Green Base Health Consulting: A Refreshing New Naturopathic Clinic

Introducing Green Base Health Consulting, a new naturopathic clinic aiming to revolutionize the practice of naturopathic medicine. We believe you deserve the health you want, and aim to provide nothing less.

Green Base Health Consulting is a new naturopathic clinic that opened in January 2015. This vibrant, urban-feel clinic space stands to revolutionize the naturopathic approach to your health care.  We promise you’ve never seen health care like this, and we encourage you to experience the benefits first hand.

The naturopathic clinic is located in downtown Kitchener (Ontario), an up-and-coming area surrounded by tech companies, healthy independent cafes, a medical center and beautiful re-furbished condos. Upon entering the space, the traditional stiff clinic vibe is immediately dissolved by a sense of calm and comfort. You’re offered a tea or water, and invited to sit and relax in the waiting room before your appointment time. Surrounded by current research and medical journals,Green Base marries comfort and daily lifestyle with healthy practices. You can live a young, urban life in today’s society and still embody your ideal health.

At Green Base we believe you deserve the health you want, and aim to provide nothing less. Our mission is to build the base of your health, thereby transforming it in an effective, practical and sustainable way. As with any structure, the base is the most important part and the strength of the base determines the strength of the structure itself. Your health is no different. The integrity of its base is determined by the quality of your lifestyle choices. In our busy lives, it’s easy to neglect this initial layer, but Green Base stands to affect change in health care by directing integration of healthy choices into everyday life.

Where does a naturopathic clinic fit in with the rest of your health care? In our current system, there is an emphasis on symptomatic treatments yielding short-term solution and possible complications. We acknowledge this as a necessary part of medicine. But, what if your symptoms could be addressed while you were working on long-term resolution? This is the space Green Base occupies. We build the base of your health, so you can work towards attaining the health you envision long-term. Green Base is a naturopathic clinic that offers a natural and sustainable adjunctive approach to enhance and optimize your current treatment plans and overall health. We do not stand for naturopathic medicine as an alternative to conventional treatments.

Our team consists of highly trained, board certified naturopathic doctors. Green Base NDs each have an individual medical focus and are all dedicated and passionate about the art of naturopathic medicine toronto. A differentiating factor about this naturopathic clinic relative to others is our focused approach. Rather than treating as generalists, we commit to mastering specific areas. Individually we are the best in our field, and together we are capable of addressing your complete health picture. Green Base NDs see value in mastering specific areas rather than treating a broad spectrum at a mediocre level.Furthermore, Green Base practitioners practice what they preach. They embody the lifestyle they recommend on a daily basis. If we suggest it, we’ve tried it and found it to be effective.

Green Base Health Consulting provides high quality care. We practice evidence-based medicine and remain up-to-date with current research. We welcome questions and will explain and rationalize our treatment suggestions. Naturopathic Doctors tend to be misunderstood in terms of what they do and how they do it. Unfortunately, predispositions of ‘witch craft’ and non-research based medicine are sometimes correct, but not at Green Base. If you have a question, we will provide an explanation.

Green Base uniqueservices include:

•    Acupuncture
•    Chronic pain management (osteoarthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia)
•    Doula Support
•    Cosmetic acupuncture (facial rejuvenation acupuncture)
•    Nutritional counselling (for the management of chronic disease including diabetes and cardiovascular disease)
•    Pediatric care (eczema, allergy, asthma, vaccination support)
•    Pregnancy care (morning sickness, constipation, UTIs, lactation support)
•    Sport nutrition (pre and post workout, endurance vs. power nutritional recommendations)
•    Teen health (skin conditions, menstrual difficulties, mood disorders)
•    Naturopath weight loss
•    Women’s health (painful periods, infertility)

Green Base is a naturopathic clinic toronto aiming to empower change in every individual that comes through the door. Living any other way than with the health you want is less than what you deserve.

Forv more info about Acupuncture Toronto visit us.

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