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In May of this year, a conversation about the ambient world was made. Learn How To Make Music Then we asked Cserepes Panni about the Cökxpon festival and the basics of ambient, now we can approach this particular cultural circle from another point of view. Szötske's interview. In the East (and towards us somewhere in the past), poetry didn’t just mean words. Everything is present in you at the same time: music, pictures, theater, dance and fine arts. Cökxpon is a place where everyone experiences a similar thing, regardless of age or origin. At least similarly, it becomes open to a feeling, an atmosphere, the performance itself, or even each other. It is a community space, a stage of performances, a meeting place where you can mingle with anyone, intertwine with your love, and at the same time an environment that inspires contemplation and immersion in yourself, where you can relax and filter things through yourself. A common “home” theater where anything can happen ... The word Cökxpon is actually a place in a fairy tale: the name of the confectionery in the imaginary world of the painter Lajos Gulácsy, Na'conxypan, where the strange inhabitants of the city meet. You have to take off your shoes, so it’s all like you’re at home. Yes, with shoe removal, something is changing in us that is shocking. Being barefoot is like depriving us of our masks. We pay more attention to each other and to ourselves. We become more open, releasing everyday tension and cramps. First, by the way, we dropped the shoes for purely practical reasons. To keep the carpet from getting dirty and to keep the butts from being pushed into the carpet, but much more has happened on the way. Can we talk about the Hungarian ambient movement? If a movement is that there is an ever-changing, changing creative medium that, experimenting with different forms, condensing into different formations, creates something new, captivating audiences — who can’t wait to immerse themselves in the sounds and colors that surround them — then yes. Now the stable place itself is missing to make it really happen. How to get back ... Who are you behind the Hungarian ambient movement? It is behind everyone who creates - composers, dancers, theater people, artists - and who receives it - audience, critics, organizers, contributors - everyone influences it, shapes it all. This is the movement in question. And a narrower small group works on a daily basis to make it work at all. A couple of people - everyone with a task that fits them, are struggling - for now, to keep things alive at all. In Lajos Gulácsy's dream, the "strange" people ran together in the confectionery. Who are you gathering? I think we have "weird monks" coming together, too, in the sense that everyone is taking on their own and no one wants to be like the other. These people are diverse, different. That's why - and for no other reason - they're so weird. What good is it to take off (our shoes and) our masks? The main stream has always been to get yourself well and done. It's good to finally be yourself. To finally have some peace of mind, have time to think, get away, talk to each other. Just to be contemplative. I think rampage is also an important tool for self-knowledge, but so is ours. You're talking about self-knowledge. People usually have it when it comes to parties, not the self-knowledge that comes to mind first. Yet, as if that were one of the cornerstones of Cökxpon. I don’t think a party isn’t a goal of self-knowledge, at most it’s not conscious. I think partying, dancing together, but also potting and raging at a rock concert is all about honest, mutually experiential revelation, experiencing emotions, releasing tensions. That is, our absolute self-knowledge tool. Ours is one such place, only otherwise it achieves the same goal. Not by spinning, but on the contrary: by soothing.
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