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ABET means: Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism

Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism

GET means: Groin Eyes And Throat

Groin Eyes And Throat

EO means: Eyes Only

Eyes Only

CAET means: Crystal Archive of Eyes of Time

Crystal Archive of Eyes of Time

TE means: Thestral Eyes

Thestral Eyes

EOM means: Eyes On Me

Eyes On Me

THHE means: The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have Eyes

SEM means: Skin, Eyes or Mouth

Skin, Eyes or Mouth

IGE means: International Guiding Eyes

International Guiding Eyes

BCE means: Behind Crimson Eyes

Behind Crimson Eyes

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in eyes?

Meaning of eyes by its letters

eyes acronym or abbreviation means:

E: Meaning of E in eyes. You are a very active person. You can relax as you develop. Ambiguity and egocentricity give an effect, they lose promotion unless he craves criticism and directed power. Basic knowledge and strategy conveys the desire to achieve them. Flexibility brings respect, it does not become clearly clear. Use, create, apply creative ability and success, but maintain a strategic distance from the madness. With the possibility that you realize what you really consider, you are surprised.

The most important thing you need to do is talk. If your date is not an appropriate hearing, you have related difficulty. The man must be immunized mentally or you are not sexually intrigued. You need a partner for yourself. Colleague and a friend for a bed partner. You reject disobedience and disconnect, but do not appreciate a decent dispute. Very often it seems like the mix of things. You mock a large measure, the test is more important than the nationality it represents. However, once you give your heart away, you are relentlessly loyal. When you do not have a decent partner to celebrate with, you like it off with a decent book. E is the second vowel in the letter set and has the numeric Equal number 5. A man with the underlying E is normally a cordial, cherishing and humane soul. Adversely, a man with the letter E as their underlying can be questionable and somewhat cushioned once in a while. The letter E has three branches of similar lengths. These all reach out from it's left side. Similar lengths demonstrate a specific level of reasonableness to the outside world. They reach out to the outside demonstrates the ability to learn, to think overall and to be more fiery. B likewise implies, talented with great written work abilities, expert articulation, creative energy abundance. It demonstrates a one of a kind masterful style and solid excitement get out and know more.

Y: Meaning of Y in eyes. Y is the penultimate letter in our letters in order and what might as well be called the number 7. Individuals with the underlying Y adore the flexibility and self-articulation and limitations of any sort don't care for. Be that as it may, on the antagonistic side, individuals with the underlying Y might be uncertain and languid. Y is an enchanted character. It lies on one leg spreading two arms upwards and outwards. Y is by all accounts aching for something. It is enchanted, saved, however self-administering concern. The different arms indicate why is isolated, and it could likewise be irritating when she gets magical forces. Jump on the opportunity to stay away from annoyances in the light of the fact that there is constantly something to do. The power of the channel in the delivery to discover achievements. Guerrero, applicable to the desires of inquiry. Fear of staying by choice, no matter what resistance. Try not to look for any inconvenience. The discomfort will not illuminate anything. Busq ue the instructions before entering into an annoying situation. Pulling the army, it can be difficult to choose between home and nation.

You are sexy, strange and exceptionally independent. On the off chance it may not be on your way, you will do without everything. You need to control your communications, which generally do not work very well. You react to physical agitation, appreciate the neck and put in hours simply to touch, feel and investigate. Be that as it may, about the possibility that you can invest your energy benefit, you will succumb to the joys of the item for the occasion. You have to show yourself and your partner how extraordinary you are. You need to get into your implementation. I was open, immunized, passionate mate bed.

S: Meaning of S in eyes. The letter S is a standout amongst the most effective letters of the letter set and names begin with that letter, the "creators" of the world, are superb "performing artists throughout everyday life" and can put on the persona they wish you to see. On the off chance that S is the main vowel in a name, the individual has a tendency to be intense and fearless. Names starting with the letter S are pioneers, torchbearers, specialists, instructors, and individuals who demonstrate others the way. They are pioneers, inspirations and hopeful visionaries who know about their own particular intrinsic forces. The letter S is honest, kind, and wise. The letter S is indistinguishable numerically to the number 1 and speaks to beginnings. Individuals with S as their beginning are extremely exotic and hot. Contrarily, S can represent others rashly without concern. S is a solitary strand that goes ahead and in reverse. It demonstrates an ability to investigate. Thoughtfulness, feeling of extent and approach are on the whole qualities. The closures pointing forward and in reverse uncovers a conflicting nature with itself and a specific level of disarray. It may be hope is not practical to blame and willing to do a lot of exciting quality.In any case, you will not lose control of your feelings. I was very careful and cautious before delivering your heart and your body, so it is all about. When you make a dedication, however, you stick like a paste.

