The 3 Best Ways to Make Cashless Payments

With the government taking a huge step to curb corruption in the system, demonetization has indeed caused a cash crunch. An easy way to tackle this inconvenience is switching to cashless payment methods. Thanks to technology, we have an abundance of cashless payment options today. While there may be many types of cashless payment methods, the following three are the easiest, safest and most hassle-free ways to make cashless payments.


1. Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets or e-wallets allow you to make payments by just few clicks on your cell phone. Not only is it easy but it is also safe and secure. All you have to do is load money onto your mobile wallet through your debit or credit card and pay bills via the wallet. With the onset of demonetization, various mobile wallets have come into the limelight. Many banks have also started releasing their own versions of mobile wallets to enable customers to make quick transactions. All you have to do is download your preferred mobile wallet from the Google Play Store or App Store and you’re all set to go cashless.


2. Debit Cards and Credit Cards

This type of cashless payment method is one of the oldest. Banks have been pushing this method to consumers even before demonetisation hit the cash. With the advent of Internet banking the usage of credit cards and debit cards has been made a lot easier. Whether it is paying offline at a brick and mortar retail shop or paying online, just by entering your four-digit pin, your payment can be made with ease. This secure mode of payment ensures an easy, cashless transaction anytime and anywhere.

3. EMI Card

The EMI card is a smart choice for cashless transactions. Not only does it enable you to make the transaction in a cash-free way, but it also does so at a zero percent interest rate unlike other payment options such as credit cards. If you’re looking at this option, consider Bajaj Finserv EMI Card. Saving you from the trauma of cash payments, the EMI Card allows you to make payments in installments at a zero percent interest rate. This no-cost EMI card allows you to make payments according to your needs, thus making sure your purchases are not a strain on your wallet.

Don’t let the hassles of demonetization affect you. Go cashless using these easy cashless payment options. Not only are these payment options safe, but they are also easy and convenient. Adopt the modern ways of payment options and head to a cashless.

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