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WWUS means: Woman Weight Upsession Syndrome

Woman Weight Upsession Syndrome

WPC means: Woman Police Constable

Woman Police Constable

BMW means: Big Maine Woman

Big Maine Woman

WPOY means: Woman Pilot of the Year

Woman Pilot of the Year

IWSA means: International Woman Suffrage Association

International Woman Suffrage Association

WMGAR means: Woman Made Gallery Artists Registry

Woman Made Gallery Artists Registry

LIW means: Little Indian Woman

Little Indian Woman

WWGT means: Wonder Woman Glen Travis

Wonder Woman Glen Travis

WW means: Web Woman

Web Woman

CWSF means: Church Woman~s Staff Fellowship

Church Woman~s Staff Fellowship

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in woman?

Meaning of woman by its letters

woman acronym or abbreviation means:

W: Meaning of W in woman. W is indistinguishable numerically to the number 5 and speaks to self-portrayal. Individuals with the underlying W are typically exceptionally aesthetic and innovative in all that they do. Adversely, individuals with W as their underlying can be avaricious and go out on a limb. W is a noteworthy characted. It has three projections pointing upwards and laying on two finishes. It is non-conventional and fiery. More closures at the best showed W in movement is intrigued, it is energizing to search for the enterprise, which are prepared, energetic, attractive and nimble. Enjoy safety often and appreciate guaranteeing that. Apart from the roads that is activated, and the ability brings cash you appreciate it. Keep the mind, and make a fortune in the business. It should be able to continue to pursue fantastic track keeping strategic distance from the disintegration, after unleashing innovation.Take advantage of the thoughtful nature of thinking about the call or management.Love is inalienable of science, and reduction in relation to innovative research.
I was very happy, and I decided, and refused Do not take no response when I look for affection ... Your inner is in question ... I am emotional, I hope, and often m An overwhelmed with affection itself, you do not see your partner as he or she really seems to be.I feel deeply and throw everything by myself in your communications.Nothing is very useful and another important for your efforts.Thank you playing entertainment or love.

O: Meaning of O in woman. The letter O is a standout amongst the most intense letters of the letter set and names start with that letter, the "practitioners" of the world. On the off chance that O is the principal vowel in a name, the individual has a tendency to be striking and intense. Names with the underlying letter O are pioneers, torchbearers, specialists, instructors, and individuals who demonstrate others the way. They are pioneers, inspirations and optimistic visionaries who know about their own intrinsic forces. The letter O is honest, kind, and shrewd. This letter gives tolerance, ability and is especially dedicated. O compares to the number 6, to convey the characteristics of administration to others, benevolence, duty, effortlessness and respect. The drawback of being an O is to be somewhat similar to a Drama Queen. O is all around cut without pointed edges. It is smooth and shut. It appears, somewhere down in thought, very much restrained, down in the dumps and minding. The roundedness of the O with see tower in the center demonstrates a peering nature in the outside. That implies finding the secretive and be household and appreciate the things that are close-by. It is a traditionalist letter. You are very receptive. Consistency and truth as a partner or his girlfriend gains incredible joy. Directed by the head not the heart, look far and wide for its way. Narrow minds and crush fix unless you change requests. Stable fixed positions for you, keep vital. Disaster as a result of negligence. Dreams and pains the life of love. He will receive compensation. Planetary indulgence towards dissatisfaction and disgrace. In romantic love, some investment requires choosing a partner.

You are very inspired by the subtle and modest sexual exercises around your desires. You can redirect much of your vital sexuality to benefit as well as seek energy. You can without much stretching and chastity times have been extended. You are vital, human, sexual and other great, require the same qualities of your colleague. Sex is not a flirting business, this way you can ask for power, different qualities, and stab at anything or someone. Some time their interests become possession, which must be kept in line to.

M: Meaning of M in woman. It is difficult for you to understand why individuals remain meaningless again and again. Self-control and the ability to progress. The privileged facts of magic and mystery are for you at the opportunity you want. Control sexual orientation to maintain a strategic distance from unpleasant conditions and contacts. Maintaining a strategic distance from the other, has nothing to offer. To achieve progress and happiness, he first defeats contempt and envy. Othurldly's revision value. Benefits of the open professions.

