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A group about the Ambazonian fight for freedom in the Cameroons. Southern Cameroonians seek the restoration of Africa's first democracy, the Southern Cameroons, claiming 50 years of occupation from the majority East Cameroon. They fight for Freedom from East Cameroon and Freedom from France. France still has a choke-hold colonial control of the Cameroons. The Southern Cameroons was Africa's first real and functional democracy which the British and French connived to derail.
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Prof. Carlson Anyangwe recounts the history of the Southern Cameroons and explains why the Southern Cameroons is an independent nation
Prof. Carlson Anyangwe recounts the history of the Southern Cameroons and explains why the Southern Cameroons is an independent nation and should be recognized as such.
2020-04-01 22:50:07
Dr. Christopher Fomunyuh talks about the special status offered by East Cameroon to the Southern Cameroons
Dr. Christopher Fomunyuh (Director African Affairs of the National Democratic Institute) talks about the special status East Cameroon offered to the people of the Southern Cameroons.
2020-04-01 22:46:55
The brave hearts of Ambazonia protest the indifference of mainstream media, the international community in front of Fox and NBC News in Washington
The brave hearts of Ambazonia protest the indifference of mainstream media, the international community in front of Fox News and NBC News in Washington DC
2020-03-07 23:41:17
Leading Southern Cameroonian activist and veteran journalist John Mbah Akuroh offers a way forward for the fight for freedom.
Leading Southern Cameroonian activist and veteran journalist John Mbah Akuroh says Unity of Purpose is the way forward in the Ambazonian fight for freedom.
2020-03-28 16:12:31
Southern Cameroonian activist Abdul Karim Ali creates a template for other activists to follow.
Southern Cameroonian activist Abdul Karim Ali creates a template for other activists to follow.
2020-02-18 20:27:01
Veteran Ambazonian journalist John Mbah Akuroh recounts the horrors committed against Southern Cameroonians as they fight for freedom.
Veteran Ambazonian journalist John Mbah Akuroh recounts the horrors committed against Southern Cameroonians as they fight for freedom.
2020-02-18 15:30:20
Ambazonians (Southern Cameroonians), down to toddlers fight for freedom
Ambazonians (Southern Cameroonians), down to toddlers fight for freedom
2020-02-18 15:24:01
France repeats dirty war in the Southern Cameroons with its trademark head chopping
2019-12-28 05:08:27
Now, if you were wondering why there's war in the Southern Cameroons, it is because Southern Cameroonians are fighting to restore Africa's first real democracy. The argument is as simple as that. Fighting to restore the democracy which the British and the French connived to sabotage under some insane idea of independence by association.

Essentially, the British and the French worked to derail Africa's first real and functional democracy for nothing other than the exploitation of natural resources. The Brits and French have blood on their hands (the Southern Cameroons was never going to join Nigeria as their parliamentary group had walked away from Nigeria because of undemocratic concerns. Southern Cameroonians were basically forced to join undemocratic East Cameroon as a way to pull the brakes on their progress).

The Brits own the largest oil company in the Cameroons. Any surprise why Britain has been mum on the conflict in the Cameroons? Canada is big in construction. The Cameroons help sustain thousands of Canadian jobs. So, Justin Trudeau looks the other way as thousands of people are killed.

The war is not about a fight over language as some international media organizations prefer to put it. I mean these organizations were reporting 3000 dead last year and are still reporting 3000 a year later even when they claim by their own account that the crisis is now a full blown war.

Until Southern Cameroonians finally restore that democracy, it is hard to see any end to the war.
2019-12-22 22:36:54
What is apparent to me after watching several clips of Ambazonian or Southern Cameroonian activists or Anglophone activists and their leaders is that they appear clueless about about what they really want to achieve. They tell you what the plan to achieve, but their infighting in videos show otherwise.

Their incessant use of social media as a tool to relieve anger only exposes their inability to run a well governed territory.

They talk about restoring democracy yet they fight and even kill each other over very trivial issues. Their leaders seem unable to direct their activists to channel positive messages and to constantly remind themselves about the reasons for which they fight. It is not uncommon to have activists rant for over an hour in a video leaving you to wonder what the message was.
Maurice Kamto really may not have the guts again to beat the pavements with his supporters and kick the Biya regime out. A dictatorial regime that has ruled the Cameroons for more than half a century.

Can Kamto even call for strikes to paralyze the regime? Will his call for elections boycott be taken seriously in East Cameroon?

It is becoming increasing apparent that Maurice Kamto's popularity really mainly comes from East Cameroonians disgruntled about the war in the Southern Cameroons. There appears to be no serious strategic commitment in actually pushing for his regime change stance. Maybe he had a change of heart after being imprisoned for almost a year.

Maurice Kamto might be miscalculating too. The window for action is already closing on his chance to fight if he still believes he is the President Elect.

After the February municipal and legislative elections, he, his party and supporters would be too overwhelmed by the election noise that the talk of President Elect would be a lost cause. Again, only the war in the Southern Cameroons will give Kamto a voice.

This is clearly no winning strategy for Kamto in the long run. It would become too easy for him to be branded as weak and only trying to take advantage of the war in the Southern Cameroons.

The time for Kamto to reclaim the stolen presidential elections is certainly now and not after the February legislative elections. Maurice Kamto also has the chance to take advantage of legit and strong currents of anti-French(France) colonial economic policies to become a real liberator. Kamto nevertheless marks his time.
2019-12-16 19:08:06
Special Decentralization is what the Biya regime is planning and is likely crafted by France. It doesn't take much to see that the Biya regime can not seriously implement any form of federation or a Quebec or Hong Kong style special status.