What does eyes mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation eyes. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the eyes acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of eyes

eyes has a life path of 9. eyes means: With route 9, their numbers are (9, 18/9, 27/9, 36/9). The Way of Life 9 indicates that you entered into this life with an abundance of thrilling emotions along with a strong sense of compassion and generosity. The key to the nature of the course of life is 9 people in their human position. Even the medium possesses very emotional tendencies over the course of life. 9. This problem usually produces a person who is reliable and honest, and can absorb any kind of damage. Obviously this is a very big thing, but in reality you are a person who, to less fortunate people you feel very deeply, if you are able to help, of course. 9 is the highest number of number one, occupies a high position with regard to the responsibility of mankind, material material is not important, although a certain quality with the course of life 9 is that, will be clearly rewarded with material gains. However, it is the way of life 9 way is not to become extravagant rich, because it is very generous, sometimes to default, usually easy to come, easy to go attitude about money. The Rare 9 Lifestyle has a completely unbiased attitude, giving up the position of material possessions for the common good. Highway 9 indicates that you have a strong presence. You have the ability to make friends easily because people are attracted to a magnetism, an open personality. To describe how life 9, one can be really optimistic with good warmth and friendship with the heart usually in their nature. People will easily find and make friends quickly because of openness and smooth behavior. Your wonderful ways are often set in all areas of activity, where relationships can be difficult for you because it is difficult to find an effective balance. If your partner shares your position, the relationship will be happy and lasting. On the other hand, if your partner aspires to get things materials, problems can happen quickly, tend to be very sensitive, you see the world with a lot of passion. Figure 9 with a very deep understanding of life is sometimes manifested in artistic and literary areas. When drama and work is not your home, it will undoubtedly be a great area of ​​interest and potential. Likewise, you may be able to express your deep emotional feelings through drawing, writing, music or other forms of art. The purpose of life for those who have a clue to life is often philosophical. Judges, spiritual leaders, healers and educators often have a lot of energy. 9 year old owners less likely to see a competitive environment or struggle, what about the negative aspects of life path 9? Due to the difficult nature of the truly positive 9, many of them tend to fail in this category. It is common for people struggling with 9-way life to live satisfying lives on the ground. The challenges of society's goal of altruism are not an easy task. You may find it hard to believe that tenderness and lack of personal ambition can be satisfying. It must be realized that long-term satisfaction and happiness should be attained by rejecting the natural human tendencies of this path. With a fortunate life way of 9, the arrangement of numbers (9, 18/9, 27/9, 36/9) are your character numbers. 9 Positive highlights: Generously cordial and thoughtful, a hail partner, the compassionate impulses, an announcement of nature, benevolence, responsibilities, inventive articulation, simple to do acts of kindness, imaginative and composing abilities. 9 Negative Features: Self-worship, scattered interests, possessiveness, whim, indiscreet with the accounts, Peer needed consideration. This is the educator. Number Nine is a tolerant, to some degree unfeasible, and thunderous. Managed by Mars. Watchwords: thousands, philanthropic, thoughtful, supportive, enthusiastic, tolerant, energetic, decided. In negative terms: monetarily impulsive, irritable, tormenting, excessively enthusiastic, cranky, fretful. As darlings: These sweethearts included and accommodating. Since they are thoughtful, they can without much of a stretch be walkers. They demonstrate their affection from their accomplices to help, and accepting their lover's issues. Whenever set off, their feelings can be volcanic, and an apparently resigned identity to tormenting strategies can fall back when despondent. Thought to be female and independent, number nine stands for widespread love, time everlasting and confidence, inventive capacities, devotion. It alludes to knowledge and inventiveness. Nine has administration qualities and is inborn gifts. Nine reflects accomplishment, fulfillment and satisfaction. In affection, nines are sentimental, searing and reckless. Scripturally nine symbolizes culmination. identity Nine works without rationale and empathy, benevolence, liberality. Number nine individuals are overcome, autonomous and exceptionally sure and can not effectively wreck from assurance. Negative properties. The powerlessness to focus; Nines are immediately solidified and don't tune in to different assessments. In Japan, nine is viewed as troubled; In Hebrew nine is an image of truth. Number 18 conveys a message of consolation and support, and it is an image of satisfaction. It likewise alludes to magnificence as in 18 roses. It reverberates with philanthropy, autonomy with long haul benefits. Scripturally, number 18 symbolizes servitude. For instance, Jesus mended a lady with a soul of ailment eighteen years. Identity: Number of eighteen people are tolerant, caring and acknowledge critical undertakings in light of self-assurance. They frequently share thoughts to get the assessments of others before acknowledging assignments. They communicate in craftsmanship and other inventive exercises and happily appreciate. In affection number eighteen, modest wishes and dreams are communicated. They are faithful in their connections, however they are difficult to coexist with.

