Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of ATM

ATM means: Automated Teller Machine

Meaning of ALICE

ALICE means: Acid-labile Isotope-coded Extractants

Meaning of NEDB

NEDB means: National Exposure Database (HSE)

Meaning of IP

IP means: InstruMentation PCM Data Bus

Meaning of RHEB

RHEB means: Right Hand Equipment Bay

Meaning of :-#

:-# means: My Lips Are Sealed (Original Smiley)

Meaning of AWNIAC

AWNIAC means: All We Need Is Another Chair

Meaning of IDE

IDE means: Integrated Development Environment - Integrated Drive Electronics

Meaning of RBI

RBI means: Runs Batted In

Meaning of NIMA

NIMA means: National Imagery And Mapping Agency (replaced By NGA)

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