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Meaning of Jan

Jan means: Life heart

Meaning of Ehsaas

Ehsaas means: Feeling

Meaning of Mayukh

Mayukh means: Sun; Brilliant; Splendour

Meaning of Prish

Prish means: Loving or God Gifted

Meaning of Jhani

Jhani means: Glimpse; Spark; Sudden Motion

Meaning of Poojanya

Poojanya means: Worship / Prayer

Meaning of Chyna

Chyna means: The Ancient Country; Form of China; Musical Instrument

Meaning of Hansika | ஹநஸீகா

Hansika | ஹநஸீகா means: Swan or beautiful lady

Meaning of Ranit | ரநீத

Ranit | ரநீத means: Song

Meaning of Sathya Priya | ஸத்யா ப்ரியா 

Sathya Priya | ஸத்யா ப்ரியா  means: Devoted to truth, Love to truth

Meaning of Abahat |

Abahat | means: Correct, Accurate

Meaning of Arquan | آرقوان

Arquan | آرقوان means: Principles

Meaning of Kundana

Kundana means:

Meaning of Rafiq |

Rafiq | means: Kind, Friend

Meaning of Shreenika

Shreenika means: Lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi

Meaning of Gita

Gita means: Song.

Meaning of Kazatimiru

Kazatimiru means: Commanding peace.

Meaning of Bly

Bly means: English : variant spelling of Bligh.German : variant of Blei, Bley, a metonymic occupational name for a lead miner or lead worker, from Middle High German blī ‘lead’.Dutch : nickname for a cheerful, happy man, Dutch blij.Swedish : possibly German in origin (see 2 above) or a soldier’s name.Americanized form of a Norwegian habitational name from a farmstead in Hardanger named Bleie, from a river name from Old Norse bleikr ‘gray’, ‘pale’ + vin ‘meadow’.

Meaning of Northcraft

Northcraft means: English : topographic name for someone who lived on a croft to the north of the main settlement, from Middle English north ‘north’ + croft ‘enclosure’, ‘small enclosed field’, or a habitational name from a place named with these elements, as for example Northcroft in Cheshire. The dialect spelling craft seems to belong to southern and western counties.

Meaning of Stanwood

Stanwood means: English : evidently a habitational name from an unidentified or lost place.

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