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Meaning of OSIP

OSIP means: (Осип) Russian form of Greek Ioseph, OSIP means "(God) shall add (another son)."

Meaning of Hallie

Hallie means: Heroine; Hay Meadow; Praise the Lord; From the Hall; Thinking of the Sea; Army Power

Meaning of Bakhtawar

Bakhtawar means: One who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky; Prosperous; Rich

Meaning of Laxman

Laxman means: Lord Rama's Brother; Auspicious; Inelligent; Goodness

Meaning of Nippun

Nippun means: Perfect

Meaning of Shitakar

Shitakar means: The Moon

Meaning of Sathamanyu

Sathamanyu means: Hundreds

Meaning of Uchpal

Uchpal means: Protector of Elevation

Meaning of Zafir

Zafir means: Victorious

Meaning of Ernie

Ernie means: Sincere; Form of Ernest; Earnest; Battle to the Death

Meaning of Arkajit | அர்கஜீத 

Arkajit | அர்கஜீத  means:

Meaning of Revappa | ரேவாப்பா 

Revappa | ரேவாப்பா  means: God

Meaning of Jaichandran

Jaichandran means: Jaya- victory chandran- Moon thejus- brightness

Meaning of Lalithya

Lalithya means: Loveliness, Grace, Beauty

Meaning of Cheran

Cheran means: Anger.

Meaning of Brantley

Brantley means: Firebrand.

Meaning of Lewellyn

Lewellyn means: Lionlike. Leader.

Meaning of Mangan

Mangan means: Irish : Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Mongáin ‘descendant of Mongán’, originally a byname for someone with a luxuriant head of hair (from mong ‘hair’, ‘mane’), borne by families from Connacht, County Limerick, and Tyrone. It is also a Huguenot name, traced back to immigrants from Metz.Irish : see Manning.English (of Norman origin) : nickname for a glutton, from Old French manger ‘to eat’.English : occupational name from old Spanish mangón ‘small trader’.

Meaning of Wich

Wich means: North German : variant of Weich or Wiech.Polish : from the personal name Wich, a short form of Wincenty (see Vincent).English : variant of Wyche.

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