10 Simple steps to become a Millionaire

By Chantal

There exist no better decision than to take charge of one’s own financial future. We live in a world full of opportunities knocking on each and everyone’s door to get a chance and become rich and wealthy as  always dreamed and wished. So many human beings are buried with credit cards and other debts as if it was not sufficient for them to die without achieving their dreams and heart desires of becoming rich and wealthy. But here they have gone with just memories of wealthy men and women they did admired and wished reaching their levels someday. So let’s grasp our chance once and for all whenever an opportunity shows up to us without even thinking twice. But grasping this opportunity has steps which are to be understood in detail so as not to miss use it and have to regret till your grave.

Ways to become a Millionaire.

   We are all surrounded by millionaires who are getting richer all day and night but we remain running on the spot. So if one can read this then he/she is obviously literate, having a computer implies part of the “wired generation”. Then one can become as financially independent and successful as one wishes and desires. Below are the top 10 keys on how to become a millionaire. 

1)    Deciding to be financially successful:

Deciding to be financially successful is different from just sitting and folding ones arms and wishing success. For its not a matter of wishing neither dreaming nor imagining,  it is not a question of imagination neither hoping.  It is true all the above might be of little help but here it’s a matter of making a “strong commitment” that this is going to happen. Financial success is not a matter of luck neither accident. Getting rich and knowing the ways to become a millionaire usually involve some inconvenience but the matter here is have you made up your mind to archive wealth?

2)    Understanding how money works:

It is one of the steps to know how to become a millionaire for if one cannot even understand the way money works, then where are you leading to? For most of us did not study finance nor investing in school. So many people are unable to even balance a check book. The road to mastering anything is to study and understand it in details. So you should read what successful people have written while taking classes.

3)    Mastering your relationship with money:

Each and every one should better understand their relationship with money so as to be able to use it wisely. Some people spend to show up, others spend out of  excitement, while others want to proof to others they can. Whereas some of us are just careless about it. Whatever your relationship with money it is of primary importance to understand it.

4)    Set specific goals:

Setting up goals is of great importance in how to become a millionaire. But remember to set challenging goals and not unbelievable goals. Set goals which are just out of reach but not out of sight. Also challenge yourself to be out of debts by a specific date. Make a commitment which shall be respected, to save an exact amount of money every month.

5)    Developing a budget:

 Zhen one talk of dreaming, it refers to a set of aspirations one wishes and is making a strong commitment to realise at a certain particular period and time. That is really the way one is planning to use this money to benefit his/her family and also run their lives. This enables  a determined individual to spend money on basic things of great value and necesssity and eliminates the impulses that waste too much of our money. A budget is a good guide to one’s ways to become rich, have you one and do you follow it?

6)    Reduce spending:

So many self-made millionaires live below their means which is a good attitude of anyone aiming to be one. For reducing spending rate comes second after one must have drawn a plan that is a budget. For a financial plan to work efficiently one has to reduce the expenses to be able to stay within the limits of the budget. 

7)    Begin investing:

Most often we spend our time speculating which leads to disaster. It is wise to invest cautiously in the things one understands considering the fact that our aim is to make profit so as to get rich over time and become millionaires. One should be wise enough to know the difference between gambling and putting money to work for them, thus making them rich and wealthy.

8)    Increase assets:

Instead of trying to make more income which is a mistake so many people make, one should be interested on increasing assets. Anyone who wants to get more profit should be interested initially by providing the different assets which bring value to the clients. As a result the money flows in without any frictional forces making you to finally reach the standards of a millionaire.

9)    Reducing taxes:

The tax education might be very boring but it is of primary importance. Study and know it in details so as to use it to your advantage without which you would be paying high taxes which is not good for your success.

10)   Using your wealth wisely:

 Someone once said the reason why so many people are not rich is because they use all the money on themselves and forget others. So learn to help others, assist them; for being greedy would not attract money to you. Thus you shall never become a millionaire.

Become a millionaire in 5 years

If there is any one aiming to become a millionaire in 5 years then he/she is going to go through the steps that take any one to become a millionaire in 5 years. So many have succeeded following them, just give it a try  you would not regret it.

