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Meaning of MAUNU

MAUNU means: Finnish form of Roman Latin Magnus, MAUNU means "great."

Meaning of Non

Non means: posterity; a fish; eternal

Meaning of Wahuj

Wahuj means: First light of day Dawn, New Beginning

Meaning of Grainne

Grainne means: Terror; Lovers

Meaning of Aarav

Aarav means: Peaceful; Good Personality; Lord Ram; King; Kind; Lovable; Hearty; Fire; Blessed with Money

Meaning of Baaodhav

Baaodhav means: Lord Brahma

Meaning of Amoghnya

Amoghnya means: Wonderful.

Meaning of Bakor

Bakor means: Camel

Meaning of Ramza

Ramza means: Coquette

Meaning of Moorley

Moorley means: From the Meadow on the Moor

Meaning of Shighra | ஷீக்ர

Shighra | ஷீக்ர means: Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu

Meaning of Doaa |

Doaa | means: Pray, A voice of heart, Request to all-mighty Allah, A source of connection with God and human

Meaning of Giti |

Giti | means: A song, World, Universe

Meaning of Hayat | حیات

Hayat | حیات means: Life

Meaning of Nadesh |

Nadesh | means: God of river, Ocean, Hope

Meaning of Jagat Prabhu

Jagat Prabhu means: God of the world

Meaning of Dorinda

Dorinda means: or Dorothea, meaning Gift of God.

Meaning of Curro

Curro means: Frenchman; free.

Meaning of Moment

Moment means: English (Lincolnshire and Yorkshire) : unexplained.

Meaning of Stroker

Stroker means: English : unexplained.North German (Ströker) : from an agent derivative of Struck.

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