Slang words and meanings

Slang Meaning of HOSEHEAD

HOSEHEAD means: Hosehead is American college slang for an idiot.

Slang Meaning of OUT OF ONE'S BOX

OUT OF ONE'S BOX means: Out of one's box is slang for crazy.Out of one's box is slang for intoxicated by drugs or drink.

Slang Meaning of SPUNK STAINED

SPUNK STAINED means: Spunk stained is British slang for an adulterous woman who has been discovered.

Slang Meaning of WI'

WI' means: Wi' is Dorset slang for with.

Slang Meaning of amber nectar

amber nectar means: beer

Slang Meaning of Taboo

Taboo means: Synchronize.

Slang Meaning of crush

crush means: An infatuation. She has a crush on her teacher and spends all day studying biology.

Slang Meaning of dub

dub means: 20 inch chrome rims or wheels. I saw him riding on dubs yesterday.

Slang Meaning of jimmies

jimmies means: Stretch shorts worn under another pair of shorts. Did you remember to wear your jimmies?

Slang Meaning of beamed up

beamed up means: [from "Beam me up, Scotty," an expression used in the television series Star Trek ; Scotty is also a term for crack cocaine; on a mission means looking for crack] intoxicated by crack

Slang Meaning of Cheerful Giver

Cheerful Giver means: Liver

Slang Meaning of RB@Y

RB@Y means: Right back at you (also RBAY)

Slang Meaning of drawers

drawers means: a way to say underwear

Slang Meaning of eats

eats means: snacks, food

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