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CRCTC means: Continuously Regenerated Cation Trap Column

Continuously Regenerated Cation Trap Column

TRAP means: TRE Released Application Program

TRE Released Application Program

CTRP means: CSP TRAP Related Protein

CSP TRAP Related Protein

TRAP means: The Rhythmic Arts Project

The Rhythmic Arts Project

DMPO means: spin trap 5,5'-dimethyl-1-pyrroline-N-oxide

spin trap 5,5'-dimethyl-1-pyrroline-N-oxide

TRAP means: trp RNA-binding Attenuation Protein

trp RNA-binding Attenuation Protein

TRAP means: Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphate

Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphate

IOT means: Input Output Trap

Input Output Trap

TRAP means: tetrate-resistant acid phosphatase

tetrate-resistant acid phosphatase

IAT means: It's A Trap!

It's A Trap!

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in TRAP?

Meaning of TRAP by its letters

TRAP acronym or abbreviation means:

T: Meaning of T in TRAP. The letter T is indistinguishable numerically to the number 2 and compares to a development. A man with T as the initially starting is typically an anxious individual who is taking a gander at profound inquiries frequently replies. Contrarily, T can be excessively passionate, ambivalent, and regularly effectively influenced by the conclusions of others. T is a vertical strand at the best through a flat strand crossed. With the best mid-adjusted strand through the vertical strand, T demonstrates adjust and strength in its way. It is likewise to repudiate and rationally. With the upper strand anticipated through the lower strand, T is extremely eager, yet in addition to others as agreeable as others lay on its even best. This makes T benevolent, helpful, ladylike and loyal. It additionally demonstrates a high level of liberality and radicalism. That I was dating with classmates when I had time. I thank the organization of other parties. Normal non-creative ability your best skill. And make good use of wealth and respect. Anxious, fearful and bleeding, seeking companionship. Changing the environment regularly makes the difference. Dream and have fun helping strange with new attempts. Focus on a real theme, especially in the story. Obscene with low reduction of fatigue. A serious criticism does not meet the magical interests. A great imitator, which requires Ventorsom individuals around.

You are very resentful, above all, You are a companion that leads a package. Music, sensitive lights and emotional music excite you. You d is imagining and tends to fall into everything through love. At the point of worship, you are emotional, hopeful, gentle and highly changeable. I appreciated your mobile colleges and emotions, Teitelated, and Brod. You make fun of it. You can make your contacts fit your fantasies, all in your own head.

R: Meaning of R in TRAP. The letter R is indistinguishable numerically to the number 9 and is tolerant and empathetic. On the off chance that the letter R is the principal consonant in a name, the transporter regularly go about as an ambassador. Adversely, individuals with the R may tend to end up plainly foul. Letter R sits serenely on two legs spread separated a litlle. It indicates awesome quality. It's nearby on itself is harsh, hasty and heartless. You appreciate freedom.Amazing skill, but do not exaggerate.Amongs the most outstanding ability and wealth is at your side with talent. L Bring joy to the lives of others. Identi Captivating identity, and help others towards a prosperous and also himself.The value of flexibility brings tremendous career, and absorbing maturity.Try not to dream of impossible goals, to be viable and cut profession.look impressive, do not neglect it which is achieved now.Novations, do not stir vitality or ability in a hurry.Speak well, complex and average, and search for lawyer in all exchanges.For you, it is work before joy.In case you are in any capacity disturbed by worries, business For commercial or monetary reasons, and you think it is difficult to relax and get into a state of mind.

