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TGIC means: This Girl is Crazy

This Girl is Crazy

GSCSCV means: Girl Scout Council of St. Croix Valley

Girl Scout Council of St. Croix Valley

NNAGT means: National Network Against Girl Trafficking

National Network Against Girl Trafficking

VG means: Viet Girl

Viet Girl

KGPP means: Knotty Girl Pink Princess

Knotty Girl Pink Princess

PTG means: Pyongyang Traffic Girl

Pyongyang Traffic Girl

GC means: Girl Cousin

Girl Cousin

MAGIC means: Mentor A Girl in Construction

Mentor A Girl in Construction

GSLSC means: Girl Scouts - Lone Star Council

Girl Scouts - Lone Star Council

GGI means: : Girl Guides of Ireland

: Girl Guides of Ireland

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in girl?

Meaning of girl by its letters

girl acronym or abbreviation means:

G: Meaning of G in girl. You have great ways for individuals to review.His hatred exacerbates the people around you.Exercise the necessary isolation, external exercises are useful. Do not worry yourself hurting yourself the most. Everyone builds exercises with respect to originality. They are. Excess money is devastating. Reason helps you through the harsh conditions.
You are picky, looking for defects within yourself and your loved one. You interact with a musician who is the equivalent of a scientist or mainstream, and one who can update your situation. You excite and know how to reach the peak of sensory agitation, as you work carefully. You may be surprisingly sexually dynamic, that is, the point at which you can discover the time. Your duties and duties exceed everything else. You may have trouble getting openly close to your love, but there is no near nuisance being sexual. G is indistinguishable numerically to the number 7 and speaks to mystery, otherworldly and religious encounters. A man with G as their underlying is inventive, imaginative and valuable. On the off chance that it is the primary consonant in a name, the conveyor will as a rule be lone. Negative, G's don't have a word of wisdom to despite everything others hearing consideration. G is as C, yet develops upwards with the lower end. G needs to reach however much as could reasonably be expected. It demonstrates attentiveness, is consistent, amusing, mindful, flexible, scrupulous, instinctive, hasty, intelligent reasoning and wild.

I: Meaning of I in girl. It can be unpredictable again and again. Help make up for the wonderful family life. Inverted sex can be exacerbated. Ability to love the most prominent and motivated. It causes the variability of a terrible carb. Mercy and human understanding bring rewards. Savvy can interact with physical cravings. Try not to arouse the quality of affection for the family. Take after your beliefs.

You have an unusual feeling that must be loved, recognized ... even loved. You appreciate the extravagant, erotic nature, item delights. You can look for your loved ones who understand what they are doing. You are not interested in newbies, unless the newbie needs a mentor. You are especially picky about fulfilling your desires. Analyze and try new ways of sexual expression. You take the effort in this way and require sexual projects and change. You are sexier than sexual, but now you are again and again from the outside and out. I is the third vowel of the letters in order and the numeric Comparable to the number 9. It makes peace and is touchy, sympathetic and human. On the pessimistic side, the general population with this underlying letter I can be oppressive and grouchy. I is a novel letter that blossoms with it. It is benevolent, concerned, agreeable, receptive. It indicates little resistance to the outside, so capable, caution, independent, adoring, narrow minded, mutinous and learned.

R: Meaning of R in girl. The letter R is indistinguishable numerically to the number 9 and is tolerant and empathetic. On the off chance that the letter R is the principal consonant in a name, the transporter regularly go about as an ambassador. Adversely, individuals with the R may tend to end up plainly foul. Letter R sits serenely on two legs spread separated a litlle. It indicates awesome quality. It's nearby on itself is harsh, hasty and heartless. You appreciate freedom.Amazing skill, but do not exaggerate.Amongs the most outstanding ability and wealth is at your side with talent. L Bring joy to the lives of others. Identi Captivating identity, and help others towards a prosperous and also himself.The value of flexibility brings tremendous career, and absorbing maturity.Try not to dream of impossible goals, to be viable and cut profession.look impressive, do not neglect it which is achieved now.Novations, do not stir vitality or ability in a hurry.Speak well, complex and average, and search for lawyer in all exchanges.For you, it is work before joy.In case you are in any capacity disturbed by worries, business For commercial or monetary reasons, and you think it is difficult to relax and get into a state of mind.

