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Meaning of ABIDA

ABIDA means: Anglicized form of Hebrew Abiyda, ABIDA means "father of knowledge." In the bible, this is the name of one of Midian's five sons. Compare with feminine Abida.

Meaning of Cyndy

Cyndy means: Moon; Abbreviation of Cynthia and Lucinda; Form of Cynthia; Moon Goddess

Meaning of Dereka

Dereka means: Gifted Ruler; Ruler of the People; Modern

Meaning of Mariola

Mariola means: Sea of Bitterness; Wished for Child; To Swell

Meaning of Divyendu

Divyendu means: Bright Moon

Meaning of Salil

Salil means: Water; Descendant; Son; Sword

Meaning of Shantinath

Shantinath means: Lord of Peace

Meaning of Aarooshee

Aarooshee means: Peaceful

Meaning of Prasit | ப்ரஸித

Prasit | ப்ரஸித means: First Ray of the winter Sun

Meaning of Allamah

Allamah means: Endowed with great knowledge

Meaning of Busrah |

Busrah | means: Glad tidings, Good news, Good tiding

Meaning of Uttamleen

Uttamleen means: Immersed in the Love of divine

Meaning of Khawlah

Khawlah means: Female deer

Meaning of Satinder

Satinder means: The king of truth

Meaning of Sukhwinder

Sukhwinder means: Bringer of destiny

Meaning of Ranhit

Ranhit means: Quick

Meaning of Saliha

Saliha means: Good, Useful, Pious, Virtuous, Just

Meaning of Yohan

Yohan means: God is merciful

Meaning of Yugender

Yugender means:

Meaning of Benes

Benes means: Blessed.

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