Russia Accepts Venezuelan Asylum for NSA Leaker Edward Snowden

By Sandra
The offer of asylum in Venezuela for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden received a boost from key members of the Russian Parliament Saturday, even as the Kremlin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintained a studious silence.

"Sanctuary for Snowden to the Venezuela would be the best decision", Alexei Pushkov, head of the commission of Foreign Affairs of the lower House of the Russian Parliament, wrote in a tweet Saturday.

Puskhkov, which reliably reflects the position of the Government on international issues, expressed what appears to be an official determination of growth to see Snowden quit after 13 days in the limbo of transit at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport in their. He has written of Snowden, "he can not live at Sheremetyevo."

Another parliamentary deputy and member of the Committee of Pushkov, Alexander Babakov, told the Russian News Service Saturday it think Friday offer asylum to Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro was best appeal of Snowden.

"Given that Snowden American passport has been revoked and that he has no particular alternative, the proposal, especially coming from the mouth of the head of State, is sure to be accepted," he said.

Pushkov also submitted that asylum would not cost Venezuela, because the country is already in a sharp conflict with the United States. "It cannot be worse," he wrote.

The central question, however, is how Snowden could get to the Venezuela. So far, the Russia has said that it cannot fly without the appropriate documents, after the revocation of his U.S. passport. On Saturday, a Lieutenant Colonel in the FSB, Anatoly Omobolanle reserve, told the radio station Ekho Moskvy that the Russia could grant Snowden status as a "stateless", and allowing him to leave without further complications.

But a more difficult question is: how? Direct commercial flights from Moscow to Havana cross European airspace, and after the refusal of the France, the Italy and Spain to allow a survey Tuesday by the Bolivian president Evo Morales, this path seems to be problematic for Snowden. He could count on a private plane, following a roundabout course, if it were to reach Caracas.

14:05 Aeroflot flight on Saturday in Havana left apparently without Snowden on board.

Speaking during a military parade in Caracas Friday to commemorate the 202nd anniversary of the independence of the Venezuela, Maduro said that he offered asylum so that the Agency leak national security could live "in the homeland of Bolivar and Chavez Imperial persecution of North America free.". The president was referring to the hero of the 19th century in America Latin independence, Simón Bolívar, and the predecessor of Maduro, Hugo Chávez, who ruled for 14 years until his death of cancer in March.

"I am announcing to friendly Governments of the world that we decided to use international humanitarian law to protect Snowden of persecution sparked by the most powerful empire in the world against a young person who has told the truth", "said Maduro.

The Venezuela is the first country to offer refuge to Snowden. The 30-year-old ACE of the computers would have requested asylum more 20 countries - including the Ecuador and Bolivia, allies of Venezuela - since he arrived in Moscow. Saturday, Morales said that the Bolivia "is ready to grant asylum" to Snowden, reported CNN, citing a press release from the Government.
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