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Meaning of TZOFIYA

TZOFIYA means: (צוֹפִיָה) Yiddish form of Hebrew Tzofi, TZOFIYA means "guard" or "scout." 

Meaning of Olympia

Olympia means: Mountain of the God; From Mount Olympus; Home of the Gods; Heavenly

Meaning of Iyadurai

Iyadurai means: Son of God

Meaning of Nilesh

Nilesh means: Lord Shiva / Krishna; Person who Sacrifices

Meaning of Rudrapratap

Rudrapratap means: Lord Shiva

Meaning of Ronak

Ronak means: Delight; Bright

Meaning of Rudrarithika

Rudrarithika means: Lord Shiva

Meaning of Sumona

Sumona means: Calm; With Good Heart

Meaning of Soumika

Soumika means: Beautiful; Soft Nature; Similar to Soumya

Meaning of Ummi

Ummi means: The Scholar of the Holy Quran

Meaning of Hartwood

Hartwood means: From the Stag's Forest

Meaning of Sarika | ஸாரிகா

Sarika | ஸாரிகா means: Koel or cuckoo or a thing of beauty or nature, Princess

Meaning of Bhavanil

Bhavanil means:

Meaning of Ruhani

Ruhani means: Spiritual, Sacred, Divine

Meaning of Dema

Dema means: Calm.

Meaning of Wynfreda

Wynfreda means: Peaceful.

Meaning of Rosselin

Rosselin means: Red haired.

Meaning of Svewn

Svewn means: Young.

Meaning of Downham

Downham means: English : habitational name from any of various places called Downham, in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Lancashire, and Northumberland. The last two are named from Old English dūn, dative plural dūnum ‘(at) the hills’, while the others are named from Old English dūn ‘hill’ + hām ‘homestead’.English : Variant spelling of Dunham.

Meaning of Hewlett

Hewlett means: English (central western England) : from the Middle English personal name Huwelet, Huwelot, Hughelot, a double diminutive of Hugh formed with the diminutive suffixes -el + -et and -ot. The surname is also established in Ireland.

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