Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of RALI

RALI means: Resource And Land Information

Meaning of LCDA MO

LCDA MO means: Linear Combination Of Donor-acceptor Molecular Orbital Theory

Meaning of MESIP

MESIP means: Modeling Environmental Scenarios In Ponds

Meaning of SUV

SUV means: Standardized Uptake Value

Meaning of IV

IV means: Initial Velocity

Meaning of LONG

LONG means: Longitude

Meaning of DEF

DEF means: Definitely

Meaning of WAI

WAI means: What An Idiot

Meaning of WYSIWYP

WYSIWYP means: What You See Is What You Print / What You See Is What You Pay (wizzy-whip)

Meaning of ATS

ATS means: Academic Trainer System

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