Getting More From Your Printer Consumables

By Michelle

'Consumables' would be anything that you consume or a product that runs out as you use your device (printer) and needs to be refreshed when finished. Areas that are gradually used down be deterioration over the expected life of the device, such as the equipment are not mentioned. The consumables of an Ink Jet printer would then be the ink refills and the document. Paper go or misting nozzle may be considered a consumable based upon on the type of ink jet printer. Some printers have the misting nozzles built into the refills that get changed with every new cartridge, others have individual misting nozzles.

Offset Printing Consumables include the document, toner cartridge, and OPC drum. The organic photo conductor (OPC) drum needs to get changed regularly when printing declines. Dot Matrix printer consumables are the document, ink ribbons, print head and the platen.


Most lasers use cartridge technology based on a natural photo conductive (OPC) drum, covered in light-sensitive material. During the lifetime of the printer, the drum needs to be regularly changed as its surface would wear out and top printing quality declines. The cartridge is the other big consumable product in a laser printer. It's lifetime based upon on the quantity of toner it contains. When the toner expires, the cartridge is changed. Sometimes the toner cartridge and the OPC drum are located independently, but in the most severe, the drum is located inside the cartridge which indicates that when the ink duct foils for printing expires, the whole drum containing the OPC cartridge needs to get changed, which contributes considerably to the running costs of the printer and generates considerable amounts of waste.


The scenario is even worse with a color laser – which can actually have up to nine individual consumables items (four color toners, an OPC buckle or drum, a designer device, a fuser device, fuser oil and a spend toner bottle). Many of these must be fixed when the printer is set up, and all end after different pages matters, based upon on the producer and utilization. This high component depend on is a primary reason for the cost and general lack of functionality and manageability of color lasers, and its reduction is an important focus for laser printer manufacturers.


Some have tried to improve it by making percussion more resilient and removing all consumables except for toner. Kyocera, for instance, was the first producer to produce a cartridge-free printer which uses an amorphous rubber drum. The drum uses a substantial covering which can last for the lifetime of the printer, so the only product demanding regular alternative is the toner and even this comes in a package made from a non-toxic plastic, designed to be incinerated without launching harmful fumes.

Owning a printer or multipurpose device outside of a service contract indicates you will need to purchase consumables every now and then. These range from toner cartridges and ink cartridges to printer percussion and lace. The printing companies supply all multipurpose and printer consumables, as well as parts for most printer models.

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