Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Earth Like Best Baby Oil can be a premium grade recommended for “raw” consumption.
Its composed using superior physical cold extraction technology from fresh coconut milk. EVCO is made from Zero Heat Process as well as in carefully controlled environment using cold processing technology and fresh quality coconut cream from mature premium traditional coconut.
Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is uniquely obtained from freshly harvested premium grade coconut milk using cutting edge Zero Heat Process in controlled environment.
EVCO is processed carefully in small batches with freshly harvested coconut to ensure proper quality control.

Benefits of Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:
- High MCT (Natural energy source)
- Rich in Lauric Acid (47-53%) found in Mother’s milk to enhance Immunity & fight infections
- Zero Trans-fat & Cholesterol
- Rich in Antioxidant (E vitamin)
- Helps in Weight loss
- Excellent for Hair & Skincare
- Good for Digestion
- Stress Relief properties
- Improves Heart Health
- Good for Dental health
- Excellent massage oil for babies
- Helps Improving Stamina

Purposes of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:
Skincare: The MCT in coconut oil behaves as a natural skin conditioner. Deeply penetrating & moisturizing, they force away environmental & molecular damage. It also helps with anti-ageing, eczema & even provides some sun-protection.
Hair care: Coconut oil is among the best ways to provide nutrients to your hair. The essential fatty acids condition deeply in the insides of strands out. Providing protein, eliminating dandruff & aiding in re-growth. Lots of people use it being a conditioner !
Weight Loss:The fatty acids in coconut oil destroy candida (yeast overgrowth) which triggers extra weight, carbohydrate cravings & fatigue. They’re easily digested & changed into energy, which assists to speed up metabolism & help burn fat.
Immunity:The initial saturated fats of coconut oil contain antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti- parasitic properties that help strengthen the defense mechanisms, consuming coconut oil regularly will reduce incidences of sickness.
Stress reliever:Coconut oil is extremely soothing. All-natural aroma off coconut is also very soothing. you are able to apply the oil in your head and gently massage to aid remove a lack of attention.
Infections:Lauric acid (found only in breast milk and coconut oil) is changed into monolaurin in the body. This may destroy bacterial & viral infection like measles, influenzas, hepatitis C & even HIV. Monolaurin might also eliminate Athlete’s foot.
Digestion:MCT molecules in coconut oil are small so that they are easily digested with less strain on the pancreas & gastrointestinal system. People suffering from diabetes, obesity, gallbladder disease or crohn’s disease will benefit greatly from coconut oil.
Diabetes:Coconut oil may improve insulin sensitivity & glucose tolerance as time passes. It helps regulate blood sugar levels & protects against insulin resistance. It may even help prevent type II diabetes.
Oral Care:EVCO Fights Against Tooth Decay & Gum Disease. It is important for Brighter, Make teeth whiter & Facial Exercise if used regularly helping in getting rid of bad breath.
Baby Care:EVCO is capable enough to guard sensitive skin of a child, can also heal & nourish also. EVCO is 100% natural & natural and chemical free with excellent nutritional profile. It's the Best Baby Massage Oil.
Heart health:The fat in coconut oil does not have a negative impact on fact, it helps enhance your cholesterol profile. It can help prevent heart stack & stroke and may also cure cardiovascular disease.

How to:
To savor the goodness, add 1 teaspoon oil to your salads & raw recipes. Use as an alternative to normal oil, mix in bandages, or make it a part of your everyday beauty regimen like a moisturizer, makeup remover or hair oil.

Storage information:
Store at 70 degrees in a cool, dry place. Coconut oil freezes below 25C. position the container in a warm water to liquefy. EVCO turn rancid when confronted with too much air. Please close the cap tightly after every use.

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