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Meaning of MAHINDER

MAHINDER means: Variant spelling of Hindi Mahendra, MAHINDER means "great-Indra."

Meaning of Khushtar

Khushtar means: Sarrounded by happiness

Meaning of Muballigh

Muballigh means: Preacher one who preaches and propagates Islam

Meaning of Basoos

Basoos means: She was the daughter of Munziq at-Tamimah (A.N)

Meaning of Shivaansh

Shivaansh means: Part of Lord Shiva

Meaning of Tapasvat

Tapasvat means: Pious; Ascetic

Meaning of Thakurjot

Thakurjot means: Light of the Lord Master

Meaning of Vindhya

Vindhya means: Name of a Mountain Range

Meaning of Jap

Jap means: Holy Chanting of Word; To Descend

Meaning of Svara

Svara means: Goddess of Sound

Meaning of Utthara

Utthara means: Superior

Meaning of Gomathi | கோமதீ 

Gomathi | கோமதீ  means: Gods name, King of beauty

Meaning of Harsika | ஹர்ஸிகா

Harsika | ஹர்ஸிகா means: Happiness, Laugh

Meaning of Arambhi

Arambhi means: Start of a good work

Meaning of Chedi

Chedi means: Which cut and break

Meaning of Lubaaba | لوبابا

Lubaaba | لوبابا means: The innermost essence, Core, Gist

Meaning of Malahari

Malahari means: Name of a Raga

Meaning of Shaynthika

Shaynthika means:

Meaning of Shurya

Shurya means: The Sun

Meaning of Groome

Groome means: English : variant spelling of Groom.

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