Things to take into consideration when choosing the perfect kindergarten for your child

Things to take into consideration when choosing the perfect kindergarten for your child

Parents nowadays have so many options when it comes to choosing a daycare – hence, there are a few things to consider before making the final decision. One thing is for sure, every parent wants the best for their child: a well-equipped kindergarten with welcoming and qualified staff who provide the best daycare as well as basic education and teach children different skills such as socializing, sharing, taking turns, listening carefully and respecting educators. And it would be perfect if the ideal kindergarten such as the one described was nearby and not high-priced. Starting kindergarten can be quite stressful both for parents and children as they can suffer from separation anxiety so it’s essential to choose a kindergarten that has some transition process that will help along the way. If you’re about to start searching for the best kindergarten, take a look at some things which you should consider when choosing a kindergarten.


1.   The location

The location of the kindergarten is extremely important for a few reasons. Firstly, it is very inconvenient for children to commute to their kindergarten for a long time every day. It can be quite frustrating for them. Secondly, it is more convenient for working parents to take their child to an institution nearby as it is time-saving. In that way, parents can take and pick up their child themselves every day. This is something that is also preferred by kids as well. Kids need time to get used to going to kindergarten.

2.   Working hours

The next essential issue is the working hours. You should try to find a kindergarten whose working hours fit well with your working schedule. Otherwise, it’s not compatible and it can be too complicated. The usual options include half a day, lasting for about 4 hours and a long day, lasting from 7 to 8 hours. Some daycare centers even offer extended before and after school stay, which is helpful to working parents. Consider this carefully before deciding as it is crucial.

3.   Qualified staff

In order for children to feel safe and relaxed as well as to progress, learn something new and acquire fresh skills it is quintessential to have qualified staff working with them. That means educators having training in early child development and preferably some experience in working with young children. People working with children should also be warm, welcoming and considerate with excellent social skills and great character. On top of all, they should love working with children. For instance, by choosing St Ives preschool you can rest assured that they are very careful and attentive in selecting their educators. You can find out about the educators on the institution’s websites or by enquiring. And you can see that for yourself if you decide to attend some parts to see how they work – usually daycare centers offer that possibility.

4.   The teaching program

The same as schools, kindergartens should also follow some kind of curriculum. This document explains which methods they follow, what skills children learn, the scope of knowledge as well as the way they conduct the lessons. Remember to check out the curriculum to see if it fits your child and its needs.

5.   Safety

The daycare center should be safe for children. That means that the premises are fenced and that people entering and exiting are monitored. It also means that are no objects lying around that kids can use to hurt themselves or other children. Play areas should be clean and disinfected, eating areas as well and sleeping areas neat and tidy.


6.   Communication with the management

The management should keep on communicating with the parents even when the enrolment process is over. A constant interaction between parents and the management is a sign of professional cooperation. It doesn’t always have to be in person, it can be via email or text messages. Also, it can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

7.   Fees

Last but not least, the fees. This is a key aspect when it comes to choosing a kindergarten as it can be the prevailing factor. It’s important to choose a kindergarten which you can afford, so your child would be able to attend it regularly. Get informed about the prices.


Choosing the right kindergarten is not an easy thing to do – there are so many things to take into consideration. You should definitely take your time and do your research, as well as ask for personal opinions or recommendations of your close friends or neighbours.

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