Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of CLAM SMACKER

CLAM SMACKER means: Clam smacker is American slang for a lesbian.

Slang Meaning of GAVEL AND WIG

GAVEL AND WIG means: Gavel and wig is London Cockney rhyming slang for to scratch one's anus (twig).

Slang Meaning of LOVE BLOBS

LOVE BLOBS means: Love blobs is British slang for testicles.

Slang Meaning of RUCK AND ROW

RUCK AND ROW means: Ruck and row is London Cockney rhyming slang for an unpleasant woman (cow).

Slang Meaning of SHIT BRICKS

SHIT BRICKS means: Shit bricks is slang for to be very scared.

Slang Meaning of rug muncher

rug muncher means: Noun. A lesbian. Derog.

Slang Meaning of Get your head out of your ass!

Get your head out of your ass! means: Literally means, "Aren't you half alseep? (Because of what you did/are doing?". Depending on your voice, this can be very funny or very insulting.

Slang Meaning of rap

rap means: An accusation. Eustace has a rap sheet as long as your arm.

Slang Meaning of pill popping

pill popping means: [from popping something into one's mouth] promiscuous use of amphetamine and barbiturate pills or capsules. One who does this is a popper and may be a garbage can

Slang Meaning of cheese

cheese means: see "cheddar."  2. Also see *sniffing cheese 

Slang Meaning of crumpet

crumpet means: n 1 small teacake made of pancake batter, but with raising agents added to make holes. 2 loose woman. Coming from rhyming slang for “strumpet” (a woman adulterer), crumpet refers to women in a similar (although a little more old-fashioned) way to “totty.” Suffice to say that if you were out looking for some crumpet of an evening, you wouldn’t be intending sleeping alone. In fact, you may not be intending to sleep at all. Despite it meaning, primarily, a small teacake, it would be difficult to mention such a teacake in the U.K. without someone at the table collapsing in fits of giggles.

Slang Meaning of Baby Crockett

Baby Crockett means: Gay nickname for a pseudo-cowboy or would-be woodsman.

Slang Meaning of Cast an eyeball

Cast an eyeball means: To look

Slang Meaning of Dig

Dig means: To understand; to approve

Slang Meaning of CRIPPLE

CRIPPLE means: See bad order

Slang Meaning of Blackie

Blackie means: Self-explanatory.

Slang Meaning of San

San means: (S)tupid (A)ss (N)igger .. see Dan

Slang Meaning of sight

sight means: a great quantity (used ironically “look at the sight of you”)

Slang Meaning of muttonhead

muttonhead means: A stupid or foolish person. Hey, Fritz, what is your mutt barking at now?

Slang Meaning of pump

pump means: To enthuse. Boyd has been awfully quiet lately; let's pull his chain and ask how he is doing with that girl who just left him.

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