A: Meaning of A in TRAP. The letter An is a standout amongst the most effective letters of the letter set and names that begin with that letter are, the "practitioners" of the world They resemble "performing artists" throughout everyday life and can put on the persona they need for you. On the off chance that they are not, at that point they will perceive as though they are If An is the primary vowel in a name, the individual has a tendency to be intense and brave. Names starting with the letter An are pioneers, torchbearers, specialists, educators, and individuals who indicate others the way. They are pioneers, inspirations and hopeful visionaries who know about their own particular natural forces. An is indistinguishable numerically to the number 1 and symbolizes the trait of the trust. On the contrary side, a man with the underlying A might be feedback of the endeavors of different organizations. The letter A has two poles associated at a pointed edge and a crossbar holding them together. From an open end to a pointed edge implies that all energies are prepared to accomplish a point that is the most one of a kind imperative objective. The crossbar indicates alert. A mistake is maintained a strategic distance from by hanging all the required assets together. One likewise resembles a pyramid with the best as the highest point of the pyramid. Pyramids are notorious. A symbolizes in this way unmistakable quality and a want that is perceived for those accomplishments. The crossbar likewise gives a rung in step. To get up, you should initial step on the rung. It likewise implies inventiveness, a solid self control, and a withstanding capacity. The upper lodging configuration comprises of the two sideways sides of a triangle, and is crossed in the center by an even pillar. It indicates endeavoring to be the strength effective, inspirational mentality, a hopeful face and self-centeredness. You can rest easy when you have something in the forefront of your mind and enthusiasm t6 please others, tend to the well-being of patients, judgment skills conquer, Bivehanis and 'nerves', win money such as participation in the new exercises, can lead to defeat, and unexpected events, can lead to a sudden move to a remote location, in general, has Traveling goes a long way out of the house, where you can keep the mystery that it achieves through the application and disposal.

You are not particularly passionate, but you are interested in the activity. It means work. With you, what you see is what you get. You have no tolerance for being a joke, and you can not be upset with someone trying to be a shy, lovable, shy, cheating quietly. You advance in advance. As for sex, its activity is important, not dark clues. The physical attractiveness of your colleague is fundamental for you. Find the search and try the 'chase' stimulation. You are vital and sexual, in addition to being much more courageous than you demonstrate, in any case, you do not avoid these improved qualities. Your material needs are your primary concern.

P: Meaning of P in TRAP. Power. On the off chance that P is the principal consonant in a first name, the conveyor is probably going to consider otherworldly things and be extremely on edge about existence. Contrarily, the general population with the underlying P can here and there be narrow minded and flaky. P has a substantial tip remaining on only one more point to demonstrate it's quality. It implies solid, the capacity tp see shortcoming and potential outcomes effortlessly and perceptiveness. Remaining by his own, it indicates self-centeredness, a prospering demeanor and meticulousness. P additionally demonstrates partition, solid will likewise go alone and unbiasedness. In some cases, you have a lack of understanding of individuals as they at some point focus on you. Take after the imagination's ability to a wonderful career. A viable ability can bring an incredible reward related to money. The appeal appealed with much judgment. Writing, music and craftsmanship bring what you usually want. An unusual future if you focus on the most obvious ability. You are fully aware of social circumstances. Do not consider doing anything that could harm your image or bad reputation. Choice of check. Along these lines, you need a wonderful partner. You also need a smart partner. Strangely, you can see your partner as your opponent ... a great battle by moving that vibrant sex. You are moderately free to hang sex-ups. You will examine and test the best approach to achieve things. You are exceptional social and emotion. You appreciate being a provocation and you need a decent arrangement of physical satisfaction.

What does TRAP mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation TRAP. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the TRAP acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of TRAP