More meanings / definitions of eyes or words, sentences containing eyes?

Avert (n.): To turn aside, or away; as, to avert the eyes from an object; to ward off, or prevent, the occurrence or effects of; as, how can the danger be averted? "To avert his ire."

Shade (v. t.): To shelter; to cover from injury; to protect; to screen; to hide; as, to shade one's eyes.

Bandage (v. t.): To bind, dress, or cover, with a bandage; as, to bandage the eyes.

Gripe (n.): An assemblage of ropes, dead-eyes, and hocks, fastened to ringbolts in the deck, to secure the boats when hoisted; also, broad bands passed around a boat to secure it at the davits and prevent swinging.

Look (v. t.): To look at; to turn the eyes toward.

Slepez (n.): A burrowing rodent (Spalax typhlus), native of Russia and Asia Minor. It has the general appearance of a mole, and is destitute of eyes. Called also mole rat.

Edriophthalma (n. pl.): A group of Crustacea in which the eyes are without stalks; the Arthrostraca.

Aphakial (a.): Pertaining to aphakia; as, aphakial eyes.

Hotcockles (n.): A childish play, in which one covers his eyes, and guesses who strikes him or his hand placed behind him.

Polyommatous (a.): Having many eyes.

Rayless (a.): Destitute of rays; hence, dark; not illuminated; blind; as, a rayless sky; rayless eyes.

Nostril (n.): One of the external openings of the nose, which give passage to the air breathed and to secretions from the nose and eyes; one of the anterior nares.

Starry (a.): Shining like stars; sparkling; as, starry eyes.

Basommatophora (n. pl.): A group of Pulmonifera having the eyes at the base of the tentacles, including the common pond snails.

Crow's-foot (n.): The wrinkles that appear, as the effect of age or dissipation, under and around the outer corners of the eyes.

Shut (v. t.): To close so as to hinder ingress or egress; as, to shut a door or a gate; to shut one's eyes or mouth.

Overpower (v. t.): To excel or exceed in power; to cause to yield; to vanquish; to subdue; as, the light overpowers the eyes.

Chain (n.): Iron links bolted to the side of a vessel to bold the dead-eyes connected with the shrouds; also, the channels.

Anime (a.): Of a different tincture from the animal itself; -- said of the eyes of a rapacious animal.

Eye (n.): A small loop to receive a hook; as hooks and eyes on a dress.

Microphthalmy (n.): An unnatural smallness of the eyes, occurring as the result of disease or of imperfect development.

Front (n.): The forehead or brow, the part of the face above the eyes; sometimes, also, the whole face.

Multocular (a.): Having many eyes, or more than two.

Suffuse (v. t.): To overspread, as with a fluid or tincture; to fill or cover, as with something fluid; as, eyes suffused with tears; cheeks suffused with blushes.

Eye-spotted (a.): Marked with spots like eyes.

Spectacle (n.): An optical instrument consisting of two lenses set in a light frame, and worn to assist sight, to obviate some defect in the organs of vision, or to shield the eyes from bright light.

Stool (n.): A small channel on the side of a vessel, for the dead-eyes of the backstays.

Albino (n.): A person, whether negro, Indian, or white, in whom by some defect of organization the substance which gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes is deficient or in a morbid state. An albino has a skin of a milky hue, with hair of the same color, and eyes with deep red pupil and pink or blue iris. The term is also used of the lower animals, as white mice, elephants, etc.; and of plants in a whitish condition from the absence of chlorophyll.

Owl-eyed (a.): Having eyes like an owl's.

Cock (n.): The act of cocking; also, the turn so given; as, a cock of the eyes; to give a hat a saucy cock.