You can be exceptionally passionate, attached to the emotion of worship. Having a partner is vital for you. You are free in your look of affection and take risks, try new sexual encounters and accomplices, give everything in great taste. Minds turn to you. You should feel that your partner is mentally active, otherwise you will think it is difficult to maintain a relationship. You need wanted, snowing, wenning and banquet to realize that you are being valued. M is indistinguishable numerically to the number 4 and speaks to most profound sense of being, solidness and strong establishment. The letter M has a high level of self-assurance and is along these lines liable to make progress. On the antagonistic side, individuals with the letter M as the start can be compulsive workers. While M remains on two focuses, it has three projections downwards. M is dracious, steady and vivacious. M may likewise be overpowering with an incredible quality of character and a solid one.

A: Meaning of A in woman. The letter An is a standout amongst the most effective letters of the letter set and names that begin with that letter are, the "practitioners" of the world They resemble "performing artists" throughout everyday life and can put on the persona they need for you. On the off chance that they are not, at that point they will perceive as though they are If An is the primary vowel in a name, the individual has a tendency to be intense and brave. Names starting with the letter An are pioneers, torchbearers, specialists, educators, and individuals who indicate others the way. They are pioneers, inspirations and hopeful visionaries who know about their own particular natural forces. An is indistinguishable numerically to the number 1 and symbolizes the trait of the trust. On the contrary side, a man with the underlying A might be feedback of the endeavors of different organizations. The letter A has two poles associated at a pointed edge and a crossbar holding them together. From an open end to a pointed edge implies that all energies are prepared to accomplish a point that is the most one of a kind imperative objective. The crossbar indicates alert. A mistake is maintained a strategic distance from by hanging all the required assets together. One likewise resembles a pyramid with the best as the highest point of the pyramid. Pyramids are notorious. A symbolizes in this way unmistakable quality and a want that is perceived for those accomplishments. The crossbar likewise gives a rung in step. To get up, you should initial step on the rung. It likewise implies inventiveness, a solid self control, and a withstanding capacity. The upper lodging configuration comprises of the two sideways sides of a triangle, and is crossed in the center by an even pillar. It indicates endeavoring to be the strength effective, inspirational mentality, a hopeful face and self-centeredness. You can rest easy when you have something in the forefront of your mind and enthusiasm t6 please others, tend to the well-being of patients, judgment skills conquer, Bivehanis and 'nerves', win money such as participation in the new exercises, can lead to defeat, and unexpected events, can lead to a sudden move to a remote location, in general, has Traveling goes a long way out of the house, where you can keep the mystery that it achieves through the application and disposal.

You are not particularly passionate, but you are interested in the activity. It means work. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no tolerance for being a joke, and you can not be upset with someone trying to be a shy, lovable, shy, cheating quietly. You advance in advance. As for sex, its activity is important, not dark clues. The physical attractiveness of your colleague is fundamental for you. Find the search and try the 'chase' stimulation. You are vital and sexual, in addition to being much more courageous than you demonstrate, in any case, you do not avoid these improved qualities. Your material needs are your primary concern.

N: Meaning of N in woman. Achievement comes to you effectively, physical comfort and wealth matter more than others. Most of the unfortunate freedom and grief is their disappearance.With respect to religion it brings true serenity.Make yourself away from the risk,

