Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of MIDNET

MIDNET means: N/A

Meaning of ASGP

ASGP means: Aerobic Suspended Growth Process

Meaning of BWCC

BWCC means: Brillouin-Wigner Coupled-cluster (theory)

Meaning of FZ

FZ means: Fusion Zone

Meaning of RASSI

RASSI means: Restricted Active Space State Interaction

Meaning of ES

ES means: Experiment Segment

Meaning of WYS

WYS means: Whatever You Say

Meaning of TOS

TOS means: Tape Operating System - Terms Of Service - Tramiel Operating System

Meaning of HUD

HUD means: Department Of Housing And Urban Development

Meaning of NRL

NRL means: Navy Research Laboratories

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