L: Meaning of L in girl. L is indistinguishable numerically to the number 3 and stands for imagination, correspondence and activity. A man with the underlying L is sympathetic, balanced and cordial. Contrarily, they can be to some degree clumsy. The letter has a level base and a vertically broadening part that juts into the sky. L is trying, charging, precise, consistent and convincing. Its level base on the earth indicates want for natural things accordingly L materialistics and is dynamic. L is adaptable, effective, open, understanding and savage.

What does girl mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation girl. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the girl acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of girl

girl has a life path of 1. girl means: With a fortunate life way of 1, the arrangement of numbers (10/1, 19/1) are your character numbers. 1 Positive Features: Initiator of activity, pioneer, inventive thoughts, solid administration, free, incites, individualistic style, official aptitudes, phenomenal will and the assurance to intensely accomplish. 1 Negative Features: Too capable or forceful, prevailing, indiscreet, egotistical, proud, stubborn. One of them is the pioneer. The main demonstrates the capacity to remain solitary, and is a solid vibration. Controlled by the sun Catchphrases: free, inventive, unique, yearning, decided, confident. At the point when put in negative terms: pompous, unyielding, restless, egocentric. As a sweetheart: Take the number ones who lead in adoration. Love and/or chasing is of vital significance to these darlings. It can, in any case, be narrow-mindedness. These darlings are prepared to investigation and they can be exceptionally energizing they can likewise require a ton of energy since they can without much of a stretch penetrate. Number 1 regularly alluded to as a unit, the unit is a number demonstrated by a vertical line set apart with a Sheriff at the best and even line at the base. His erect structure depicts pride, reason and fate. One is forceful, with an exceptionally solid power that bores Can be accomplished by snags and not restricted and superb outcomes can be acquired. It demonstrates solid will and energy. It alludes to the physical and mental activities. One utilized as a thing and as a descriptive word. It is utilized to show the importance, (best), as far as position, execution, quality, and need. Communicated in affection, is a standout amongst the most troublesome of all darlings, requesting, desirous and restless. In the expert field, one is mishandled as far as possible, constantly, unfit, Live behind desires. Number ten is an immaculate and finish number that implies declaration and obligation. To the Pythagoreans ten is a blessed and holiest numbers, as they take promise of the number ten. As indicated by the Apostle Ngabo, this figure demonstrates the system of an administration or realm. Nineteen a male number is produced using the first and last single digit numbers and mean the start and the end. It reflects achievement, humor, loaded with bliss and satisfaction. Identity: Number nineteen are self-ingested, outgoing and adjust their requirements with the necessities of others. They have extraordinary administration qualities. life with 1 path, owns its numbers are (10/1, 19/1) .Persons with Life Path Number 1 and very original, and can have a talent like inventor or creator of any kind.Any job you choose, independent attitude can show through.You have the needs and desires of very strong staff, and believe that you should always follow your own convictions.Just tired of routine tasks with enough speed and things that require great attention to detail. People with a life history 1 are very ambitious and authoritarian for the promotion of employment. Even if they can hide their aspirations for social reasons, they can be subjective and in many cases demanding to achieve their goals. Most of the time, they are very good as a company, friendly, good sense of humor and wonderful speakers. People like you are attracted to others with similar qualities. It is a good thing that you are, because you are very sensitive to rejection and you do not respond well. This lane of life 1 also indicates that you have entered the world with a high level of skills necessary to lead individuals or organizations. Its nature is individual desires that require independence, the need for personal fulfillment. Many business owners of chefs, politicians and military leaders are men and women with a life trajectory. It also has a great source of creative inspiration, enthusiasm and drive to achieve great things in life. It is very good for maintaining the ball bearing. The introduction of new projects is your strength. You are at your best when you encounter obstacles and challenges, because it encourages you to fight with vigor and boldness. This highlights two physical and interior varieties of force. With this power comes absolute determination and the ability to drive. As a naturally gifted leader, you take responsibility for any situation. You tend to do this, although sometimes it is not appropriate for you to do this. There are several ways in which the negative side of Figure 1 is harmful. 1 is always a choice of size as a guide, but it can fail if size is the only mirror through which things are studied. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to follow others for a while before you let yourself be done and this can be a difficult time. When a person with a single life trajectory does not fully develop and the disadvantage seems to be, the person seems to be highly dependent non-independent, especially in the early years. If you express this negative attribute No. 1, you are likely to be very unhappy with the conditions, and a lot of time for self-control. This weak side or negative attributes of the track of life can be considered as a plate to soften the negative qualities of one and are mostly selfish, selfish and selfish to avoid being too bossy and demanding of himself and others.