You can be very emotional, linked to the splendor of love. Having a partner is fundamental for you.You are free in your eyes of affection and will take risks, try new ones sexual encounters and accomplices, give it all in great taste.Minds turn to you.You should feel that your partner is mentally strengthening, otherwise you will think it is difficult to support the relationship.You need to appreciate, Nestling, Wenning and eating to give yourself. You have a chance to work, but you usually have to break up. Most of the opponent's uncertainty is so terrible, no one but you can go. Defeat the innate feelings of independent fear of someone else's improvement and the ability to sleep. N is indistinguishable numerically to the number 5 and speaks to creative ability. Individuals with the underlying N are instinctive and open, yet can be adversely influenced by desire. N has two stable finishes on the floor and two upward show certainty. She is prepared to investigate upward and additionally downwards, learned interest. It ends up plainly languid when their rooms are loaded with water in this manner squandering ability from less readiness. This makes it marginally disabled, yet favorable luck it generally come. Rushing nature can lead to real annoyance. Conquer the trend to wonder and Crabens, have many companions and flourish. Q can not be overcomeTestables that still exist, and hesitate without hesitation. It may seem irreproachable, humble and painful, but we recognize that appearances can lie. As for sex, you are free of anything from a talented specialist. You can without much stretch go to the extreme however, run the range of enthusiasm for tiredness with full thought of sex. You can be very indebted to your colleague, looking for impeccable each one of you. It is difficult to find someone who can meet your measurements. You have trouble communicating with your emotions and getting into action.

What does woman mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation woman. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the woman acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of woman

woman has a life path of 3. woman means: With a fortunate life way of 3, the arrangement of numbers (3, 12/3, 21/3, 30/3) are your character numbers. 3 Positive highlights: Self-articulation from multiple points of view, verbalization, motivation and sharp creative ability, imaginative endowments, exact impressions and bits of knowledge, endless confidence, cheerful and deep rooted, getting a charge out of life full. 3 Negative highlights: Appropriated energies, embellishment, incomplete ventures, absence of bearing, grumpiness, egocentrism. Number Three is an informative, amicable, and active vibrations. Well disposed, positive and hopeful, appreciate three lives and have a decent comical inclination. Orchestrated by Jupiter. Catchphrases: bright, neighborly, positive, courageous, self-articulation. At the point when communicated adversely: indulgent, scattered, shallow. As darlings: number three are fun, fiery and prepared to explore. These darlings require space and contact with others to feel content. On the off chance that they feel choked, they will be miserable and fretful. Enable opportunity to associate and stimulate their energies, they are energizing and glad darlings. Number 3 resounds with the vitality of positive thinking and satisfaction, motivation and inventiveness, dialect and correspondence, great taste, creative ability and knowledge, friendliness and society, graciousness, goodness and sympathy. No. 3 is additionally the specialty of diversion, vitality, development, extension and the standards of height, immediacy, secured open, amalgamation, the groups of three, paradise Man - Erd, past-introduce future, soul discourse activity demonstrates love through innovative creative energy , Total, accomplishment, consolation, support, ability and aptitudes, culture, soul, a carefree and fun, opportunity, look, enterprise, flood, brightness, free frame, be overcome, non-fierce, open stage, musicality, energy, Surprise, affectability, self-articulation, consideration and eagerness, youth, enlivenment mystic capacity, showed and indication. Number 3 reverberates with the energies of the Ascended Masters and demonstrates that the Ascended Masters are around you when requested help. The Ascended Master will concentrate on the heavenly start and help other people to show and show your wants. They enable you to discover peace, lucidity and love inside. The Bible significance of twelve communicates God's energy and expert, bringing about flawlessness, imaginative capacities and fulfillment. Twelve as an image of infinite request. Twelve is noteworthy in our day by day life. It is reflected in the quantity of months in a year, hours on a watch the individuals from a run of the mill legal jury. Twelve stars were decided for the EU hail in view of its significance of flawlessness. The Bible significance of twelve is that it implies confidence, adore. This can be found in the Twelve Apostles, two clans of Israel, twelve stars, twelve clans of Israel. The number twelve is likewise extremely given in the book of Revelation as to the twelve doors, twelve blessed messengers. From the time arrangement, twelve speaks to a finished cycle and recovery an energy of experience demonstrates growing overwhelmingly. Twenty-one means amicability and speaks to the union of the Trinity. Scriptural, twenty-one symbolizes defiance to God and focuses to another level and insubordination to God. As per Claude of Saint Matin, number twenty-one shows devastation and reestablishment. Identity: Twenty ones are brazen and enthusiastic. Have an incredible potential test and are exceptionally diagnostic to overcome in basic leadership. They are alluring, straightforward and amiable and urge correspondence to enhance understanding. With route 3, their numbers are (3, 12/3, 21, / 3). Track 3 shows that you have a strong sense of creativity and wonderful communication skills. His performance for most things comes through his witty expression. True talent 3 has an extraordinary ability to innovate, usually in the verbal area, writing, speaking, acting, or in similar circumstances. They are great artists in the world, and their brilliance shines with a very optimistic attitude. The positive side of this track emphasizes harmony, beauty and pleasure. Your talents to share with the world of invention. Acquisition and creative expression ability is the highest level of performance for this type of life, live the third live track 3 live to the limit, often without having to worry too much about tomorrow. They are not very good with money because there is no general concern about prudent spending. You spend it when you have it and not when you do not 3 is like communicating with people. Features 3 are warmth, kindness, good conversation, social and open. Good speaker, both from the standpoint of being a joy to hear, but more importantly, those who have to listen to the ability of others. So, 3 life cycles people are always adding welcome to any social situation and always know how others feel at home. Their approaches to life tend to be very positive. His sight is almost sunny, secure and open-hearted. They are happy and often have a well-informed inspiration and need to motivate and encourage others, and there is no glamorous side even in the way of life 3 so to speak. This is a surprise for those who think they know each other well. 3 is indeed a very delicate spirit. In the event of an injury, you can easily pull on the silent husk quiet for long periods. However, with many setbacks occurring in life, you easily recover again for more. It is usually easy for you to deal with problems as it is free, and the lack of problems can lead to long periods of slow decline. You are very sensitive to the feelings, emotions and aspirations of others, in romance, 3 is a passionate and faithful lover. Emotional experiences of all types profoundly affect 3S in general and can take the form of drama in some cases. Emotional links with 3s can sometimes be a challenge for your partner or friends. As with most problems in life for life, balance 3 in relationships is difficult to achieve. The test with the great way of life is 3 in managing the ups and downs of life. They are not very suitable in an environment that requires a routine or when placed under a dominant person. Sometimes it is slow, because they are contemplative thoughts struggling to satisfy enough people. This can sometimes be a frustrating problem when working with or between them. For some being on the down side of this track the life, 3s live with the joy of being impressed and impressed. They can treat life in a trivial and sometimes superficial way. It is possible to dispel their skills and express little concern. 3 can be a mystery, can be in a bad mood for no apparent reason and tend to withdraw. Escape with 3 ways of life is not uncommon, and it is very difficult to stay in a place or position where you are bold and enjoy enjoying life. They hate being critical to avoid negative energies, and may be impatient, intolerant or overly optimistic.

