Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of ADTF

ADTF means: At Depth Test Facility

Meaning of NEPA

NEPA means: National Environmental Policy Act

Meaning of DO

DO means: Diatomic Orbital

Meaning of POPW

POPW means: Partially Orthogonalized Plane Wave

Meaning of STP

STP means: Similarity Transformation (based) Perturbation (theory)

Meaning of SPIM

SPIM means: Spam Over Instant Messaging

Meaning of CARID

CARID means: Customer Acceptance Review Item Disposition

Meaning of OSERS

OSERS means: U.S. Department Of Education Office Of Special Education And Rehabilitative Services

Meaning of MFD

MFD means: Multifunction Display

Meaning of PPSL

PPSL means: Parts Program Selection List

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