How to Become a Real Estate Entrepeneur

When trying to become a real estate entrepreneur, there are a couple of very important or crucial factors and aspects, one should take into consideration. These statisticsare:

Having a good understanding of these aspects is the way to determine whether your financial plan and goals are solid enough to acquire the desired property either for residential or commercial purposes.The estimation of the ROI (Return on Investment) is a means to an end for real estate entrepreneurs to determine if the piece of real property is worth acquiring or purchasing.

Objectives of a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Below are a couple of means (list not exhaustive) via which one can use to become a real estate entrepreneur:

  • possessing and renting real estate: a real estate entrepreneur acquires a residential/commercial property, renovates and rents it out
  • purchasing and selling realty: the home is brought and improved upon before selling at a profitable rate
  • flipping a house:renovating and improving property to increase its value;
  • investing (purchase and sales) in mortgage notes: this is done between investors and financial institutions. The real estate entrepreneur that ends with the mortgage note claims ownership of the mortgagor’s debt and is awarded the home owner’s mortgage repayments as well
  • investing in commercial real estate:as is the case with residential real estate a real estate entrepreneur can invest into commercial real estate by buying it then later improving it, hence augmenting its value for the purpose of:
    • selling it for a lucrative profit margin;
    • renting the property to commercial tenants;
    • holding it for price appreciation, in addition to rental income.

Commercial real estate can include amongst others: office space; shop fronts; industrial buildings; apartments; hotels; casinos; concert halls; stadiums etc.

  • investing in realty securities: such as municipal bonds. Investing in municipal bonds is beneficial to the beholder because they are usually accompanied by certain tax exemptions.

Meeting Up With the Real Estate Entrepreneurial Objectives

When hoping to meet up with each of the above objectives and become a real estate entrepreneur, one has to:

  • Determine and establish financial plans and goals
  • Gather information on the real estate market
  • Develop means of financing the acquisition of the real property
  • Develop strategies for obtaining gain or profits (a source of income) from either the use/renting or selling of the real property

Economic Trends Affecting the Realty Market

  • Interest rates
  • Homeownership rates
  • Opportunities to rent
  • Demographic shifts

Becoming a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Having the right entrepreneurial mind-set: To become a successful real estate entrepreneur one needs to carry a very positive attitude, persistence and room to keep on improving and progressing. Real estate is not an exact science and is achievable by anyone provided you put your mind and effort into it. As a novice in this domain, mistakes are inevitable but this can be overcome with the correct mind-set. This will equally foster ones learning curb and support career development and satisfaction

Committing to the decision of becoming a real estate entrepreneur: Commit oneself wholeheartedly to the decision of making it as a real estate entrepreneur. This requires the one puts in time, effort, resources, attitude needed to gear one towards real property management as a permanent source of income

Take adequate and appropriate action: one cannot make it by just committing but one has to equally act on this. Put in place plans to achieve the goals set. Taking action is very difficult due to the continuous phobia of failure or making mistakes. Answering the following questions will help back the ideas with action:

  • Where can these many deals be gotten from
  • How are the deals going to be made
  • How many properties should be acquired
  • How will these real property  by managed
  • How are we going to raise the necessary funds for property acquisition

Challenges encountered: beware of challenges because it is a constant in the realty business. Challenges bring about an increase in timelines, delays, setbacks and discouragement. Persisting and overcoming these challenges is how one acquires experience in the domain.

Break-Through in the real estate milieu: most often when we stay steadfast and overcoming challenges we experience a break-through. Understanding, and accepting, these steps is important to becoming a effective real estate entrepreneur

Recipes for Success: Real Estate Entrepreneur

  • Set clear real estate plans and goals
  • Writing them down and stick with the plans
  • Plans should be flexible so as to incorporate unpredicted challenges
  • Study economic trends and use them to identify prospects
  • Understand the real estate market, via arduous research
  • Elaborate an exit strategy before getting into the real estate business
  • Be persistent, tenacious and always carry out due diligence
  • Assemble a team of professionals (as need may arise) to compensate for gaps in knowledge. Team could include: realty agents, contractors, lawyers, appraisers, lenders, marketers, and accountants


The DOs and DON’Ts when enroute to Becoming a Real Estate Entrepreneur




Plan your specific financial plans and goals

Be afraid to put into practice or apply the knowledge acquired from booksand seminars

Look at as many properties as possible because that what builds a portfolio

Wait on the perfect deal before beginning or launching your investment program

Conduct a detailed financial analysis

Purchase a real property from an unmotivated seller

Know the difference between real estate investing and the business of real estate

Forget that as an entrepreneur one owns a business before investing in real estate


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