More meanings / definitions of woman or words, sentences containing woman?

Offendress (n.): A woman who offends.

Inventress (n.): A woman who invents.

Damsel (n.): A young unmarried woman; a girl; a maiden.

Person (n.): A living, self-conscious being, as distinct from an animal or a thing; a moral agent; a human being; a man, woman, or child.

Curatrix (n.): A woman who cures.

Huswife (v. t.): To manage with frugality; -- said of a woman.

Dragon (n.): A fierce, violent person, esp. a woman.

Waitress (n.): A female waiter or attendant; a waiting maid or waiting woman.

Debauch (n.): To lead away from purity or excellence; to corrupt in character or principles; to mar; to vitiate; to pollute; to seduce; as, to debauch one's self by intemperance; to debauch a woman; to debauch an army.

Folly (n.): Scandalous crime; sin; specifically, as applied to a woman, wantonness.

Miss (n.): A title of courtesy prefixed to the name of a girl or a woman who has not been married. See Mistress, 5.

Horsewoman (n.): A woman who rides on horseback.

Wench (n.): A low, vicious young woman; a drab; a strumpet.

Gammer (n.): An old wife; an old woman; -- correlative of gaffer, an old man.

Weakly (superl.): Not strong of constitution; infirm; feeble; as, a weakly woman; a man of a weakly constitution.

Rape (n.): Sexual connection with a woman without her consent. See Age of consent, under Consent, n.

Temptress (n.): A woman who entices.

Landlady (n.): A woman having real estate which she leases to a tenant or tenants.

