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Meaning of JAYMA

JAYMA means: Variant form of English Jamie, JAYMA means "supplanter."

Meaning of Artin

Artin means: Name of a Medes King; Righteous

Meaning of Shiela

Shiela means: Blind; Heaven

Meaning of Jayashekara

Jayashekara means: Crest of Victory

Meaning of Kamala

Kamala means: Flower; Goddess; Lotus; Born of a Lotus; Desirous; Beautiful; Goddess Lakshmi

Meaning of Nirjhari

Nirjhari means: Watery

Meaning of Sharmishtha

Sharmishtha means: Goddess Durga

Meaning of Taanvika

Taanvika means: Gold; Goddess Durga

Meaning of Ainullah

Ainullah means: Eye of God

Meaning of Tashbeed

Tashbeed means: Adolescence; Youth

Meaning of Lovesh | ல வேஷ 

Lovesh | ல வேஷ  means: Love

Meaning of Mahatej | மஹாதேஜ

Mahatej | மஹாதேஜ means: Lord Shiva

Meaning of Rajatshubhra | ரஜத்ஷுப்ரா

Rajatshubhra | ரஜத்ஷுப்ரா means: White as silver

Meaning of Manjushree | மஂஜுஷ்ரீ

Manjushree | மஂஜுஷ்ரீ means: Goddess Lakshmi

Meaning of Anbara |

Anbara | means: Perfume, Ambergris

Meaning of Akule

Akule means: Looks up.

Meaning of Dartagnan

Dartagnan means: The Three Musketeers by Dumas was based on the real D'artagnan's memoirs.

Meaning of Dobromierz

Dobromierz means: Good/famous.

Meaning of Laoidhigh

Laoidhigh means: Poetic.

Meaning of Kimberley

Kimberley means: English : habitational name from any of three places so named, in Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, and Norfolk. The one in Nottinghamshire, Chinemarelie in Domesday Book, is ‘woodland clearing of Cynemǣr’, from an Old English personal name composed of the elements cyne- ‘royal’ + mǣr ‘fame’, with lēah ‘clearing’. The one in Warwickshire, recorded in 1311 as Kynebaldeleye, is ‘Cynebald’s clearing’ (see Kemble). The one in Norfolk, Chineburlai in Domesday Book, is ‘Cyneburh’s clearing’ (see Kimbrough).

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