Top 3 cat behavioral problems and their solutions

Cats are great and they can really make big difference in your life. Cat's make smile and their company provides great sense of joy. For most part cat are great pets. However, their certain behaviors that are not great about cats. You can't blame your cat for annoying behavior because your cats need training. It does not matter how much you spend with your cat. You have to teach your act behavior you want.

Don't worry about this much because cats are really fast at learning and changing their behavior. In this post I will share the most common cat problem and their solutions. You should read this artilce about cat psychology


It might appear as though your cat is scratching your curtains or other similar things to  pester you, however she's truly doing it to work off vitality, to play, to stamp her region, even to dispose of frayed bits of hook.

Trim your kitty's hooks. It might appear to be overwhelming, yet trimming is less demanding than you might suspect. Get a speedy instructional exercise from your veterinarian, who can presumably do the deed in 10 seconds - an aptitude that can be educated.


Transform your feline into a form plate with bright hook tops (likewise called nail tops). These little, vinyl sleeves fit over kitty's hooks, keeping them from doing harm when they scratch.


Litter Box Problem

Many times people try everything to solve the cat’s litter box problem but they get one thing wrong. And that is: they don’t take their cat to veterinarian.  Before doing anything else you should take your cat to veterinarian and make sure that there is no medical problem.

Here are few things that can help you in solving this problem

You should place the litter box in suitable place, preferably away from high traffic areas and away from spots where cat may get trapped. Keep litter box of your cat away from busy places, like next to your dryer or next to your washer or any other similar place.

Put your cat’s food bowls somewhere other than right next to her litter box.


You should provide enough litter box to your cat. If you should more than one cat, then make sure that you more litter boxes than number of cats. For example if you have 4 cats, then you should have at least 5 litter boxes.

Often time female cats become very affectionate and vocal yowling and meowing when she is in heat. Cats do this in order to attract a potential male mate. Similarly a male cat can also become more talkative when he hears or smells a female cat in heat.  Mating,  yowling  and other behavior repeat every 18-24 day throughout cat’s eight month breeding. Know that a female cat may become pregnant when she’s just 16 week, however,  female cat can spray at 8 weeks old.

Probably something is not okay, if you cat is spraying a lot.  It can be problem with litter box. And please remember that should never punish your cat.

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