The Hong Kong and Quebec special status carry more weight than even a federation. Regime barons shouted down federation at the East Cameroonian dialogue.

More importantly, the dying regime wants to cling to power at all cost. We do not need to look further than the recent registration of candidates running for parliamentary and municipal elections in February 2020.

Opposition candidates faced so many made up huddles that many ultimately could not register. Only regime barons will be on the ballots.

One can only conclude from these that we are looking at special decentralization. This regime is very good with words, Force of Experience, Special Status, Grand National Dialogue, Peace Caravans and Peace Tours. It is decentralization, however the regime chooses to spin it.
2019-12-12 19:59:41
Southern Cameroonian moderates would be dumb to accept anything other than a confederation especially as Northern Cameroons now Adamawa State of Nigeria that never had any self-governing structure has a strong federal status.

With more than 9000 killed, hundreds of villages destroyed and hundreds of thousands displaced, the moderate Southern Cameroonians should at minimum be asking for a confederation and the exit of the Biya regime. The diehards already believe anything short of that is a non-starter.

With Maurice Kamto already in for a 2 state federation as a solution to the Southern and East Cameroonian war, the idea of special decentralization is not even an option.

It is no surprise that the Biya regime is only interested in special decentralization.
2019-12-12 15:13:19
The Cameroons are about crossing another threshold. Sanctions, even the most severe may no longer be able to save the Cameroons from total collapse.

The Biya regime has no incentive for compromise. With Biya at the helm, he represents everything Ambazonians fight against. Even Biya's impending fall won't bring back the Cameroons as many knew it.

Biya can not offer anything meaningful in a special status or make any useful compromise because his regime won't survive the ensuing chaos.

The Cameroons are essentially stuck in a perpetual war that could last decades. All the ingredients of a large scale war are already in place. East Cameroon won't be immune to the war. If anything, it seems the war is already heading there.

That is seen from a disunited Ambazonian front, the hardened experience of war, the lack of collective will power of Southern and East Cameroonians to effect meaningful change, the potential loss or loss of control of resources (especially oil), France's tacit support of the dictatorial regime and the loss of lucrative political opportunities.

Basically, this is likely to be the war that was avoidable, but because of the lack of concern, especially from the international community, it spiralled into one with an incredible loss of lives.

There's no doubt as to whether Southern Cameroonians will achieve independence. That question is already settled.
2019-11-27 20:52:29
Southern and East Cameroonians largely have themselves to blame for the current upheavals in the Cameroons. They lack the collective will to effect the change they so desperately want. Their direct support action for the regime of Paul Biya or their deafening silence has ensured they continue to live under dictatorship.

They are yet to learn the collective resolve of the wildebeests that know they all have to sprint into action all at once to save one of theirs from a pride of lions.

While many now look to sanctions from the outside, it is quite clear that sanctions have hardly directly kicked out any dictatorial regime.

Instead, what sanctions have really done is create so much economic hardship that people become so desperate and know they have little to lose to finally go out and kick out the regime.

Sudan is perhaps the most recent proof of that. Southern and East Cameroonians are yet to attain what the Sudanese had endured for decades under war and sanctions.
2019-11-13 13:26:06
Ambazonia's war of independence to take a drastic and severe turn as groups fighting for independence begin to enforce compulsory contributions to fund the war.

This change in strategy is likely to ensure the groups have the funds to reach strategic levels they could only dream of. It also shows the groups have evolved to embrace key strategies used in past wars. They have grown stronger and feel more confident in their fight for independence.
2019-11-13 00:16:35
Head chopping in the Southern Cameroons, once a rare occurrence that would spark outrage is now a daily routine that is celebrated, even glorified across the Cameroons depending on what side of the conflict people support.

It only shows how the region has degenerated and continues to devolve into chaos.
2019-11-12 23:50:43
A staggering 9000 plus deaths in the Southern Cameroons because of the invasion and occupation by East Cameroon under the dictatorial regime of Paul Biya.

With the conflict now in its fourth year, the UN and the international media have consistently reported far less deaths, 3000. In fact, last year the UN reported at least 3000 deaths and that official figure has never changed even as the war has grown worse.

Aid agencies say the numbers are far higher and multiples of what the UN and the international media are reporting.

There's a general consensus from reports from the ground in the Southern Cameroons that at least 1 person dies each day in each of the 13 counties or divisions that make up the Southern Cameroons. That already gives 13 deaths a day. Even reducing the number of days in a year from 365 to 300 and the counties to 10, that would mean a minimum of 3000 deaths a year. With the conflict now in its 4th year, we are looking at a minimum of 9000 deaths.

Deaths from the conflict may result from little to no access to medical care as less than 20% of medical facilities in the Southern Cameroons are operational, diseases have spiked, minor complications from childbirth now often result in deaths, deaths from the wild as many have escaped into the bushes, deaths from starving refugees, deaths from trigger happy occupation forces, amba against military, military against amba, amba on amba and the list goes on. (Amba is the name given to groups fighting against the East Cameroonian military).

So, why do the UN and the international media report far less numbers? Are they saying a Southern Cameroonian is one third of a human?
2019-11-12 22:26:34
Southern Cameroonians seem to have crossed an irreversible threshold in their fight for independence. It is perhaps now impossible to halt their momentum even with a change of government or a federal status.

The Biya regime is apparently still living in its own shrinking bubble. Oblivious to the many dangers it now faces.
2019-11-04 19:22:43
3 years and counting and Ambazonians still struggle on the idea of unity.
2019-06-14 00:50:34

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