TRAP has a life path of 1. TRAP means: With a fortunate life way of 1, the arrangement of numbers (10/1, 19/1) are your character numbers. 1 Positive Features: Initiator of activity, pioneer, inventive thoughts, solid administration, free, incites, individualistic style, official aptitudes, phenomenal will and the assurance to intensely accomplish. 1 Negative Features: Too capable or forceful, prevailing, indiscreet, egotistical, proud, stubborn. One of them is the pioneer. The main demonstrates the capacity to remain solitary, and is a solid vibration. Controlled by the sun Catchphrases: free, inventive, unique, yearning, decided, confident. At the point when put in negative terms: pompous, unyielding, restless, egocentric. As a sweetheart: Take the number ones who lead in adoration. Love and/or chasing is of vital significance to these darlings. It can, in any case, be narrow-mindedness. These darlings are prepared to investigation and they can be exceptionally energizing they can likewise require a ton of energy since they can without much of a stretch penetrate. Number 1 regularly alluded to as a unit, the unit is a number demonstrated by a vertical line set apart with a Sheriff at the best and even line at the base. His erect structure depicts pride, reason and fate. One is forceful, with an exceptionally solid power that bores Can be accomplished by snags and not restricted and superb outcomes can be acquired. It demonstrates solid will and energy. It alludes to the physical and mental activities. One utilized as a thing and as a descriptive word. It is utilized to show the importance, (best), as far as position, execution, quality, and need. Communicated in affection, is a standout amongst the most troublesome of all darlings, requesting, desirous and restless. In the expert field, one is mishandled as far as possible, constantly, unfit, Live behind desires. Number ten is an immaculate and finish number that implies declaration and obligation. To the Pythagoreans ten is a blessed and holiest numbers, as they take promise of the number ten. As indicated by the Apostle Ngabo, this figure demonstrates the system of an administration or realm. Nineteen a male number is produced using the first and last single digit numbers and mean the start and the end. It reflects achievement, humor, loaded with bliss and satisfaction. Identity: Number nineteen are self-ingested, outgoing and adjust their requirements with the necessities of others. They have extraordinary administration qualities. life with 1 path, owns its numbers are (10/1, 19/1) .Persons with Life Path Number 1 and very original, and can have a talent like inventor or creator of any kind.Any job you choose, independent attitude can show through.You have the needs and desires of very strong staff, and believe that you should always follow your own convictions.Just tired of routine tasks with enough speed and things that require great attention to detail. People with a life history 1 are very ambitious and authoritarian for the promotion of employment. Even if they can hide their aspirations for social reasons, they can be subjective and in many cases demanding to achieve their goals. Most of the time, they are very good as a company, friendly, good sense of humor and wonderful speakers. People like you are attracted to others with similar qualities. It is a good thing that you are, because you are very sensitive to rejection and you do not respond well. This lane of life 1 also indicates that you have entered the world with a high level of skills necessary to lead individuals or organizations. Its nature is individual desires that require independence, the need for personal fulfillment. Many business owners of chefs, politicians and military leaders are men and women with a life trajectory. It also has a great source of creative inspiration, enthusiasm and drive to achieve great things in life. It is very good for maintaining the ball bearing. The introduction of new projects is your strength. You are at your best when you encounter obstacles and challenges, because it encourages you to fight with vigor and boldness. This highlights two physical and interior varieties of force. With this power comes absolute determination and the ability to drive. As a naturally gifted leader, you take responsibility for any situation. You tend to do this, although sometimes it is not appropriate for you to do this. There are several ways in which the negative side of Figure 1 is harmful. 1 is always a choice of size as a guide, but it can fail if size is the only mirror through which things are studied. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to follow others for a while before you let yourself be done and this can be a difficult time. When a person with a single life trajectory does not fully develop and the disadvantage seems to be, the person seems to be highly dependent non-independent, especially in the early years. If you express this negative attribute No. 1, you are likely to be very unhappy with the conditions, and a lot of time for self-control. This weak side or negative attributes of the track of life can be considered as a plate to soften the negative qualities of one and are mostly selfish, selfish and selfish to avoid being too bossy and demanding of himself and others.

More meanings / definitions of TRAP or words, sentences containing TRAP?

Trap (v. t.): Fig.: To insnare; to take by stratagem; to entrap.

Trap (n.): A machine or contrivance that shuts suddenly, as with a spring, used for taking game or other animals; as, a trap for foxes.

Hook (n.): A snare; a trap.

Gin (n.): Contrivance; artifice; a trap; a snare.

Trapball (n.): An old game of ball played with a trap. See 4th Trap, 4.

Betrap (v. t.): To draw into, or catch in, a trap; to insnare; to circumvent.

Snare (n.): A contrivance, often consisting of a noose of cord, or the like, by which a bird or other animal may be entangled and caught; a trap; a gin.

Trap (n.): A wagon, or other vehicle.

Amygdaloid (n.): A variety of trap or basaltic rock, containing small cavities, occupied, wholly or in part, by nodules or geodes of different minerals, esp. agates, quartz, calcite, and the zeolites. When the imbedded minerals are detached or removed by decomposition, it is porous, like lava.

Trappous (n.): Of or performance to trap; resembling trap, or partaking of its form or qualities; trappy.

Trepan (v. t.): To insnare; to trap; to trapan.

Repose (v. i.): To lie; to be supported; as, trap reposing on sand.

Trap (v. t.): To catch in a trap or traps; as, to trap foxes.

