Nanaimo Laser Hair Removal - Results and Safety

Nanaimo Laser Hair Removal - Results and Safety

Nanaimo laser hair removal is a treatment which is becoming more popular every day. This is due to the fact that the treatment offers permanent hair removal solutions in a safe, easy and painless manner. The treatment works by sending a small pulse of light through the skin which is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. This causes damage to the pigment that causes it to either shrink or cease working altogether. This leads to the hair coming off the follicle at a much slower rate.

Hair treatments such as this have been around for decades but they have only been recently that they have become so widely accepted. This is because of certain issues that people have had with other treatments such as tattooing, electrolysis and the like. These methods cause an array of unpleasant side effects, which often lead to people not opting for these treatments. This is why people are now trying out laser hair removal in hopes of eliminating this problem.

Laser treatments offer permanent results, which is why people are choosing them over other methods. They are also extremely effective. The Nanaimo laser is capable of reaching the deepest layers of the epidermis which makes it very effective in terms of its treatment abilities. The treatments last up to one year which is great for anyone who wants to have their hair removed permanently. Some treatments offer more intense results such as a one-year plan, which can remove virtually all hairs on the entire body.

Laser hair removal does not work with everyone though. People who have pale skin or dark hair may not be able to benefit from the treatment as well. If you have pale skin then you should use the lasers to your advantage because it will not affect the way that the laser works on the epidermis. In other words, the laser is going to work with the pigmentation in your skin, which helps to make it more effective. Dark hair colors won't help with the treatment, as it will affect how the laser works.

If you are interested in getting laser treatments for your hair then visit the Nanaimo Laser Hair Removal center today. You can find out more about the center by visiting their website. They offer free consultations for you to learn about the methods they use and to get an idea about what it will cost you for the treatment. You will need to set a date for your laser hair removal but that date is not set in stone. You can come in any time during the year and see when the classes are being offered.

After you have had your consultation then you can choose between getting electrolysis, shaving, plucking, tanning or using an epilator. Getting electrolysis is the most common option for laser hair removal. Electrolysis works by sending an electric pulse down the hair follicle to disable the root. The hair will still grow, it just won't be in the hair follicle. This process can take several treatments depending on how thick the hair is.

Once you have had your first or second session then you can choose the method you wish to use for your next treatment. They will provide you with a device to use at home that will help keep your skin healthy. Your doctor will help to design a treatment plan that will target each hair follicle so it will be easy to get it done. You can expect up to three treatments a month for most people.

After have been laser treated there is still some risk involved with the procedure. Some of the side effects include skin discoloration, temporary scarring and thinning of the skin. If you follow the instructions for your treatment then most of the risks can be avoided. However, if you have any questions then feel free to contact your doctor or nurse at the Nanaimo Laser Hair Removal center.

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