Businesses that you can start with little or no cash

You really want to start a good business. You probably have an idea about starting and growing your own company and you are willing to take the necessary risks to ensure you get going with your business. You are ready to quit your job or stay broke for a while with no source of personal revenue. Yet, there is a mountain standing right before you: lack sufficient capital to begin. Most often, you can start and grow your own business with little or no private capital available. Nonetheless, this can only be possible if you know how to go about it.

Why your business will need money initially

It is essential for you to understand why you will need some money to start your business. There’s no standard fee for “startups” for developing a business, so consider different needs for different businesses. It is essential to first of all estimate how much you will  need before you can start sourcing for alternative means to fund your business. Before you begin operating, there are a few things you will have to consider in your cost estimate such as; supplies, operating costs, office space allocation, equipments, mandatory fees (legislative requirements), licenses and permits as well as contractors and employees. It is important to note that each of these factors is subjected to geographic location/political boundaries within which you intend to operate.

Considering all these, there exist several ways to raise capital for your business: you can do this either by increasing your available capital from outside sources or by lowering your costs. Three points are mentioned:

  1. 1.      Outsourcing

Outsourcing simply means getting capital/funding from external sources. There exist several potential ways to raise capital to start a good business– even if you don’t have sufficient private capital. A few reliable sources of funding are listed below:

  • Family and friends. Don’t neglect the possibility of getting assistance from family and friends, even if you consider gathering your capital from several sources.
  • Self-funding – a considerable number of sole proprietors finance their businesses themselves. They utilize their personal debts (credits cards or mortgages) or savings. Also, they can sometimes sell their assets in order to generate money for the business.
  • Government loans and grants. A number of state and local government agencies and the Small Business Administration exist only to help develop small businesses. Many offer grants and loans to help you start up your business.
  • Cloud funding – there exist a certain number of groups that will allow you throw your business ideas to investors through the internet. Usually, when such a means of funding goes through, a hand full of investors will contribute funds to execute the business idea. However, it is important to note that there are prohibitions on the operation of cloud funders.
  • Bank loans. It is possible to open a line of credit with the bank at any time, if your credit is in good standing.
  • Angel investors. Angel investors are wealthy people who support best business ideas early in their generation. They often invest in exchange for partial ownership of the business, which is a sacrifice worth taking.
  • Look for Partners. One way to source for funds can be to take on a particular business. You can decide whether or not the partner should be an employee of the company. The business can also benefit from its partners since they can also make available funds for the company. For instance, Brewery Company might make a strategic investment in a bottle production company because it could eventually feed work to the bottle production company.
  • Venture capital. These are firms which make available funding for small businesses at the early stages of their development. Nonetheless, they will not do this at no cost. They can decide to make significant investments but on the condition that they will take a commensurate share of the business.
  1. 2.      Small business lenders

A hand full of organizations are willing to lend to small businesses and startups. Most often, lenders will require that the loan be secured by assets of some form (collateral), but most often, interest rates are very high.


  1. 3.      Bootstrapping

Here, the business funds itself. Rather than going straight into fully operational business mode, bootstrapping requires your business to start small and grow progressively. To do this, you can decide to start a very small service and a blog, put a limit in the scope of your offerings and limit your clients and your benefits, so as to get a head-start. Also, you can decide to begin working alone so as to enable you evade some of the most significant initial expenditures while benefiting from a simpler tax plan. You can then decide to invest in yourself and gradually develop the business rather than starting all at once.

These options can help you bring the initial financial investment to a bare minimum. You might have to make other sacrifices, for instance starting small, or taking on debt or collaborating with partners. Nonetheless, if you have cool business ideas which are worth the try, none of these losses should impede your progress. Capital is a principal stumbling block to overcome, but it worth considering the gains resulting from overcoming this hurdle. 

Generating best business idea to make money

Coming up with the best business idea to make money entails a lot of trial and error. The most appropriate way to come up with ideas is to write and keep writing. Every day, make lists of things you might enjoy and try to discover ways in which you could get the money to do them. Below, is a list of best start up ideas that demand very little to start. The ideas are simple to start and most can be carried out as a sole proprietorship at the beginning. Most of these business ideas can be done at home during your free time, as well as your spare space too.

Laurie Davis for instance, began the dating website with $50 and a Twitter account. The success of her business has been discussed by The Washington Post, the New York Times, Good Morning America, and many other reputable media channels.

