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Meaning of ESSENCE

ESSENCE means: English name derived from the vocabulary word, from Latin essentia, ESSENCE means "essence; being."

Meaning of OLA

OLA means: Norwegian and Swedish form of Scandinavian Olaf, OLA means "heir of the ancestors."

Meaning of Bechorath

Bechorath means: first fruits

Meaning of Yolanda

Yolanda means: Violet Flower

Meaning of Cato

Cato means: Knowledgeable; Wise; All-knowing

Meaning of Stephanie

Stephanie means: A Crown of Garland; Crown; Garland; Crowned in Victory; Victorious

Meaning of Binod

Binod means: Joy; Laughter; Spiritual Happiness

Meaning of Bankebihari

Bankebihari means: Lord Krishna

Meaning of Darshanoop

Darshanoop means: Like God

Meaning of Kallaicone

Kallaicone means: King of Arts

Meaning of Stavya

Stavya means: Lord Vishnu

Meaning of Salendar

Salendar means: Lord of Mountains

Meaning of AlAbbas

AlAbbas means: Description of a Lion

Meaning of Hantama

Hantama means: Pitcher; Vessel

Meaning of Ujvala | உஜ்ஜ்வலா /उज्वला

Ujvala | உஜ்ஜ்வலா /उज्वला means: Bright, Lighted

Meaning of Basheera

Basheera means: Bringer of good tidings

Meaning of Idha

Idha means: Intelligence, Perception, The earth, Insight

Meaning of Mahmooda |

Mahmooda | means: Praised

Meaning of Jeshohaia

Jeshohaia means: The pressing; the meditation of God.

Meaning of Coulston

Coulston means: English : variant spelling of Colston.

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