How Wearing Mask Effect Oral Health & How to Fix Them


Wearing masks is a good way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Masks are easily available even in fashionable fabrics. It may protect you when you meet others. However, masks can also cause unpleasant side effects and are sometimes referred to as the "mask mouth."


 Here are 5 side effects of wearing a mask that may affect your oral health and how to fix them:


 1. Mask Acne


 Sweat, oil, dirt, and stress of pandemic may cause acne. It whitens ​​the lower half of the face (including mouth and chin)


 According to a Health line article, wearing marks tends to skin problems on the face like acne, rashes, pimples


 How to fix it:  Wash your face daily at night to remove dead skin cells or dirt and pollution that may cause skin irritation. Second, if your skin is prone to allergies, moisturize your face with anti-acne ingredients before leaving home with a mask. Also, if you use a reusable mask, wash the mask after each use to remove accumulated grease and sweat.

2. Mouth sores

Bacteria grow in a humid climate like under your mask. Overgrowth of this bacteria can lead to inflammation, redness, or inflammatory disease that can cause cracks and bleed in the corners of the mouth.
 How to fix it: Avoid mouth breathing when wearing a mask. because your breath is warm and moist. Try breathing through your nose. Take off your mask when you are not around people. Avoid meeting with others until it’s not mandatory.

 3. Dry lips

Moisture in the mask can irritate your lips, licking them more than usual can lead to dry, cracked, and bleeding lips.
 How to fix it: Apply lip balm repeatedly during the day You can also exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush every night before going to bed.


 4. Bad Breath

If you cover your mouth, you may smell super stinky after lunch. The mask may deceive you with your nose, but it can also cause bad breath. General Dentists ask 80 million people may suffer from chronic bad breath before the masks became normal.
 How to fix it: Drink water during the day Drinking water helps wash away excess food and bacteria, chew on mints, sugar-free gum, use mouthwash mint-flavored toothpaste. Use tongue scrapers some of the odors that cause bacteria on the tongue After brushing your teeth and flossing, wipe your tongue for 10 seconds.

 5. Breathlessness

Until only medical staff wore masks all day long Wearing a mask will help you get used to normal breathing, especially if you live in a hot place.

How to fix it: 
If you have trouble breathing while wearing a mask, change it out for one made from more breathable material. You can also wear your mask around the house before you leave, to make sure you feel comfortable having your mouth covered. However, if you suffer from moderate to severe asthma or other chronic lung diseases, advises limiting your contact with others.

No matter which masks mouth symptom you suffer from, brushing and flossing your teeth and visiting the dentist help you stay on top of your oral health or keep yourself safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


 Keep yourself and others safe by wearing masks or staying at home.

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