A lot of people chose to start online usually because it is cheaper, but there is an inexhaustible list of businesses that you can begin with minimal investment capital. Some of these businesses require time as the principal investment. Whichever business you decide to embark on is in fact subjective to the resources you have. As a rule of thumb, pinpoint the easiest way to sell your products or services and then invest in your business subsequently.

Cool business ideas you can start with very little capital

Tax Preparation

You can undergo a training and then later on get paid for rendering your services. “Tax preparation” is one of those courses which enables you to undergo training and start delivering services soon thereafter. If you do a rigorous on internet search on job websites, you will discover that there is a long list of companies willing to train individuals for jobs preparing tax returns. Once a season comes up and you ready, you can then strike out on your own. You can start working from home to minimize costs, then with time, bootstrap your way into an office with many employees.

Auto Parts

This is another good business to start with if you lack investment capital. You can start by buying and reselling scrap metal parts from faulty vehicles. You can then reinvest your revenue into your business and develop it gradually. Nonetheless, it takes time and patience to accomplish this. Always lookout for cheap vehicle parts from online websites  and don’t forget to consult with local garages in your neighborhood. Take contacts and call whenever you can so that you are constantly informed on available business openings.

Painting houses

In many states, for instance, Florida, you don’t need a license to be a painting contractor. You can start  ASAP. If you decide to start doing only indoor painting, you can move on with a minimum of equipment. You can learn much about house painting from  other websites, free depot workshop at home, and painting exercise around your own home.


If you love kids and your evenings are often free, Babysitting may be one of the best start up ideas for you. You can earn some easy cash over time by keeping an eye on multiple children on Friday and Saturday nights.

Window Cleaning

One of such businesses you can start for less than a hundred dollars is a window cleaning business. Nonetheless, if you want to efficiently clean big retail store windows, you may need equipment worth much more than $100.So begin with houses and basic tools, and invest your revenue into better ones. Also, you can learn about the business from online tutorials.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitters demand $20 for a 20-minute visit and as much as $100 for staying overnight. You can begin by offering your services to family and friends and utilize the profits to develop your professional credentials, probably by joining an organization such as the national association of professional pet sitters. Eventually you will eventually need sub-contractors or employees to develop this business into a large income.


If writing is your hobby, pinpoint a topic that you are passionate about and create a website  devoted to covering that topic and any other interesting topic you want to talk about. All you need to begin is a computer, some time and energy to write consistently. It can begin as a hobby and transform into a business with time. Plus, blog hosting can cost less than $12 per month.

Buying and reselling online

Technology has offered more opportunities than we can ever imagine to buy and resell products for extra cash. Many individuals purchase highly-demanded and local products at high discount rates and resell them on websites for profit.

Taxi Service

With platforms to share rides such as uber te, you can transform the vehicle you already own into a business today without spending a dime. If everything goes well, you might invest the money you make into a chauffeur service or a regular taxi. Notwithstanding, your objective if you want bigger profits is to eventually hire sub-contractors or employees.

Tour Guide Service

Once more, the Internet has made all the difference by bringing down the barriers to starting a business. Forget about trying to get travel agencies to recommend your guide service or business cards. If you master an area, you can simply sign up with a website and allow them source your customers for a part of the revenue. Once you understand the business and make some cash, you can cause returning visitors to come to you (or your employees) directly.

Cupcake baking and decorating

Do you like baking and have a bit of an artistic touch? Learn about cake decoration and you can make them for special events. You can sell your creations online via your local neighborhood Facebook page or Craigslist, or at local farmers markets. Many individuals are willing to pay others to make personalized cakes for special occasions and birthday parties.

Flooring Business

For 25 years, Toby Woodward has been in the flooring business. He tells Construction News that he started his business with a box of business cards and $50. His company (Aladdin Floors) started by doing just installation so as to evade need to invest in inventory. The lesson here is crystal clear: source low-cost entry point and then use your revenue in developing your business.


Teaching is one of those businesses that can begin with very small capital (less than $200). In the past, it used to be more difficult to market your tutoring services, but with the advent of online platforms, marketing tutoring services is easier than ever. There exists several websites which will hire tutors in a wide spectrum of disciplines. If you prefer to tutor people on a wider range of subjects, like sports, chess, cooking, or singing. If you can help students with academic subjects, sign up with a website. Tutors often charge up to $50 for an hour, and even though these websites take a healthy piece of that, they offer a means to start at no cost. You can then build a local clientele and begin hiring others to work for your business.


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