Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of DOO−WOP

DOO−WOP means: Doo−wop is slang for a style of usually harmonious music involving groups of singers.

Slang Meaning of have it away

have it away means: Verb. To have sexual intercourse.

Slang Meaning of like flies on shit

like flies on shit means: Phrs. Used as emphasis to imply great numbers and enthusiasm, usually with depreciative undertones. E.g."She'd go into a bar and all the men would be all over her, like flies on shit."

Slang Meaning of boss cocky

boss cocky means: employer

Slang Meaning of done for

done for means: In big trouble, finished. I just let the car roll into the lake. I'm done for when the rents find out.

Slang Meaning of skunk

skunk means: To fail to meet an obligation. He skunked the restaurant after complaining about the meal.

Slang Meaning of pigeon

pigeon means: an ugly girl.  "Quit mackin’ on those pigeons over there."  2. a girl who goes with all the guys, whether or not she has a boyfriend, usually just for sexual favors. 

Slang Meaning of RIP Dolla

RIP Dolla means: n. A popular term being tweeted and sent over Facebook to commemorate the rapper Dolla who was murdered hours after posting through tweeter his location. 

Slang Meaning of whatevs

whatevs means: Whatever. 

Slang Meaning of pumpkin eater

pumpkin eater means: Paedophile one with a sexual attraction, and need for young boy, under the age of consent.

Slang Meaning of Shivering Liz

Shivering Liz means: Jell-O

Slang Meaning of MTYS

MTYS means: Empty cars

Slang Meaning of fudge

fudge means: to manage daily chores alone

Slang Meaning of gladger

gladger means: a joker who pretends to be in earnest

Slang Meaning of on the make

on the make means: Flirting, looking for someone to seduce. On the level, now, did you take Mary Pickford out to supper?

Slang Meaning of rap

rap means: To talk informally. Eustace has a rap sheet as long as your arm.

Slang Meaning of old-timer

old-timer means: an old person

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