Exploring the Different Types of Flow Switch

Flow switches are tools that control the flow by a channel and give a trip signal to several tools in the method, such as pumps.

The pump can be shown by the flow switch to shut down or turn on. Some of the common uses are guarding the pump, shielding the cooling circuit, and signals for flow rates that are too large or too low.

Distinction Between Flow Switches and Flowmeters

The main distinction between Flow switches and flowmeter is how they work.

Flowmeter constantly regulates flow rates, and users have to control these flow rates by tracing tools added to it or by the control system. Flowmeters themselves test the flow rate to identify any problems, as and when rather than at a firm set point.

While flow switch gives a selected work example: pump) at a proposed setpoint.

Kinds of Flow Switches

Flow switches are also available of different kinds, such as flapper or paddle, target etc. 

1. Flapper or Paddle kind

The flow switch comprises a paddle/flapper tool waving with the flat facade facing flow. A lasting magnet is attached to this end; a plant contact up this magnet is found outside the fluid flow.

A second magnet with reverse poles creates the energy required to reset the switch to its initial/normal origin point, i.e., the no-flow position.

The force following the flow creates the paddle/flapper device to pivot away when the flow arises. This makes the magnet's place change relative to the reed contact, triggering the touch.

2. Diaphragm Type Flow Switch

In production, diaphragm kind flow switches are related to DP switches. The only distinction is that there is a way that enables fluid to flow by the passage between the channel and the outlet gate while it is entirely covered in DP switches.

Fixing these switches lets the inlet port be on the very line as the exit port. The liquid flow typically takes a twisted journey inside the switch body when this is built. This impact results in a vital drop in mass, which occurs when a fluid flows in the flow switch.

The spindle starts to stand or fall, relying on the flow's area due to the DP's move across the switch house's self-created hole and the confining spring attached to the diaphragm device via a spindle.

3. Shuttle Variety Flow Switch

Shuttle style flow switches work because of DP or the liquid's speed working on a plate on a moving force's idea.

A shuttle at the base and a magnet just above the plate are attached to the disk. The shuttle body's top part (spindle) runs against a spring of confining or gravitational strength.

The shuttle is removed as the liquid flow rises to the actuation area. This shuttle runs the reed switch in the unit stem when restored by fluid flow; the shuttle reverses when the flow reduces and sits on the harbor seat.

4. Piston Type Flow Switch

In this kind of switch, a piston is placed in the flow path. The piston has a perpetual magnet in it and goes with the piston. The magnet activates the hermetically sealed reed switch fixed outside the mechanical construction but magnetically joined when and as long as the DP is powerful enough to hold the piston upside-down on the spring force.

The piston-metering ground's width describes the bypass's clearance, and the point of work is set.


Therefore, this was the glance at types of flow switches. These all types make their uses suitable for various applications. Proteus provides the best devices for your help. Thus to check out more of the benefits. Contact us. 

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