  • Open a business: So many millionaires all round the world have become millionaires by starting their own proper businesses. One has to work harder and harder for the millions to get in. While he/she sit back enjoying the endless stream of cash. However, it will not come so soon but as long as one persist it will flow. Being passionate is a great asset in succeeding.
  • Have a good strong skill set: One would need to have acquired a few good skills to so as to make a good income. It’s of primary importance to develop skills that are highly desirable like creativity, leadership and charisma. No matter the fact that one is self-employed or working as an employee, acquiring some good skills will push one to the head of the herd. With that comes more money leading to one’s dream of becoming a millionaire.
  • Sell to an untapped market: Looking to get a better income is a good idea. Searching for an untapped market or niche is better because marketing to the mainstream crowd can be a pretty stiff competition, whereas marketing towards a certain market means one’s chances of being notices is higher.
  • Surround self with trustworthy and smart people: Surrounding self with hard working and trustworthy people is something each and every one wishing to become a millionaire should consider as very important.

Become rich fast

The first question each and every one should ask before thinking of becoming rich fast is: Do I absolutely feel I deserve to earn high amounts of income and become a millionaire? Honestly I can say the people who earn lot of money, absolutely believed they could and they deserve it because they have all earned the right to do so.

Anyone who doesn’t believe deserves to earn at least from 100k or 250k upward per year, must raise their deserving levels and lower their excuses level. This implies leaving all excuses and reasons for one not to end this amount of money or the reasons why one hasn’t obtained such an amount up till then.

Is there need for my knowledge, product, service or idea in the market place?

In most investment arenas, there exist tons of options to consider. Each and every one must acquire the necessary skill to move safely into this income earning zone, a great ally to have is correct timing.

How good is my investment or service opportunity?

As compared to other opportunities of investments all round the world, how good is yours from a good quality perspective and how is it unique as compared to others.

To become rich fast, one has to start thinking of specialisation in a particular domain and being the best in this domain, instead of being average and general.

How good is your ability to analyse opportunities and sell your products, goods and services?

One’s ability to sell and market own products or services to generate revenue at the local, regional, national and international level is the most important part of the equation especially when one earns money from marketing and selling.

In order to earn more money and become rich in a fast way, one has to become a selling and marketing master, or obviously having one in your team. If one has an average product and average marketing and some selling skills, one would obviously earn an average or that just below an average income. 95% of one’s competitors are also average. This group will obviously share 15 to 20% of all revenues for that service or product category, then the ones who understand the laws of earning money will take the remaining 5%.

Ways to become wealthy

Each and every one should keep in mind that one can attract as much money as they desire thus becoming wealthy, just by knowing that it is all in the mind. It is just what one chooses to think and act upon that generates the money they want, so as a result what anyone intends to be, would obviously be. Let us see the following ways to become rich.

  • Feel rich and be grateful: Being very simple yet powerful in attracting wealth is very importantl. First, just have an imagination of what life would be if one becomes rich and gathers enough wealth for self-satisfaction. Do not just imagine but feel it, feel it in such a way that you are already enjoying all the luxuries and lifestyle of wealthy men and women.
  • Be generous: Lots of people think and believe that the rich are selfish, a reason why they have much money at hand. However, this may be true in a few cases but there are lots of individuals who generate riches because they are generous thus becoming wealthy in life. So whoever desires to become wealthy has to be generous to all, knowing how to give and give freely. Whenever one give something from one's heart without expecting anything in return, they release a powerful force which triggers their good deeds to bounce back on them in amazing and wonderful ways. Giving is a very solid marketing skill.
  • Do not be afraid to loose: No winner in the world is afraid to lose. Failure is part of the process of success. For people afraid to fail will obviously lose success. Like a chip or a coin, one should just have to look at both sides of the possible outcomes of anything they want.

With all the above steps if anyone should take them serious and apply them he/she shall feel and see a change in their financial lives and in a short time they will become part of the world’s richest men/women.


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