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EFPA means: Education Flexibility Partnership Act of 1999

Education Flexibility Partnership Act of 1999

MHSAWR means: Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1999

Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1999

EPBCA means: Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

SETPA means: Southeast Europe Trade Preference Act of 1999

Southeast Europe Trade Preference Act of 1999

SAFE means: Security And Freedom through Encryption Act of 1999

Security And Freedom through Encryption Act of 1999

POCA means: Protection of Children Act 1999

Protection of Children Act 1999

IGPA means: Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 1999

Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 1999

OPGMB means: : Ontario Potato Growers Marketing Board (1976‰ÛÒ1999) (see OPB)

: Ontario Potato Growers Marketing Board (1976‰ÛÒ1999) (see OPB)

COMAH means: Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999

Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999

FSMA means: Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999

Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in 1999?

Meaning of 1999 by its letters

1999 acronym or abbreviation means:

1: Meaning of 1 in 1999.

9: Meaning of 9 in 1999.

What does 1999 mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation 1999. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the 1999 acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of 1999

1999 has a life path of 0. 1999 means:

More meanings / definitions of 1999 or words, sentences containing 1999?

Meaning of sally

sally means: Whenever we go to the bar, and someone wants to stop drinking for some absurd reason, like they have to be at work early the next morning, or can't handle more than 3 beers and act like a normal person, they are called a "Sally" or more commonly, a "Sally-ass". It pretty much means that you're lame and cant handle your drinks., I have no clue where this came from, but we started saying it around 1999. Get branded as a "Sally" and you don't get invited out too much. "Sallys" actually get rather offended about being called on it, and always feel the need to prove in some way that you are wrong for the next half hour.

Meaning of munted

munted means: (1) Usually used in past tense to indicate that something has been wrecked or damaged beyond repair, as in,"You munted my pen, egg!" (2) I drank so much last night, in fact I was Munted. When the state of being munted is reached, munters become objects of desire. (ed: Rueben thinks the word originated long before 1999, and is probably right, however we can only add words according to the reported usage... so if Reuben had said 1383, the we'd have had to add that date... if he qualified it of course )

Meaning of bling bling

bling bling means: Noun. 1. Jewellery. There's been much speculation as to its origins, including amongst those suggestions put forward are the following: · From either the sound of jewellery knocking against jewellery. · The sound of cash registers when a sale is made. · The written sound in cartoons when light catches and reflects off jewellery. What does appear to be acknowledged is that the expression was popularized by U.S. rapper B.G. (aka Baby Gangsta) in 1999. [Orig. Black U.S.] 2. Obvious and appealing wealth, by extension of meaning 1.

Meaning of F.M.B.'s, "fuck me boots"

F.M.B.'s, "fuck me boots" means: Overheard in Sydney, AUS, on several occasions during bitchy conversations, as in "Look at that creature, she's wearing FMBs!". The origin is apparently a 1995 newspaper article in which Germaine Greer attacked Suzanne Moore, another feminist. In a review of Greer's 1999 book 'The Whole Woman' (, Kira Cochrane summarised it as follows: 'It was dubbed the catfight of the year. Having repeated false allegations that Germaine Greer had had a hysterectomy, feminist columnist Suzanne Moore (then working for The Guardian) found herself the target of a stream of vitriol. "So much lipstick must rot the brain," thundered Greer, describing Moore's appearance as, "hair birds-nested all over the place, fuck-me shoes and three fat layers of cleavage." The less liberal media were ecstatic, falling on the fight like hounds. With two of Britain's most prominent feminists waging verbal warfare the papers crowed that any ideals of sisterhood had finally been proved a sham."'

Meaning of beppo, bep

beppo, bep means: Also 'bep'. A derogatory term indicating that the subject of the remark is, basically, a dirty vagabond, although merely having the wrong brand of trainers is enough to prompt this remark in most South Wales schools. The term reputedly derives from a tramp of that name who lived in the Cardiff area of South Wales in the early eighties. Despite the fact that the poor man has long since passed away, I have heard children as far away as Newport using the insult "ah, yer bep", and in the town of Barry (nearer Cardiff) "Your mum shagged Beppo" is still a fairly common playground insult, even though no-one of that age knows who Beppo was (or, hopefully, what 'shagged' means). (ed: actually, despite the assertion he had carked it long ago, I was informed by "Mel" in Dinas Powis, Wales, that Beppo was alive and kicking at least up until Sept. 1999)

Meaning of Cleat Surfing

Cleat Surfing means: A near fall by getting out of your cleat, like Zabel did in the 1999 Tour.

Meaning of dubs

dubs means: Rims on car. (ed: still no clue what a 'rim' is but we got the following extra info.:) "She put 20 inch DUBS on her 2002 Lincoln Navigator last week. Custom 20 inch rims (or bigger). Really wide rims. The slang word originated from American Hip Hop culture (1999 or later). Common on Lowriders, SUV's, trucks and expensive sports cars. (ed: so still no real clue what a 'rim' is. Is it the same as a hub cap?). But then Iain sent this in: In the entry "dubs" you say it refers to "rims" and you don't know what that is, what it refers to is the actual wheel on the car/truck/bus not the hubcap, so 18inch rims are wheels with a diameter of 18 inches, tyres go on the outside of the rim. So people would refer to having alloy rims (or just alloys) when they had alloy wheels on the car. Which solves that!

Name Meaning of 1999

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