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Meaning of BARTOLOMÉ

BARTOLOMÉ means: Spanish form of Latin Bartolomaeus, BARTOLOMÉ means "son of Talmai."

Meaning of MINTTU

MINTTU means: Finnish name MINTTU means "mint."

Meaning of Candana

Candana means: Sandalwood; Soothing; Dear to the Gods

Meaning of Jasbhagat

Jasbhagat means: Devotee who Sings God's Praises

Meaning of Moneshwaran

Moneshwaran means: Lord Shiva

Meaning of Snehashis

Snehashis means: Blessing with Love

Meaning of Zail

Zail means: Scope

Meaning of Sukhmandir

Sukhmandir means: Temple of Peace

Meaning of AbdarRahman

AbdarRahman means: Servant of the Merciful

Meaning of Cedrica

Cedrica means: Battle Chieftain; Modern Female Version of Cedric

Meaning of Hasu

Hasu means: Smile

Meaning of Pachak | பாசக 

Pachak | பாசக  means: Digestive

Meaning of Ahlam

Ahlam means: Witty, One who has pleasant dreams, Imaginative

Meaning of Aatmanand

Aatmanand means: Blissful

Meaning of Aijaz

Aijaz means: Favor

Meaning of Muhannad | موحنناڈ

Muhannad | موحنناڈ means: Sword

Meaning of Prinsi

Prinsi means:

Meaning of Yudhishthira

Yudhishthira means: One who established Yudhisthira back as king

Meaning of Pandarus

Pandarus means: A Trojan soldier.

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