Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of BAD HEJAB

BAD HEJAB means: Bad hejab is slang for improper Islamic dress.

Slang Meaning of ON SOMEONE'S HAMMER

ON SOMEONE'S HAMMER means: On someone's hammer is Australian and New Zealand slang for in hot pursuit of someone.

Slang Meaning of Ripped (3)

Ripped (3) means: To copy CDs on to a hard drive

Slang Meaning of crikey!

crikey! means: an expression of astonishment

Slang Meaning of legend

legend means: cool person (also ledge) ‘You are a bloody legend’

Slang Meaning of Get Your P45

Get Your P45 means: Get stressed, annoyed, angry

Slang Meaning of Tonsil Tennis

Tonsil Tennis means: The act of kissing passionately, with tongues

Slang Meaning of WTS

WTS means: Want To Sell

Slang Meaning of YAF

YAF means: Young Angry Female

Slang Meaning of dickup

dickup means: Translates into "Attention, attention; a teacher is approaching. Extinguish your cigarettes immediately." Usually accompanied by teacher nickname, e.g. "Dick up, Crogger!".

Slang Meaning of bad case of the tins

bad case of the tins means: A continual fear of being raped.

Slang Meaning of Bread and Cheese

Bread and Cheese means: Sneeze. I hate allergies - one good bread after another.

Slang Meaning of Toby Jug

Toby Jug means: Mug (chump). I'm tired of people taking me for a toby

Slang Meaning of bro

bro means: A male appellation. He's my main bro, bro.

Slang Meaning of wheel-horse

wheel-horse means: An important, visible, hard-working member of an organization. Letticia was convinced that her wheels were as good as anybody's.

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