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Meaning of JACKIE

JACKIE means: Pet form of English Jack, JACKIE means "supplanter" or "God is gracious." Compare with feminine Jackie. 

Meaning of Ricci

Ricci means: Curly

Meaning of Anthony

Anthony means: Praiseworthy; Priceless; Inestimable; Flower; Flourishing; Invaluable; Beyond Price

Meaning of Savanth

Savanth means: Employer

Meaning of Aparanjitha

Aparanjitha means: Gold; Beautiful

Meaning of Sundardeep

Sundardeep means: Beautiful Lamp

Meaning of Tribhu

Tribhu means: Master of All Three States; Land, Sky and Universe

Meaning of Nitishtha

Nitishtha means: Goddess Aadisakti: She who Maintains the Rules of Justice without the Slightest Error

Meaning of Urshita

Urshita means: A Confident Person; Firm

Meaning of Saduh

Saduh means: Singer; Singing

Meaning of Mandeepa | மஂதீபா

Mandeepa | மஂதீபா means: Light of heart

Meaning of Ash-ShahÎd

Ash-ShahÎd means: The witness

Meaning of Dam

Dam means: Calf, Gentleness, Wife

Meaning of Deshanth

Deshanth means:

Meaning of Gaj

Gaj means: Polish

Meaning of Yeshasvi

Yeshasvi means: Goddess Lakshmi

Meaning of Felix

Felix means: Name of a saint.

Meaning of Heikki

Heikki means:

Meaning of Berringer

Berringer means: English : variant spelling of Beringer.In some instances, possibly an altered form of German Behringer or French Béringer (see Beringer).


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