Divineress (n.): A woman who divines.

Woman (n.): An adult female person; a grown-up female person, as distinguished from a man or a child; sometimes, any female person.

Huswife (n.): A worthless woman; a hussy.

Duenna (n.): Any old woman who is employed to guard a younger one; a governess.

Mistress (n.): A married woman; a wife.

Page (n.): A contrivance, as a band, pin, snap, or the like, to hold the skirt of a woman's dress from the ground.

Laundress (n.): A woman whose employment is laundering.

Rebec (n.): A contemptuous term applied to an old woman.

Prudish (a.): Like a prude; very formal, precise, or reserved; affectedly severe in virtue; as, a prudish woman; prudish manners.

Herdswoman (n.): A woman who tends a herd.

Silly (n.): Weak in intellect; destitute of ordinary strength of mind; foolish; witless; simple; as, a silly woman.

Trapes (n.): A slattern; an idle, sluttish, or untidy woman.

Meaning of SILLY MOO

SILLY MOO means: Silly moo is slang for a idiotic or foolish woman.

Meaning of knockers

knockers means: n A woman's breasts.

Meaning of Omarosa

Omarosa means: Bitchy black woman from the TV show "The Apprentice"

Meaning of drag queen

drag queen means: n A man, especially a performer, who dresses as a woman.

Meaning of TOE RAG

TOE RAG means: Toe rag is London Cockney rhyming slang for promiscuous woman (slag).


COVERED WAGON means: Covered wagon is London Cockney rhyming slang for a disagreeable woman (dragon).

Meaning of DEERIB

DEERIB means: Deerib is British slang for a woman.

Meaning of fairy lights

fairy lights means: n Christmas lights. I’d like to describe these by reading from an entry in a fictional encyclopaedia for aliens: Human beings celebrate Christmas by cutting the top off a tree, moving it to a pot in their living room, covering it with small electrical lights and standing a small model of a woman on its tip. As it dies, they drink alcohol, sing to it and give it gifts.

Meaning of chick

chick means: n A girl or young woman.

Meaning of RUCK AND ROW

RUCK AND ROW means: Ruck and row is London Cockney rhyming slang for an unpleasant woman (cow).

Meaning of FAIRY

FAIRY means: Fairy is a derogatory slang expression for an effeminate man or homosexual. Fairy is British slang for a garishly dressed prostitute.Fairy was th century British slang for a drunken woman.

Meaning of trout

trout means: Noun. An unattractive woman, often prefixed with old. Derog.

Meaning of Doll

Doll means: , dolly Woman

Meaning of spunk bucket

spunk bucket means: Noun. 1. A woman, possibly implying of easy morals. Derog. 2. Vagina, as viewed as a recepticle for semen.

Meaning of Babe, broad, dame, doll, frail, twist, muffin, kitten

Babe, broad, dame, doll, frail, twist, muffin, kitten means: Woman

Meaning of jermu

jermu means: woman; girl; lady. (reversed form of mujer)

Meaning of BIKE

BIKE means: Bike is British slang for a promiscuous woman.Bike is boxing slang for a boxer going backwards around the ring.

Meaning of Fag Hag

Fag Hag means: Woman who smokes excessively, normally an older woman

Meaning of Hood rat

Hood rat means: ,  (hood rat) n., Literally a person who sits on the hood of the car.  A young woman who dresses in teased and  hair-sprayed hair, black leather, tight clothes.  See hoochie.  [Etym., Hip hop]

Meaning of foufoune

foufoune means: bush; genital hair on a woman (n.b.: often abbreviated as fouf')

Meaning of Gentlewoman

Gentlewoman means: A woman who attends a lady of high rank.

Meaning of Ministress

Ministress means: A woman who ministers.

Meaning of Concubinage

Concubinage means: A plea, in which it is alleged that the woman suing for dower was not lawfully married to the man in whose lands she seeks to be endowed, but that she was his concubine.

Meaning of Dame

Dame means: A woman in general, esp. an elderly woman.

Meaning of Demirep

Demirep means: A woman of doubtful reputation or suspected character; an adventuress.

