Is Advertising on the Internet more effective than other kinds of Ads?

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The benefits of online business advertising-the best form of advertising!

The business world has experienced advances in internet technology in a number of ways, including taking advertising strategies to another level. Sagacious marketers leverage the strength of the Internet to reach out to their prospective markets in new, personal ways that can get an impact that can be compared to or more effective than traditional advertising media. Even though it has its setbacks, there are a number of unique benefits if you decide to advertise your business on the internet.

Cost Efficiency

Advertising on the internet is a cheap effective advertising strategy compared to the traditional mass market and niche media. Online business advertising can reach out to millions of people while being displayed every day, while radio or TV ads usually last less than two minutes and are shown a  few times per day. Cooperative adverts arrangements such as link swaps and banner can be completely free, permitting you to reach large audiences at no cost. Utilizing an ad-placement service such as Google's Ad Words can assist you to realize even more important savings on cost, since ads can be placed on numerous channels for a single, flat fee, instead of paying each outlet individually.

Target Marketing

Target marketing and market stratification are more effective on the Internet than any other medium of advertising. Web advertisements that are strategically placed can achieve 100% relevant views. Consider, for instance, an advert for a new game console placed on a video game-related website. Almost every visitor to the website will be an avid gamer, maximizing the impact of the ad exposure.

Interactivity and Feedback

The Internet eases reliable two-way communication in ad messages. By putting interactive ads on the Internet, marketers can utilize comments, surveys, and usage statistics to zero-in their campaigns midstream and enhance their effectiveness. Linking online adverts to social networking platforms can further enhance the communication between your organization and your customers, enabling you to receive genuine feedback on a regular basis.

Captive Audience

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) makes it easier for TV viewers to skip ads, greatly reducing the effect of this traditional medium. Advances in internet radio and satellite, alongside personal music players, have reduced the reach of radio audiences by providing listeners a wider range of possibilities. Internet adverts, on the other hand, are not as easily ignored as TV or radio ads. A banner ad on the periphery of an informative website, for instance, stays in the visitor's peripheral vision in as much as he/she is reading the website's information. Adverts placed prior to streaming Web videos cannot be bypassed or skipped like TV ads can, enabling marketers to take advantage of an audience that is held captive.

The internet thus provides a unique effective way to advertise your business. It is a good channel to utilize for individuals seeking a cheap effective advertising strategy. Though it has its setbacks, online advertising is the best form of advertising your goods and services.


Ways to advertise your business locally – for free!

Here are simple ideas for promoting your small business or freelance services for free in your local area (and beyond).

  • Ø Ensure your website adds value

Whether you’re targeting global or local clients, your website should be easy to find and navigate explicitly, explain what you do, and be attractive. An article in consultancy proposes that you should look at the following items when rebuilding or building your website:

  • How goal-focused it is.
  • The quality of your content.
  • How user-friendly your website is to its intended target audiences.
  • How well it communicates and projects your brand identity.
  • How search engine optimized (SEO) it is.
  • Social media channel integration and usage.
  • Mobile internet users.
  • Ø Make blogging a high priority

It’s essential to add a blog to your website since it increases your chances of getting noticed, and aids with your SEO as you can utilize your phrases and keywords in your blog posts. Websites get visited quite often so it’s always imperative to have new, quality content.

Writing a regular blog also provides your audience a chance to interact with you by putting their comments about your posts. Don’t forget to add “social sharing buttons” to your blog posts to enable readers share them easily, and more individuals can find you and your business. Use email marketing software to help increase sales

This method is effective, fast, effective, immediate and easy to construct. You can also follow and comprehend exactly how your email marketing software grows your business and see how individual customers react so you can grow sales over time.

To get the most from your email marketing, make sure that you grow and update your database constantly, and try to get individuals to join by signing up on your website. There are many self-service email channels available (for instance, Mail Chimp), or you may decide to get assistance from a specialist agency.

Ø Start using videos to market your business The worlds second largest search engine is You Tube , so it will be wise to create a You Tube Channel andleverage credible video ;arketing tactics, such as response videos  and ‘how-to’ style video content, to enhance search visibility and potentially drive routes.

An idea is to create individual video interviews on local news-makers in your locality using Skype. When you’ve recorded the video, to utilize it to its fullest potential:

  • Post it on the net such as YouTube.
  • Embed the code on your website.
  • Transcribe the video with a cost effective tool.
  • Post the transcribed content on your blog for search engines to locate.

Alternatively, you could organize an online seminar and post it on your website and on social media platforms – a great opportunity to get noticed.

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