaning of bogart

bogart means: To hog something. Don't bogart that joint, my friend.

Slang Meaning of bless

bless means: A term used when saying goodbye, feeling good about a friend, and or a term used to part company with someone considered family.  "I'm heading out now folks...bless!" 

Slang Meaning of slack

slack means: (1) Used to describe a girls who's morals seem to indicate she is willing to perform sexual favours on demand. Used as "That Jenny's a bit slack. All I did was nibble her ear and she went down on me like Oprah on a baked ham!". (2) Mean - i.e. as tight as a ducks arse. Used as "Don't be slack, La!", or, "That was dead slack".

Slang Meaning of black triangle

black triangle means: in the Nazi concentration camps, the black triangle (equilateral, worn point down) was used to mark "undesirables," such as prostitutes, the mentally ill, and the retarded. Lesbians in the camp probably would have also worn the black triangle, although there is some debate about it. It is sometimes worn as a pride symbol by lesbians.

Slang Meaning of brown

brown means: The rectal opening; anus.

Slang Meaning of RAP

RAP means: to talk to someone

Slang Meaning of RED ROCK

RED ROCK means: heroin

Slang Meaning of TIMKENIZED

TIMKENIZED means: Equipped with Timken roller bearings

Slang Meaning of Bubb Rubb

Bubb Rubb means: Wooooo Wooooo.

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