Slang words and meanings


PAINT ONESELF INTO A CORNER means: Paint oneself into a corner is American slang for to get oneself into a situation that is difficult to get out of.

Slang Meaning of PODGER

PODGER means: Podger is British slang for the penis.Podger is British slang for sexual intercourse.Podger was old British slang for a cosh.

Slang Meaning of STREET

STREET means: Street is racing slang for a long winning margin.Street is American slang for having fashionable awareness, acceptable on the street.

Slang Meaning of UP SHIT CREEK

UP SHIT CREEK means: Up shit creek is slang for in serious trouble.

Slang Meaning of ZOLA BUDD

ZOLA BUDD means: Zola Budd is South African slang for a taxi.Zola Budd is South African slang for a slow armoured police vehicle.

Slang Meaning of luvvie

luvvie means: Noun. 1. An actor or actress, especially one with a flamboyant and affected theatrical manner. Also luvvy. Often derog. {Informal} 2. A form of address. From lovey. {Informal}

Slang Meaning of uni

uni means: Noun. Abb. of university.

Slang Meaning of mate

mate means: friend, pal, buddy

Slang Meaning of EUC

EUC means: Estimated Time of Arrival.

Slang Meaning of BOTEC

BOTEC means: Back Of The Envelope Calculation

Slang Meaning of blue-blood

blue-blood means: Rich, upper class. Portia Carr is such a blue-blood herself she only talks to other blue-bloods.

Slang Meaning of rat fink

rat fink means: An informer, a tattle-tale; nasty person The rat fink went to the cops.

Slang Meaning of on the make

on the make means: One that is open for sexual consideration.

Slang Meaning of Drown one, hold the hail

Drown one, hold the hail means: Coca Cola with no ice

Slang Meaning of Italian perfume

Italian perfume means: Garlic

Slang Meaning of Louise Wener

Louise Wener means: Tenner (10 pound note). ere, lend us a louise. Louise Wener is a singer with the band Sleeper

Slang Meaning of great gun

great gun means: Important person. Who was that greaser I saw you with yesterday?

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