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Meaning of OWAIN

OWAIN means: Welsh Arthurian legend name of a Knight of the Round Table, derived from Latin Eugenius, OWAIN means "born of yew." 

Meaning of AGLAIA

AGLAIA means: (Ἀγλαΐα) Greek myth name of one of the three Graces, AGLAIA means "beauty, splendor." The other two are Thaleia, "blossoming, luxuriant," and Euphrosynê, "joy, merriment."

Meaning of Manfoosah

Manfoosah means: She was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-Firwaris; a very pious woman she wept often for fear of Allah

Meaning of Dennise

Dennise means: Follower of Dionysius; Feminine of Dennis

Meaning of Ayusman

Ayusman means: Blessed with a Long Life

Meaning of Deergh

Deergh means: Large

Meaning of Linganath

Linganath means: Lord Shiva

Meaning of Quasar

Quasar means: Meteor

Meaning of Feshikha

Feshikha means: Princess

Meaning of Hanzhalah

Hanzhalah means: Name of a Tree

Meaning of Raanee

Raanee means: The Queen

Meaning of Najmuddeen

Najmuddeen means: The Star of the Faith

Meaning of Maressa

Maressa means: Of the Sea; Variant of Marie and Mary

Meaning of Arliss

Arliss means: High Fort; A Place Name

Meaning of Ganga | கஂகா

Ganga | கஂகா means: River Ganga (Married to Shantanu; Mother of Bhishma; Goddess of the sacred river, Ganga.)

Meaning of Fena | فینا

Fena | فینا means: Wild horse, Born with feet first (1)

Meaning of Karthikundan

Karthikundan means: God

Meaning of Roza

Roza means: Garden, Meadow, Paradise

Meaning of Zair

Zair means: Pilgrim

Meaning of Hersey

Hersey means: English : probably a variant of Hershey 2.

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