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Meaning of NERINE

NERINE means: Feminine form of Greek Nereus, NERINE means "daughter of Nereus" or "sea sprite" or "wet one." It is also the name of a genus of plants native to South Africa but now spread worldwide. It is a bulb plant that produces beautiful pink funnel-shaped flowers in the fall, similar to the Belladonna Lily, though smaller. In use by the English.

Meaning of RADKO

RADKO means: , happy, joyful.

Meaning of Apocrypha

Apocrypha means: hidden

Meaning of Pelaiah

Pelaiah means: the Lord's secret or miracle

Meaning of Jyotirindra

Jyotirindra means: Holder of the Flame

Meaning of Kovalum

Kovalum means: Silicate; Precious

Meaning of Ulhasini

Ulhasini means: Bright; Lighted

Meaning of Bahria

Bahria means: Water; Beautiful; Gray

Meaning of AbdulWadood

AbdulWadood means: Servant of the Loving

Meaning of Monalika | மோநாலிகா

Monalika | மோநாலிகா means: One of the thousand names of the Hindu Goddess

Meaning of Ameerah |

Ameerah | means: Leader, Princess, Royal lady

Meaning of Ratheesan

Ratheesan means:

Meaning of Senapati

Senapati means: Lord Murugan

Meaning of Chitra

Chitra means: Bright.

Meaning of Beaven

Beaven means: Evan's son.

Meaning of Jena

Jena means: which is a.

Meaning of Venus

Venus means: Goddess of love and beauty.

Meaning of Cordrey

Cordrey means: English : variant spelling of Cordray.

Meaning of Vorse

Vorse means: English : variant of Force.

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