Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of CTF

CTF means: Contrast-transfer Function

Meaning of LDPEX

LDPEX means: Cross-linked

Meaning of MAA

MAA means: Methacrylic Acid

Meaning of MOUSE

MOUSE means: Method Of Underground Solute Evaluation

Meaning of OMTP

OMTP means: Overlap-multipole-expansion Procedure

Meaning of UEATC

UEATC means: European Union For Technical Agreements In Construction (French; L'Union Europeenne Pour L'Agrement Technique Dans La Construc

Meaning of CSDGM

CSDGM means: Content Standard For Digital Geospatial Metadata

Meaning of MCC

MCC means: Mission Control Center (JSC)

Meaning of CDC

CDC means: Centers For Disease Control And Prevention - Control Data Corporation - Cult Of The Dead Cow

Meaning of OMM

OMM means: Offshore Minerals Management Program

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