More meanings / definitions of girl or words, sentences containing girl?

Lassie (n.): A young girl; a lass.

Girl (n.): A female child, from birth to the age of puberty; a young maiden.

Nymph (n.): A lovely young girl; a maiden; a damsel.

Hussy (n.): A pert girl; a frolicsome or sportive young woman; -- used jocosely.

Tomboy (n.): A romping girl; a hoiden.

Gillian (n.): A girl; esp., a wanton; a gill.

Damsel (n.): A young unmarried woman; a girl; a maiden.

Blushet (n.): A modest girl.

Flirtigig (n.): A wanton, pert girl.

Skit (n.): A wanton girl; a light wench.

Barmaid (n.): A girl or woman who attends the customers of a bar, as in a tavern or beershop.

Brunette (a.): A girl or woman with a somewhat brown or dark complexion.

Pigsney (n.): A word of endearment for a girl or woman.

Maidpale (a.): Pale, like a sick girl.

Miss (n.): A young unmarried woman or a girl; as, she is a miss of sixteen.

Tattle (v. i.): To tell tales; to communicate secrets; to be a talebearer; as, a tattling girl.

Nursemaid (n.): A girl employed to attend children.

Missy (n.): An affectionate, or contemptuous, form of miss; a young girl; a miss.

Girlhood (n.): State or time of being a girl.

Miss (n.): A title of courtesy prefixed to the name of a girl or a woman who has not been married. See Mistress, 5.

Bonnilass (n.): A "bonny lass"; a beautiful girl.

Bird (n.): Fig.: A girl; a maiden.

Figurante (n. fem.): A female figurant; esp., a ballet girl.

Barehead (a. & adv.): Having the head uncovered; as, a bareheaded girl.

Girlish (a.): Like, or characteristic of, a girl; of or pertaining to girlhood; innocent; artless; immature; weak; as, girlish ways; girlish grief.

Maiden (n.): An unmarried woman; a girl or woman who has not experienced sexual intercourse; a virgin; a maid.

Trull (n.): A girl; a wench; a lass.

Schoolgirl (n.): A girl belonging to, or attending, a school.

Romp (n.): A girl who indulges in boisterous play.

Jill-flirt (n.): A light, giddy, or wanton girl or woman. See Gill-flirt.

Meaning of stinky pinky, stinky finger

stinky pinky, stinky finger means: The aroma lingering on the skin after "fingering" a girl.

Meaning of charity girl

charity girl means: A sexually promiscuous young woman.

Meaning of word

word means: News, latest gossip. Girl, you're just selling woof tickets.

Meaning of CHINA GIRL

CHINA GIRL means: fentanyl

Meaning of Dollymop

Dollymop means:   A prostitute, often an amateur or a part-time street girl; a midinette.

Meaning of chicken head

chicken head means: n. A girl, often ugly, that no guy wants.  "I know you don't like Nancy, she a chicken head fa sho."  2. Derived from a very vile or derogatory term for a female insinuating that they give oral sex.  Lyrical reference: G-UNIT LYRICS - Wanna Get to Know You  "Think I'm a be chasin the checken head you own somethin. Your toes painted, hair fixed all the time..." 

Meaning of scurvy

scurvy means: Worthless, repulsive. That girl in the sloppy sweater sure is scurvy.

Meaning of boned

boned means: Used to say that a boy had sex with a girl, eg. "He boned her"

Meaning of Tight

Tight means: Describing a girl or guy who prefers not to do sexual activities.

Meaning of honey

honey means: an attractive girl or lady (could be considered rude)

Meaning of boy-girl

boy-girl means: Heroin mixed with cocaine

Meaning of Ah girl

Ah girl means: What's up girl?

Meaning of Barf Me Out

Barf Me Out means: (1)Excl. You might of heard this come from a Valley Girl after you've said something offensive to her. Also used to describe something you do not particularly like. See Also: Make Me Barf, Gross Me Out, Gross Me Out the Door, Grodie.


BUSINESS GIRL means: Business girl is British slang for a prostitute.

Meaning of Check the ice

Check the ice means: Look at the attractive girl who just came in

Meaning of broad

broad means: girl, woman (could be considered rude)

Meaning of BRAHMA

BRAHMA means: Brahma is British slang for an attractive girl or girlfriend. Brahma is British slang for money, wealth.Brahma is British slang for good.

