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Meaning of PILIB

PILIB means: Irish Gaelic form of Greek Philippos, PILIB means "lover of horses."

Meaning of LISA

LISA means:  Short form of Italian Elisabetta, LISA means "God is my oath." Compare with another form of Lisa.

Meaning of Colette

Colette means: Victory of the People; Necklace; Victorious; Variant of Nicolette

Meaning of Fadyaa

Fadyaa means: Sacrificing

Meaning of Nyasha

Nyasha means: Merciful; Kindhearted

Meaning of Zilpha

Zilpha means: Old Testament Name Revived in the 18th Century and Gradually Fading Ever Since

Meaning of Gurbhaag

Gurbhaag means: Blessing of Guru

Meaning of Nikotan

Nikotan means: Head of Snake

Meaning of Sukas

Sukas means: Breeze; Always Happy

Meaning of Sampreti

Sampreti means: Peace

Meaning of Sammohini

Sammohini means: Hypnotise

Meaning of Ziana

Ziana means: Bold

Meaning of SalahUdeen

SalahUdeen means: The Righteousness of the Faith

Meaning of Brunon

Brunon means: Brown

Meaning of Yekshit | யேக்ஷித 

Yekshit | யேக்ஷித  means: Finisher

Meaning of Vishweshwari | விஷ்வேஷ்வரீ

Vishweshwari | விஷ்வேஷ்வரீ means: Goddess Durga

Meaning of Vyshnavi | வ்ய்ஷ்நாவீ

Vyshnavi | வ்ய்ஷ்நாவீ means: Worshipper of Lord Vishnu

Meaning of Jayasoorya

Jayasoorya means: Victorious Sun

Meaning of Fynballa

Fynballa means: Fair shoulders.

Meaning of Grant

Grant means: English and (especially) Scottish (of Norman origin), and French : nickname from Anglo-Norman French graund, graunt ‘tall’, ‘large’ (Old French grand, grant, from Latin grandis), given either to a person of remarkable size, or else in a relative way to distinguish two bearers of the same personal name, often representatives of different generations within the same family.English and Scottish : from a medieval personal name, probably a survival into Middle English of the Old English byname Granta (see Grantham).Probably a respelling of German Grandt or Grand.The U.S. president General Ulysses S. Grant (1822–85), born in OH, was the descendant of a Puritan called Matthew Grant, who landed in Massachusetts with his wife, Priscilla, in 1630. This family of Grants continued in New England until Captain Noah Grant, having served throughout the Revolution, emigrated to PA in 1790 and later to OH.

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