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FTI means: : Funny Troops International

: Funny Troops International

FBNRL means: Funny But Not Really Laughing

Funny But Not Really Laughing

SWFB means: Steve Wronker's Funny Business

Steve Wronker's Funny Business

FART means: The Funny Art Of Riding Tractors

The Funny Art Of Riding Tractors

DFW means: Department of Funny Walks

Department of Funny Walks

FLB means: Funny Little Beat

Funny Little Beat

LTBF means: Learn to Be Funny

Learn to Be Funny

FAS means: Funny As Stuff

Funny As Stuff

FATT means: Funny At the Time

Funny At the Time

RFC means: Really Funny Comments

Really Funny Comments

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in funny?

Meaning of funny by its letters

funny acronym or abbreviation means:

F: Meaning of F in funny. F is indistinguishable numerically to the number 6 and stands for affection. The individual with the underlying F is a pleasant, humane and nice identity. In the event that F is the main consonant in a name, it conveys the vibration of a nurturer. Contrarily, F can be individuals self miserable. The letter F resembles the letter E, yet without the base rung. Indeed, even without this rung, F indicates striking steadiness on its single leg. It implies surrender, love, whine, guarded, quiet. F remains for straights and a case of straightforwardness, responsibility and amicability.

U: Meaning of U in funny. The letter U is the last obvious vowel in the letters in order and what might as well be called the number 3. The U individual is exceptionally fortunate in each regard. Contrarily, individuals with the first U can be childish, avaricious and hesitant. Letter U, if upset resembles that of the letter N in lowercase letters. It's winds up distending innovativeness to demonstrate vision, ability and brilliant feelings of dread. It is open to things that fall into his abode. It is minding and humane to individuals who encounter disappointments or disaster.

N: Meaning of N in funny. N is indistinguishable numerically to the number 5 and speaks to creative ability. Individuals with the underlying N are instinctive and open, yet can be adversely influenced by desire. N has two stable finishes on the floor and two upward show certainty. She is prepared to investigate upward and additionally downwards, learned interest. It ends up plainly languid when their rooms are loaded with water in this manner squandering ability from less readiness. This makes it marginally disabled, yet favorable luck it generally come.

Y: Meaning of Y in funny. Y is the penultimate letter in our letters in order and what might as well be called the number 7. Individuals with the underlying Y adore the flexibility and self-articulation and limitations of any sort don't care for. Be that as it may, on the antagonistic side, individuals with the underlying Y might be uncertain and languid. Y is an enchanted character. It lies on one leg spreading two arms upwards and outwards. Y is by all accounts aching for something. It is enchanted, saved, however self-administering concern. The different arms indicate why is isolated, and it could likewise be irritating when she gets magical forces.

What does funny mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation funny. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the funny acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of funny

funny has a life path of 8. funny means: With a fortunate life way of 8, the arrangement of numbers (8, 17/8, 26/8, 35/8) are your character numbers. 8 Positive highlights: Official character and aptitudes, political abilities, equipped managing force and expert, which is a reason to accomplish the acknowledgment, trustworthiness, unequivocal and order. 8. Negative highlights: Obsessive worker, excessively goal-oriented, needs philanthropic impulses, cash gravely oversaw, persecuted subordinate, anxious with individuals, focused on, realist. This is the administrator. Number eight is a solid, fruitful and material vibration. Managed by Saturn. Catchphrases: driven, clamoring, nice looking, driving, legitimate, effective, gutsy, expert, sorted out. At the point when communicated negative: tense, limited, materialistic, capable. As a darling: Take this sweetheart a dedication with obligation and bravery. When managing connections like business, be that as it may, they can without much of a stretch estrange accomplices and make a tolerant and sentimental environment, too short. Eights are for the most part down to earth and safe, and their associates give dependability and security. Eight considered the most noteworthy female figure is an image of amicability and adjust with incredible capacity of basic leadership. This implies power and administration. As indicated by Joanne Walmsley, eight loaded with specialist, fearlessness, abundance of polished methodology and decision making ability. Scriptural is eight regarding the revival and fresh start. In China, eight is a homonym for thriving. Negative properties. Number eight have oppressive states of mind, awkwardness and predominance complex. Symbolizes control to accomplish number of behind vitality and material control. Their identity, twenty-six, are great administrators, coordinators; Taking best initiative in exercises and having an eye. They are fearless, down to earth, extremely aspiring and strategic. They demonstrate a requirement for status and make the products of their work known. They are sensible teamplayers and speak to their groups with incredible outcomes. Negative twenty-six number intricacy discover adjust between material objectives and human characteristics of comprehension.

More meanings / definitions of funny or words, sentences containing funny?

Funny (superl.): Droll; comical; amusing; laughable.

Funny (n.): A clinkerbuit, narrow boat for sculling.

Funnies (pl. ): of Funny

Meaning of TF

TF means: Too Funny

Meaning of FUNNY MONEY

FUNNY MONEY means: Funny money is slang for counterfeit money.Funny money is slang for worthless denominations.Funny money is slang for foreign currency.Funny money is slang for excessive or unearned wealth.

Meaning of Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet means: Male Virgin. It was really funny when Coors beer came out with their advertisement slogan, "Go get a Silver Bullet tonight". Went right past the adults and censors.