Meaning of tore up from the floor up

tore up from the floor up means: The current state of a person who does not look or feel very good. The obscene description of a person who's physical appearance is disturbing or not pleasant.  "Did you see her? Oh Girl, she was tore up from the floor up." 

Meaning of BBIAB

BBIAB means: Beautiful Baby Girl.

Meaning of choke

choke means: To panic and be unable to function. That girl with the tight sweater is really choice.

Meaning of Giglet

Giglet means: A wanton; a lascivious or light, giddy girl.

Meaning of Schoolgirl

Schoolgirl means: A girl belonging to, or attending, a school.

Meaning of Baggage

Baggage means: A romping, saucy girl.

Meaning of Hoiden

Hoiden means: A rude, bold girl; a romp.

Meaning of Romance

Romance means: A dreamy, imaginative habit of mind; a disposition to ignore what is real; as, a girl full of romance.

Meaning of Mauther

Mauther means: A girl; esp., a great, awkward girl; a wench.

Meaning of Maiden

Maiden means: An unmarried woman; a girl or woman who has not experienced sexual intercourse; a virgin; a maid.

Meaning of Girlhood

Girlhood means: State or time of being a girl.

Meaning of Lass

Lass means: A youth woman; a girl; a sweetheart.

Meaning of Skit

Skit means: A wanton girl; a light wench.

Meaning of Brunette

Brunette means: A girl or woman with a somewhat brown or dark complexion.

Meaning of Dolly Varden

Dolly Varden means: A character in Dickens's novel "Barnaby Rudge," a beautiful, lively, and coquettish girl who wore a cherry-colored mantle and cherry-colored ribbons.

Meaning of Gurl

Gurl means: A young person of either sex. [Obs.] See Girl.

Meaning of Bonnilass

Bonnilass means: A "bonny lass"; a beautiful girl.

Meaning of Quean

Quean means: A woman; a young or unmarried woman; a girl.

Name Meaning of girl

Meaning of Quddoosiyyah

Is Quddoosiyyah a female or a male name and what is the origin of Quddoosiyyah?

Quddoosiyyah is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic, Muslim

Quddoosiyyah means: A Blessed Girl; A Pious Girl; Celestial; Girl who is Free from Physical or Moral Defects

Meaning of Shrija

Is Shrija a female or a male name and what is the origin of Shrija?

Shrija is Girl/Female and origin is Indian, Sikh, Telugu

Shrija means: Sister of Guru Nanak; Beautiful Girl; Girl of Jain

Meaning of Qudsia

Is Qudsia a female or a male name and what is the origin of Qudsia?

Qudsia is Girl/Female and origin is Afghan, Arabic, Muslim

Qudsia means: Sacredness; Glorious; Holiness; Sacred; Celestial; A Blessed Girl; A Pious Girl

Meaning of Kasool

Is Kasool a female or a male name and what is the origin of Kasool?

Kasool is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic, Muslim

Kasool means: A Girl Brought Up by Tender Care; Sluggish Girl

Meaning of Yashica

Is Yashica a female or a male name and what is the origin of Yashica?

Yashica is Girl/Female and origin is Assamese, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu

Yashica means: Successful; Brave Girl; Intelligent Girl; Success

Meaning of Peralagi

Is Peralagi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Peralagi?

Peralagi is Girl/Female and origin is Indian, Marathi, Tamil

Peralagi means: Girl of Great Beauty; Gorgeous Girl

Meaning of Baala

Is Baala a female or a male name and what is the origin of Baala?

Baala is Boy/Male and origin is Hindu

Baala means: Child, An ever year old girl, A young girl

Meaning of Valayi

Is Valayi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Valayi?

Valayi is Girl/Female and origin is Hindu, Indian

Valayi means: A Girl; Mischievous Girl; Goddess Parvati

Meaning of Bala | பாலா

Is Bala | பாலா a female or a male name and what is the origin of Bala | பாலா?

Bala | பாலா is Girl/Female and origin is Tamil

Bala | பாலா means: Child, An ever year old girl, A young girl

Meaning of Baala | பாலா

Is Baala | பாலா a female or a male name and what is the origin of Baala | பாலா?

Baala | பாலா is Boy/Male and origin is Tamil

Baala | பாலா means: Child, An ever year old girl, A young girl

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