Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of GOO−GOO

GOO−GOO means: Goo−goo is slang for an amorous or adoring look.Goo−goo is American slang for a person or group committed to political reform and goodgovernment.


HERRING AND KIPPER means: Herring and kipper is London Cockney rhyming slang for stripper.

Slang Meaning of HOTTIE

HOTTIE means: Hottie is British and Australian slang for a hot water bottle.

Slang Meaning of INTERCOURSE

INTERCOURSE means: Intercourse is slang for sexual intercourse.

Slang Meaning of ORGANIC OUTPUT

ORGANIC OUTPUT means: Organic output is American slang for to vomit.

Slang Meaning of QUAINT

QUAINT means: Quaint is British slang for homosexual.

Slang Meaning of RATS

RATS means: Rats is Australian slang for deranged; insane.

Slang Meaning of on the Pat and Mick

on the Pat and Mick means: Phrs. Taking time off work due to sickness. Rhyming slang for on the sick. See 'Pat and Mick'.

Slang Meaning of mickey

mickey means: on the east coast a mickey is actually one of those little taster bottles of alcohol.

Slang Meaning of PHB

PHB means: Pointy Haired Boss

Slang Meaning of cupcake

cupcake means: To hug and kiss in public. I get so sick of seeing Phil Anders and Lucy Lastic cupcaking I don't know what to do.

Slang Meaning of get moded

get moded means: Be embarrassed. Used as "Lilah boasted and insisted that her fruit salad was sweet enough. She got moded later on when her boyfriend thought the fruit salad was too bland."

Slang Meaning of lucy

lucy means: Lysergic acid diethyl amide (LED). The name derives from the first word of the chemical itself and famously mad an appearence in the Beatles sog "Lucy in the scky with diamonds".

Slang Meaning of Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen means: A pickpocket that pretends to be gay in order to pickpocket another mans wallet.

Slang Meaning of Frank Bough

Frank Bough means: Off

Slang Meaning of Bushwhacker

Bushwhacker means: A raw countryman, a green-horn. Also applies to ambushers.

Slang Meaning of BIG D

BIG D means: LSD

Slang Meaning of Colonel's Kids

Colonel's Kids means: Refers to Colonel Sanders. Blacks are thought to love Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Slang Meaning of janky

janky means: poorly made, of low quality

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