Meaning of ser la monda

ser la monda means: be a blast; be really funny

Meaning of hot

hot means: adj 1. Sexually excited or exciting. 2. a. Recently stolen: a hot car. b. Wanted by the police: a hot suspect. 3. Very good or impressive. Often used in the negative: I'm not so hot at math. 4. Funny or absurd: told a hot one about the neighbors' dog. 5. a. Performing with great skill and daring: a hot drummer. b. Having or characterized by repeated successes: a player who is on a hot streak. c. Fast and responsive: a hot sports car. d. Unusually lucky: hot at craps.hots n: Strong sexual attraction or desire. Used with the.Idioms:hot to trot 1. Sexually avid; lascivious. 2. Ready and willing; eager.make it hot for To make things uncomfortable or dangerous for: Don't make it hot for yourself by needlessly finding fault.hotness n.


COMIC BOOKS (FUNNY BOOKS) means: military maps.

Meaning of funny business

funny business means: Noun. Misbehaviour or deception.

Meaning of pay rise

pay rise means: n raise: Do you think they took it as a joke? / Well, some people were laughing at the start but, as the ice cream melted, Ian started to get really uncomfortable and I don’t think anyone really thought it was very funny. I doubt I’ll get the sack, but I certainly won’t be getting a pay rise.

Meaning of dag

dag means: Funny or amusing person, offbeat; he's a bit of a dag.

Meaning of Get your head out of your ass!

Get your head out of your ass! means: Literally means, "Aren't you half alseep? (Because of what you did/are doing?". Depending on your voice, this can be very funny or very insulting.

Meaning of freezer time

freezer time means: (ed: enteed verbatim) What? did u guys have some "freezer time"?, a funny little thing we do at taco bell. the back freezer is nicely enclosed and almost soundproof so we always make fun of someone saying that their gay and had "freezer time" with someone else.... kinda an inside joke but it's still fun.

Meaning of faire un drôle de nez 

faire un drôle de nez  means: make a funny face

Meaning of Have

Have means: This one used to wind me up a treat in Texas. When we were in restaurants with friends, they would say to the waiter something like "Can I get a refill". And the waiter would go and get them a refill. No no no - that's completely wrong. It's "Can I HAVE a refill". Not GET! If you say "Can I GET a refill" in the UK, the waiter will give you a funny look and tell you where to go and GET it - yourself!

Meaning of SCREAMING

SCREAMING means: Screaming is slang for very amusing or hysterically funny.

Meaning of trip

trip means: Something out of the ordinary, special. The girl with the funny hairdo is a trip.

Meaning of keg

keg means: Verb. To pull down a person's trousers as a mischevious act. E.g."It was so funny; we kegged him on the high street in full view of all the Saturday shoppers."

Meaning of 'Sup

'Sup means: whats going on? the words are so funny!!!

Meaning of trippy

trippy means: Crazy, insane. The girl with the funny hairdo is a trip.

Meaning of Anti-clockwise

Anti-clockwise means: - The first time I said that something had gone anti-clockwise to someone in Texas I got this very funny look. It simply means counter-clockwise but must sound really strange to you chaps! I think he thought I had something against clocks!

Meaning of Well Excu-u-use Me!

Well Excu-u-use Me! means: Another Steve Martin-ism,often heard when he hosted Saturday Night Live, and often abused by would-be comedians at parties, etc. by people who thought they sounded as funny as he did, but who usually didn't.

Meaning of Funny

Funny means: Droll; comical; amusing; laughable.

Meaning of Funny

Funny means: A clinkerbuit, narrow boat for sculling.

Meaning of Funnies

Funnies means: of Funny

Name Meaning of funny

Meaning of Naffo

Is Naffo a female or a male name and what is the origin of Naffo?

Naffo is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic

Naffo means: Funny

Meaning of Joshva

Is Joshva a female or a male name and what is the origin of Joshva?

Joshva is Boy/Male and origin is Hindu

Joshva means: Funny

Meaning of Panchu

Is Panchu a female or a male name and what is the origin of Panchu?

Panchu is Boy/Male and origin is Bengali, Indian

Panchu means: Funny

Meaning of Shabin

Is Shabin a female or a male name and what is the origin of Shabin?

Shabin is Boy/Male and origin is Hindu, Indian

Shabin means: Funny

Meaning of Cheherazad

Is Cheherazad a female or a male name and what is the origin of Cheherazad?

Cheherazad is Boy/Male and origin is Arabic, Muslim, Parsi

Cheherazad means: Funny

Meaning of Joshva | ஜோஷ்வா 

Is Joshva | ஜோஷ்வா  a female or a male name and what is the origin of Joshva | ஜோஷ்வா ?

Joshva | ஜோஷ்வா  is Boy/Male and origin is Tamil

Joshva | ஜோஷ்வா  means: Funny

Meaning of Rommo | ரோம்மோ

Is Rommo | ரோம்மோ a female or a male name and what is the origin of Rommo | ரோம்மோ?

Rommo | ரோம்மோ is Boy/Male and origin is Tamil

Rommo | ரோம்மோ means: Funny, Comedy

Meaning of Rommo

Is Rommo a female or a male name and what is the origin of Rommo?

Rommo is Boy/Male and origin is Hindu

Rommo means: Funny, Comedy

Meaning of Libby

Is Libby a female or a male name and what is the origin of Libby?

Libby is Boy/Male and origin is British, English

Libby means: Funny and Nature Lover

Meaning of Harshul | ஹர்ஷூல

Is Harshul | ஹர்ஷூல a female or a male name and what is the origin of Harshul | ஹர்ஷூல?

Harshul | ஹர்ஷூல is Boy/Male and origin is Tamil

Harshul | ஹர்ஷூல means: Deer, Funny, Cheerful

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