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Meaning of NANA

NANA means: , ("the lady"); goddess of Uruk.

Meaning of Thalia

Thalia means: Joy or Blooming

Meaning of Mekka

Mekka means: Name of Holy city

Meaning of Alban

Alban means: From Alba; A City on a White Hill; Man from City Alba

Meaning of Lesa

Lesa means: Consecrated to God

Meaning of Jatasya

Jatasya means: The Ocean

Meaning of Reti

Reti means: Sand

Meaning of Rennie

Rennie means: Reborn Hearted Princess

Meaning of Sunantha

Sunantha means: Goodness of Cow

Meaning of Islam

Islam means: Submission to Allah's will

Meaning of Advik | அத்விக

Advik | அத்விக means: Unique

Meaning of Hansaraj | ஹஂஸராஜ

Hansaraj | ஹஂஸராஜ means: King of a swan

Meaning of Benzair

Benzair means: Incomparable

Meaning of Mahala |

Mahala | means: Brave

Meaning of Mokbul |

Mokbul | means: Accept

Meaning of Mady

Mady means: Maiden.

Meaning of Maitea

Maitea means: Love.

Meaning of Uilleam

Uilleam means: Helmeted.

Meaning of Bowhay

Bowhay means: English (Devon and Cornwall) : unexplained.

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