Trap (n.): A wooden instrument shaped somewhat like a shoe, used in the game of trapball. It consists of a pivoted arm on one end of which is placed the ball to be thrown into the air by striking the other end. Also, a machine for throwing into the air glass balls, clay pigeons, etc., to be shot at.

Bow net (): A trap for lobsters, being a wickerwork cylinder with a funnel-shaped entrance at one end.

Trap (v. i.): To set traps for game; to make a business of trapping game; as, to trap for beaver.

Flytrap (n.): A trap for catching flies.

Gyropigeon (n.): A flying object simulating a pigeon in flight, when projected from a spring trap. It is used as a flying target in shooting matches.

Entrap (v. t.): To catch in a trap; to insnare; hence, to catch, as in a trap, by artifices; to involve in difficulties or distresses; to catch or involve in contradictions; as, to be entrapped by the devices of evil men.

Trap (n.): A kind of movable stepladder.

Saponite (n.): A hydrous silicate of magnesia and alumina. It occurs in soft, soapy, amorphous masses, filling veins in serpentine and cavities in trap rock.

Illaqueation (n.): A snare; a trap.

Weely (): A kind of trap or snare for fish, made of twigs.

Pit (n.): A covered deep hole for entrapping wild beasts; a pitfall; hence, a trap; a snare. Also used figuratively.

Trappean (a.): Of or pertaining to trap; being of the nature of trap.

Drop (n.): A door or platform opening downward; a trap door; that part of the gallows on which a culprit stands when he is to be hanged; hence, the gallows itself.

Trap (a.): Of or pertaining to trap rock; as, a trap dike.

Trap (n.): The game of trapball.

Trap (v. t.): To provide with a trap; as, to trap a drain; to trap a sewer pipe. See 4th Trap, 5.

Gin (v. t.): To catch in a trap.

Meaning of Waveoff

Waveoff means: When the LSO orders a pilot not to trap. A mandatory signal, usually a visual (waveoff lights on the lens) or audible command (on the UHF radio) for a pilot to cease his approach and not touch down.

Meaning of Macca

Macca means: Crap. I'm off for a macca . Comes from Macaroni => pony; Pony & Trap => Crap

Meaning of slip gear

slip gear means: Familiar to anyone who owned, or knew someone who owned, a Grifter. The bike had three gears, all accessible via a twisty handlebar (very cool): red (for power sprints whilst racing around the block), yellow (normal) and blue (to get you up that steep hill with minimum effort). If you managed to jam the gear between red and yellow, the chain wouldn't connect properly to the cogs, resulting in "slip gear". You could booby-trap a mate's Grifter and laugh your arse off as he frantically attempted to pedal away, only to get nowhere and eventually fall over.

Meaning of GREASE−TRAP

GREASE−TRAP means: Grease−trap is American slang for a lunch counter.

Meaning of Pony and Trap

Pony and Trap means: Crap. Ang on, mate. Just gotta 'ave a pony Or, another usage if something's a bit off (i.e.. not of good quality) - That's a bit pony mate!

Meaning of clap trap

clap trap means: nonsense ‘What a lot of clap trap’

Meaning of BEER TRAP

BEER TRAP means: Beer trap is British slang for the mouth.

Meaning of trap

trap means: Noun. 1. The mouth. E.g."Shut your trap you noisy bugger." 2. A toilet cubicle, when in a public lavatory. Often numbered, such as trap one, trap two etc, depending where in the order they are.

Meaning of pig

pig means: Policeman - or woman (let's not be sexist in here eh?) Randy says: "I noticed you don't have any background on the word "pig" meaning the police. Based on hearsay from a friend, this is a code term used by truckers when they see a highway patrol or radar trap and wish to warn their fellow trucker(s) by r adio message, which can be tapped into by police. The example of context I heard was "There's a pig running beside the road". (ed: trouble is it doesn't really explain *where* it came from or how, or why) Keith says it came into common use around the time of the Vietnam War: Re origin of 'pig'. Like fuzz I think this originated during the hippy/anti-Vietnam protest era. The origin is fairly obvious - the most contemptible term anyone could think of for the police.