Meaning of Canoness

Canoness means: A woman who holds a canonry in a conventual chapter.

Meaning of Fornicatress

Fornicatress means: A woman guilty of fornication.

Meaning of Maiden

Maiden means: Never having been married; not having had sexual intercourse; virgin; -- said usually of the woman, but sometimes of the man; as, a maiden aunt.

Meaning of Witch

Witch means: An ugly old woman; a hag.

Meaning of Shepherdess

Shepherdess means: A woman who tends sheep; hence, a rural lass.

Meaning of Conqueress

Conqueress means: A woman who conquers.

Meaning of Whisk

Whisk means: A kind of cape, forming part of a woman's dress.

Meaning of Corruptress

Corruptress means: A woman who corrupts.

Meaning of Settlement

Settlement means: That which is bestowed formally and permanently; the sum secured to a person; especially, a jointure made to a woman at her marriage; also, in the United States, a sum of money or other property formerly granted to a pastor in additional to his salary.

Meaning of Placket

Placket means: A petticoat, esp. an under petticoat; hence, a cant term for a woman.

Name Meaning of woman

Meaning of Maidel

Is Maidel a female or a male name and what is the origin of Maidel?

Maidel is Girl/Female and origin is American, British, English, Greek, Hebrew

Maidel means: Maiden; Young; Unmarried Woman; Woman from Magdala; High Tower

Meaning of Maddie

Is Maddie a female or a male name and what is the origin of Maddie?

Maddie is Girl/Female and origin is American, Australian, British, Christian, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew

Maddie means: Woman from Magdala; Form of Madeline; Maiden; Young; Unmarried Woman; High Tower

Meaning of Lida

Is Lida a female or a male name and what is the origin of Lida?

Lida is Girl/Female and origin is Afghan, American, Arabic, Australian, Chinese, Czech, Czechoslovakian, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Iranian, Latin, Muslim, Polish, Swedish

Lida means: Noble Kind; Love; Joy; Happiness; Favor; Gladness; Cultured Woman; Woman from Lydia

Meaning of Mady

Is Mady a female or a male name and what is the origin of Mady?

Mady is Girl/Female and origin is American, British, English, German, Greek, Hebrew

Mady means: From the High Tower; Form of Madeline; Woman from Magdala; Maiden; Young; Unmarried Woman

Meaning of Arjumnd-Bano

Is Arjumnd-Bano a female or a male name and what is the origin of Arjumnd-Bano?

Arjumnd-Bano is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic, Muslim

Arjumnd-Bano means: Excellent Woman; Noble Woman

Meaning of ArjumndBano

Is ArjumndBano a female or a male name and what is the origin of ArjumndBano?

ArjumndBano is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic, Muslim

ArjumndBano means: Excellent Woman; Noble Woman

Meaning of Persis

Is Persis a female or a male name and what is the origin of Persis?

Persis is Girl/Female and origin is Australian, German, Greek, Latin

Persis means: Woman from Persia; Persian Woman

Meaning of ADELITA

Is ADELITA a female or a male name and what is the origin of ADELITA?

ADELITA is Female and origin is Spanish

ADELITA means: Probably a Mexican variant spelling of Italian/Spanish Adelina, ADELITA means "noble." This name was used for the heroine of the Mexican folk song "La Adelita," one of the most famous corridos to come out of the Mexican Revolution. The song tells the story of a young woman in love with a sergeant. She traveled with him and his regiment. Due to this song, the term "La Adelita" came to signify a woman of strength and courage, the archetype of a woman warrior.

Meaning of Gopi

Is Gopi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Gopi?

Gopi is Girl/Female and origin is Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Sanskrit, Sikh, Tamil, Telugu

Gopi means: Woman who Loves Cows; Cow-herd Woman; Milkmaid Friends of Lord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of Cows

Meaning of PERSIS

Is PERSIS a female or a male name and what is the origin of PERSIS?

PERSIS is Female and origin is Greek

PERSIS means: (Πέρσις) Greek name PERSIS means "Persian woman." In the bible, this is the name of a Christian woman mentioned by Paul in his epistle to the Romans.

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