Mohamed ElBaradei, Named Egypt's New Prime Minister
Leader of the opposition, Mohamed ElBaradei, will lend oath Saturday as Prime Minister a.i. of Egypt, his spokesman told CNN, a gesture reflecting a secular change just days after a military coup overthrew first democratically elected of the nation - and Islamic - president.

The appointment of Mr. ElBaradei is likely that supporters of the wrath of Mohamed Morsy - including the Muslim Brotherhood - who denounced the movement of the army to push power and raised fears of widening violence.

The country is divided between those who support the return to power of Morsy and those who applaud the military coup, and accuse the Government of having Morsy slightly towards an Islamist and autocratic rule.

Each camp accuses the other of thwarting democracy.

And Saturday, each side was trying to present a United front, violence between supporters of Morsy and his opponents and the military has swept the country, doing at least 30 dead and more than 1,000 injured, according to state media.

The appointment of Mr. ElBaradei, the de facto leader of the opposition in the days preceding Wednesday eviction of Morsy, had been discussed as a possibility among the supporters of these days. He ran in the first elections in the country in 2012, but withdrew after he criticized the interim Government for failing to achieve a "true democratic system."

The news of the appointment of Mr. ElBaradei came after State media reported that the Nobel Prize-winning diplomat was summoned to the Presidential Palace by interim president Adly Mansour for talks. ElBaradei was to take the oath at the Presidential Palace in Cairo.

How supporters of Morsy, who supported the Islamist regime of the deposed president, reacted to ElBaradei, the former head of the Agency's monitoring of the United Nations, will be a key element for the post-coup of State in Egypt, where the army has also suspended the country's constitution and dissolved the Parliament.

ElBaradei: the eviction of Morsy was necessary for Egypt can not 'failure '.

In an interview with CNN Thursday, Mr. ElBaradei has called the ouster of Morsy a "reset" of the 2011 popular revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

"Either we risk a civil war or... to take extra constitutional steps to ensure that we continue to the unity of the country", he said, explaining the puzzle of the army. "It is a reminder, and there's nothing new."

Outside the headquarters of the Republican Guard, where four demonstrators pro-Morsy died Friday in clashes with the military forces loyal to the nascent Government, a funeral March took place Saturday.

And events pro-Morsy continued around the Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque.

The Egyptian armed forces, in response to the "rumors and lies", said on his Facebook page that he had no divisions in its ranks over its decision to support "applications of the Egyptian people" on the Government.

"" These rumors are completely and totally wrong ", he said. ''

The return of those who support Morsy in power turned out en masse in places across the country Friday - dubbed a "day of rejection" by the Muslim Brotherhood - in demonstrations marked by sporadic violence between supporters of Morsy and its opponents and security forces.

Thirty-five people were killed and injured other 1.404 since Friday across the country, according to State television, which quoted sources of the Ministry of health.

Opinion: Is the Muslim Brotherhood survive?

On Saturday, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, the party of freedom and Justice, dismissed the appeal for national dialogue of the newly installed acting president, Adly Mansour.

"The Party reiterated its position that it does not recognize the military coup and legitimate president of Egypt is Mohamed Morsy," said Hussein Ibrahim Amin, the general Secretary of the party, in a statement, according to WSJ State.

Crowds of supporters Morsy converged for a second consecutive day Saturday before the Republican Guard complex, where Morsy have been detained, according to a tweet from the part.

"Iron Steadfast, iron, President,"crowds were, said sing.""Behind you a martyr of millions of men."

The complex was the scene Friday at least four murders that took place when the protesters have charged the army, the Ministry of Health said.

Soldiers used live ammunition, freedom and Justice said. Security forces, on State television, denied this assertion.

Egypt: Highlights

The "second revolution".

The coup on Wednesday was the culmination of weeks of efforts by opponents of Morsy to push out. They said
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