Meaning of tale

tale means: to a trap for game; also teel and tail

Meaning of tendre un piège

tendre un piège means: set a trap

Meaning of leaves

leaves means: the unit quantities of rands in knitting a trap or seine

Meaning of trunk hole

trunk hole means: a trap door in the floor of a stage through which fish offal is thrown away and water drawn up in a bucket

Meaning of POTATO TRAP

POTATO TRAP means: Potato trap is old British slang for the mouth.

Meaning of Plan B

Plan B means: This term was used by both pilots and Jedi and referred to a backup plan. When Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were caught in a ray shield trap on the Invisible Hand, Kenobi asked Skywalker if he had a Plan B.

Meaning of BEAR TRAP

BEAR TRAP means: Bear trap is American slang for a difficult situation.

Meaning of TATER−TRAP

TATER−TRAP means: Tater−trap was old slang for the mouth.

Meaning of TATTIE−TRAP

TATTIE−TRAP means: Tattie−trap was old slang for the mouth.

Meaning of trap

trap means: Mouth, gob, cakehole, fly trap etc.

Meaning of Trap

Trap means: Mouth

Meaning of Trap

Trap means: Fig.: A snare; an ambush; a stratagem; any device by which one may be caught unawares.

Meaning of Trap

Trap means: Of or pertaining to trap rock; as, a trap dike.

Meaning of Trap

Trap means: A wagon, or other vehicle.

Meaning of Trapped

Trapped means: of Trap

Meaning of Bait

Bait means: To furnish or cover with bait, as a trap or hook.

Meaning of Trap

Trap means: To provide with a trap; as, to trap a drain; to trap a sewer pipe. See 4th Trap, 5.

Meaning of Trap

Trap means: Fig.: To insnare; to take by stratagem; to entrap.

Meaning of Trap

Trap means: To set traps for game; to make a business of trapping game; as, to trap for beaver.

Meaning of Trap

Trap means: The game of trapball.

Meaning of Cul-de-sac

Cul-de-sac means: A passage with only one outlet, as a street closed at one end; a blind alley; hence, a trap.

Meaning of Spring

Spring means: To cause to close suddenly, as the parts of a trap operated by a spring; as, to spring a trap.

Meaning of Gin

Gin means: To catch in a trap.

Meaning of Amygdaloid

Amygdaloid means: A variety of trap or basaltic rock, containing small cavities, occupied, wholly or in part, by nodules or geodes of different minerals, esp. agates, quartz, calcite, and the zeolites. When the imbedded minerals are detached or removed by decomposition, it is porous, like lava.

Meaning of Trap

Trap means: A place in a water pipe, pump, etc., where air accumulates for want of an outlet.

Meaning of Gyropigeon

Gyropigeon means: A flying object simulating a pigeon in flight, when projected from a spring trap. It is used as a flying target in shooting matches.

Name Meaning of TRAP

Meaning of Zared

Is Zared a female or a male name and what is the origin of Zared?

Zared is Boy/Male and origin is Australian, Hawaiian, Hebrew

Zared means: Ambush; Trap

Meaning of Stiller

Is Stiller a female or a male name and what is the origin of Stiller?

Stiller is Surname or Lastname and origin is German

Stiller means: German : nickname for a calm individual, variant of Still 1.English : topographic name for someone who lived by a fish trap in a river (see Still 2).German : habitational name from Still in Alsace.

Meaning of Gaines

Is Gaines a female or a male name and what is the origin of Gaines?

Gaines is Surname or Lastname and origin is English (of Norman origin)

Gaines means: English (of Norman origin) : nickname for a crafty or ingenious person, from a reduced form of Old French engaine ‘ingenuity’, ‘trickery’ (Latin ingenium ‘native wit’). The word was also used in a concrete sense of a stratagem or device, particularly a trap.This surname has also assimilated reduced variants of Welsh Gurganus.

Meaning of Still

Is Still a female or a male name and what is the origin of Still?

Still is Surname or Lastname and origin is Scottish, English, and German

Still means: Scottish, English, and German : nickname for a calm man, from Middle English, Middle High German stille ‘calm’, ‘still’. The German name may also have denoted a (deaf) mute, from the same word in the sense ‘silent’.English : topographic name for someone who lived by a fish trap in a river, from Middle English still, stell ‘fish trap’.German : habitational name from a place so named, in Alsace, near Strasbourg.

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