Slang words and meanings


GAMBLE AND PROCTER means: Gamble and Procter is London Cockney rhyming slang for doctor.

Slang Meaning of GANGBUSTERS

GANGBUSTERS means: Gangbusters is American slang for something excellent, or impressive.

Slang Meaning of chemicals

chemicals means: Noun. A euphemism for chemically manufactured illicit drugs, such as MDMA, Amphetamine Sulphate or LSD, as opposed to Cannabis etc.

Slang Meaning of juice

juice means: Noun. 1. Petrol, fuel for engines. 2. Electricity. E.g."My Ipod's run out of juice, can I borrow your charger?"

Slang Meaning of puddle

puddle means: Noun. A mess, a confused state. E.g."Sorry, I've been in a bit of puddle since the party. I drank far too much."

Slang Meaning of stuff

stuff means: Verb. 1. To copulate. Male usage. [Mid 1800s] 2. To defeat thoroughly in a game or competition. E.g."With our new signing from United we're going to stuff them good and proper." 3. Used to exclaim indifference or rejection of (something). E.g."Stuff the consequences! I'm going to get drunk."

Slang Meaning of Shit for Brains

Shit for Brains means: Black eye

Slang Meaning of shot

shot means: A swallow or single portion. Hey, give me a shot of that stuff you're drinking.

Slang Meaning of knackered

knackered means: Original had the specific meaning of being sexually exhausted and was used to (mostly by boys) to imply that they had been up all night shagging. This was nearly always a lie.

Slang Meaning of window licker

window licker means: A spacker, Comes from the "special" people who ride on "special" buses, sitting on the bus, face leant against the glass, tongue hanging out.

Slang Meaning of Spend a penny

Spend a penny means: go to the bathroom

Slang Meaning of ASSED OUT

ASSED OUT means: Lost out, lost out on something. or your fucked, meaning you blew it, or your doomed. (exam. "That kid got caught at the wrong place and the wrong time, he's assed out").

Slang Meaning of Down In The Mouth

Down In The Mouth means: Dispirited, dejected, disheartened

Slang Meaning of Power

Power means: A large quantity, a great number.

Slang Meaning of HUSTLE

HUSTLE means: attempt to obtain drug customers

Slang Meaning of funny farm

funny farm means: Insane asylum. I'm thinking that the milk is too funky to drink.

Slang Meaning of quant

quant means: a quantitative analyst; a person who performs quantitative analysis

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