Know About The Local Law 11/98 Before You Start Repairs

Various laws are passed to ensure the protection of the buildings and the people. Regulations are very important when it comes to building and maintenance. In the year 1980, a law was passed after a pedestrian died when a masonry piece fell from a building on Manhattan. The building code was amended by the council for the protection of the people and minimizes the occurrence of such accidents. According to the law buildings that are more than six stories will have to be inspected from time to time so that such accidents do not happen in future.

How the law was formed

But when the wall failures continued in 1997 and 1998 the amended law was introduced. According to it the inspections were to be carried out on all buildings except those that are less than a foot from the adjacent building.

•    All buildings which even have a little extension above six stories is subject to inspection. It involves licensed engineers to inspect the building with the help of binoculars if scaffolding is likely to drop on the street.

•    Once in every five years the reports are to be filed with the City after proper inspection.

Consult the engineers

The inspection cost differs from one firm of engineers to another and also on the type of rig that is used.

•    The costs increase if the price of the labor and sheds increases.

•    If you are repairing the façade of a building, then you have to keep in mind the local law 11/98 and act accordingly.

•    You will have to get the necessary permissions from the respective City departments so that you are allowed to make the necessary changes.

•    An architect or an engineer is well aware of the rule and can guide ably. 

How it affects repairs

The law is an important part of the inspection process without which constructing or repairing a building is practically impossible. The local law 11/98inspections are important but many times they can be a source of confusion in case of follow up repairs because the rule has to be followed rigorously and you will have to wait for the filing of the reports which are again filed every five years. A definite repair timetable has to be in place also. Also, the owners of the buildings that fall under the new law cannot skip a cycle irrespective of how long before the deadly has past.

What is the result

The new law makes it mandatory for all facades to be inspected within a certain timeframe unlike the earlier where only specific ones where covered. All storeys’ have to be covered as well, unless the seventh storey is built through a narrow areaway or even a window well in which case it does not fall within the purview of the law. Following the inspection a report is made which labels the building as safe with maintenance and repair. The other alternative is that it is unsafe and a public hazard. In the second case repairs have to be done within 30 days which can be extended to 90 days.  

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