Meaning of mincers

mincers means: Noun. Eyes. From the Cockney rhyming slang 'mince pies'.

Meaning of BABY BLUES

BABY BLUES means: Baby blues is slang for eyes.

Meaning of gonorrhea

gonorrhea means: [gahn-uh-ree'-uh] a specific infection caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae, commonly called gonococcus. It is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. The bacterium can primarily infect only certain parts of the body: the urethra, uterine cervix, rectum, throat, and eyes. The vast majority of cases are acquired by sexual contact. Initial symptoms of gonorrhea appear about 2 to 10 days after infection, although 10 percent of men and as many as 80 percent of women show no symptoms at all. The urethra is the site most infected in men and symptoms include burning urination and a penile discharge. In women, gonorrhea most often attacks the reproductive tract but can also infect the urethra, rectum, throat, and eyes. Symptoms may include burning urination and a vaginal discharge. Infections in the throat or rectum almost never produce symptoms, and infection of the eyes results in pain, redness, and discharge. If the infection is untreated in women, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, and subsequently some of these women have difficulty becoming pregnant. The disease may result in infection of the joints (arthritis). During birth, babies may contract gonococcal eye disease from an infected mother. Silver nitrate drops placed into the eyes of newborns kill the gonococcus if present. Antibiotics given to both partners have traditionally been the preferred treatment for gonorrhea. However, recent studies have found that penicillin- and tetracycline-resistant gonorrhea increased alarmingly from 1988 to 1989. Treatment is moving toward the use of more expensive drugs, such as ceftriaxone, to treat the disease. New drugs and a possible vaccine are being developed to combat the disease.

Meaning of AFPOE

AFPOE means: A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

Meaning of clap eyes on

clap eyes on means: Phrs. To notice. E.g."He clapped eyes on her across the dancefloor and knew he was falling in love."

Meaning of Eyes of the Ship

Eyes of the Ship means: The extreme forward end of the ship. When a warship transists through fog, the Officer of the Watch often puts a lookout in the eyes of the ship. Derived from the Greeks, when their ships had large eyes painted on either side of the bow to help the vessel "see" where it was going.

Meaning of X-ray eyes

X-ray eyes means: Noun. Having the apparent ability to see through things.

Meaning of BOG EYED

BOG EYED means: Bog eyed is British slang for eyes that appear puffy from lack of sleep.

Meaning of Deadlights

Deadlights means: Eyes.

Meaning of PINNED−UP

PINNED−UP means: Pinned−up is British slang for tense, frightened.Pinned−up is British slang for under the influence of heroin or other drugs which reduce the pupils ofthe eyes to pinpricks.

Meaning of FYEO

FYEO means: For Your Eyes Only

Meaning of Eyes in the boat!

Eyes in the boat! means: Traditionally, an order given to a whaler crew meaning for them to mind their oarsmanship and not be distracted. Today, it is used to correct any sailor that is being distracted in some way.

Meaning of BLINKERS

BLINKERS means: Blinkers is British slang for the eyes.

Meaning of Mince Pies

Mince Pies means: Eyes. She got beatiful minces.


LDIMEDILLIGAF means: Look Deeply Into My Eyes, Does It Look Like I Give A F***


EYES A WINKING means: Eyes a winking is British slang for very easy, simple.

Meaning of GIMS

GIMS means: Gims is Black−American slang for the eyes

Meaning of eyes like piss holes in the snow

eyes like piss holes in the snow means: Phrs. 1. Tired, deep sunken eyes. 2. Small eyes.

Meaning of Deadlights

Deadlights means: Yer eyes, lad!


DEUCE OF PEEKERS means: Deuce of peekers is Black−American slang for two eyes.

Meaning of Interocular

Interocular means: Between, or within, the eyes; as, the interocular distance; situated between the eyes, as the antennae of some insects.

Meaning of Glare

Glare means: A bright, dazzling light; splendor that dazzles the eyes; a confusing and bewildering light.

Meaning of Thaumatrope

Thaumatrope means: An optical instrument or toy for showing the presistence of an impression upon the eyes after the luminous object is withdrawn.

Meaning of Astigmatic

Astigmatic means: Affected with, or pertaining to, astigmatism; as, astigmatic eyes; also, remedying astigmatism; as, astigmatic lenses.

Meaning of Stare

Stare means: The act of staring; a fixed look with eyes wide open.

