Selling Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Is a seller born or made? Some people are born with certain skills that facilitate sales management; such is the case of charisma and being outgoing. However, the seller must handle effective techniques according to their market niche, knowledge of their products or services, ability to negotiate, among many other skills. But, the most important of all without a doubt is the attitude of customer service, it is what guarantees its commercial management.

As the owner of a rapidly growing business by the name of BookingKoala, Filip knows a thing or two about the mistakes that sellers usually make. He is the owner of King of Maids as well, and has been widely regarded as one of the best marketers of the modern-day.

He started with a partner and the two had a combined investment of a mere $6,000, but that has quickly grown. Today, Booking Koala is used by thousands of businesses around the world. In his experience, he has identified a few common mistakes that business owners make. In the following paragraphs, he wants to highlight his experience about selling, both via phone and directly, and what mistakes beginners need to avoid.

Here are the 10 most common mistakes a sales executive can make, even without realizing it, and that prevent the desired results.

Perhaps you have never committed any of these, congratulations in advance; however, they are worth remembering even though they seem basic to you, I recommend remembering them in mind and sharing them with less advanced or experienced vendors.

Now, if you identify with one or more of them, you will now know why, despite your efforts, your sales have simply not stood out and have not been as successful as you expect.

More than luck in sales, what is required is technique, constant training and the enthusiasm to transform "no" into areas of opportunity.

1. Manage the price as the only sales tool. Frequent mistake of some entrepreneurs, in the end, it is difficult to sell to the customer at the real price of the product or service.

2. Ignore the wishes of the client or prospect. It is easier to sell something to someone who wants a product and does not need it, than to sell him something that he needs but does not want.

3. Failure to meet customer requirements. Meet customer requirements, make true quality of service and total satisfaction.

4. Lacking a unique sales pitch. The "why" argument they should buy from you and not from the competition. This argument is generated by the strengths of an own analysis.

5. Believe that the customer will always buy from me. Customers are loyal until they find greater benefits, lower prices and greater fulfillment of their expectations.

6. Exclude after-sales service from the sales process. As a rule, keep in mind the following postulate: " The sale begins when the first sale closes ." I invite the reader to draw their own conclusion.

7. Not believing that there are critical business success factors. Customers do not buy prices, they buy values ​​and benefits: variety, guarantee, and speed of response, service, quality, support, and so on.

8. Offer only features, not benefits. People don't buy features, they buy a benefit or solution to a problem.

9. Inadequately analyze the commercial matrix. From this derive objectives, strategies and commercial actions of sales and customer service.

10. Believe that sales work is an easy task. In a recent article, I commented on the applications that are received and that the reader should know: "Help me get the job ... even in sales." It’s important to understand that selling is an art, and you need to constantly learn and upgrade your skills.

Bianca Leon Rodriguez is a freelance writer and author. A self-confessed foodie, her mission is to help new and aspiring bloggers overcome their doubts.
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