Meaning of Oculated

Oculated means: Having spots or holes resembling eyes; ocellated.

Meaning of Blindfold

Blindfold means: To cover the eyes of, as with a bandage; to hinder from seeing.

Meaning of See

See means: To follow with the eyes, or as with the eyes; to watch; to regard attentivelly; to look after.

Meaning of Repass

Repass means: To pass or go back; to move back; as, troops passing and repassing before our eyes.

Meaning of Polyommatous

Polyommatous means: Having many eyes.

Meaning of Polymeniscous

Polymeniscous means: Having numerous facets; -- said of the compound eyes of insects and crustaceans.

Meaning of Gecko

Gecko means: Any lizard of the family Geckonidae. The geckoes are small, carnivorous, mostly nocturnal animals with large eyes and vertical, elliptical pupils. Their toes are generally expanded, and furnished with adhesive disks, by which they can run over walls and ceilings. They are numerous in warm countries, and a few species are found in Europe and the United States. See Wall gecko, Fanfoot.

Meaning of Chaste

Chaste means: Pure in thought and act; innocent; free from lewdness and obscenity, or indecency in act or speech; modest; as, a chaste mind; chaste eyes.

Meaning of Swollen

Swollen means: Enlarged by swelling; immoderately increased; as, swollen eyes; swollen streams.

Meaning of Hoodwink

Hoodwink means: To blind by covering the eyes.

Name Meaning of eyes

Meaning of Smitakshi

Is Smitakshi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Smitakshi?

Smitakshi is Girl/Female and origin is Hindu, Indian

Smitakshi means: The Girl who Posses Calmness in her Eyes and has the Capacity to Express her Feelings through her Eyes

Meaning of Smitakshi

Is Smitakshi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Smitakshi?

Smitakshi is Girl/Female and origin is Hindu

Smitakshi means: The girl who possess calmness in her eyes...and has the capacity to express her feelings through her eyes

Meaning of Smitakshi | ஸ்மிதாக்ஷீ

Is Smitakshi | ஸ்மிதாக்ஷீ a female or a male name and what is the origin of Smitakshi | ஸ்மிதாக்ஷீ?

Smitakshi | ஸ்மிதாக்ஷீ is Girl/Female and origin is Tamil

Smitakshi | ஸ்மிதாக்ஷீ means: The girl who possess calmness in her eyes...and has the capacity to express her feelings through her eyes

Meaning of Maha

Is Maha a female or a male name and what is the origin of Maha?

Maha is Girl/Female and origin is African, Arabic, Assamese, Indian, Irish, Japanese, Kannada, Lebanese, Muslim, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sikh, Sindhi, Telugu

Maha means: Gazelle; Wild Cow; Resembling the Moon; Beautiful Eyes; Shining; Great; Cow; Large Eyes

Meaning of Sunayana

Is Sunayana a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sunayana?

Sunayana is Girl/Female and origin is Hindu

Sunayana means: Beautiful eyes, A woman with Lovely eyes (Wife of King Janak; Mother of Sita)

Meaning of Sunayana | ஸுநயநா

Is Sunayana | ஸுநயநா a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sunayana | ஸுநயநா?

Sunayana | ஸுநயநா is Girl/Female and origin is Tamil

Sunayana | ஸுநயநா means: Beautiful eyes, A woman with Lovely eyes (Wife of King Janak; Mother of Sita)

Meaning of Noyonika

Is Noyonika a female or a male name and what is the origin of Noyonika?

Noyonika is Girl/Female and origin is Hindu

Noyonika means: Beautiful eyes that induce magnetism, One with expressive eyes

Meaning of Hitakshi

Is Hitakshi a female or a male name and what is the origin of Hitakshi?

Hitakshi is Girl/Female and origin is Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit

Hitakshi means: Well Wisher; One with Caring Eyes; Eyes which Hopes Good Always

Meaning of Nayonika

Is Nayonika a female or a male name and what is the origin of Nayonika?

Nayonika is Girl/Female and origin is Hindu

Nayonika means: Beautiful eyes that induce magnetism, One with expressive eyes

Meaning of Nayanika | நாயாநீகா

Is Nayanika | நாயாநீகா a female or a male name and what is the origin of Nayanika | நாயாநீகா?

Nayanika | நாயாநீகா is Girl/Female and origin is Tamil

Nayanika | நாயாநீகா means: Beautiful eyes that induce magnetism, One with expressive eyes

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