What is a car that will have low(er) insurance rates for a new 16 yr old driver??

Does anyone know of inexpensive health care insurance for individuals in NY state?
Home Owner Insurance?
I got a 2000 ford taurus and my mama obtained insurance because she doesn't have an automobile herself we had to have my own personal insurance policy and today we have to pay 240 on a monthly basis as a result of my age.i have to know of any cheaper insurance for myself. plz and thank you.
"I'm aWhat might the insurance fee be to get a 17year old man for obligation on a 2002 dodge-RAM 1500 4x4?
Unsure whether to record a my automobile. I calculate the price to become about $ 500.00 +. Our deductable is $ 500.00. Any information may help:)
Home owners insurance is lowered by what Puppy breeds?
i am a 36 yr old guy returning to college fulltime. I've two dependent children who recive arkids(medicaid). I have no medical insurance and am no longer working presently

I must understand which car insurance is both economical and reliable?
(uk) do you really need to inform your car insurance this...?
Car insurance estimate for a 2006 BMW 325i for a 17-year old dude?
"I understand you'll find different components such as smokers /fat peopleI have not been able to seek out real health insurance and have MS. I will be covered by our state wellness pool but at $1300/mo. I have seen from a lot of indemnity companies and discount strategies but am afraid of those. Any one on the market have any tips? Thanks!
Insurance carrier that is accountable won't pay up.?

Just how much does my car insurance rise after my citation?
"My wife retired a year ago and got the approach from the college area in CaliforniaConcern for no-claims bonus protected on auto insurance?
Auto insurance question pursuing dui arrest?
Im presently unemployed and have the medical cARD AND MY CHILDREN NEED BRACES WHAT OTHER INEXPENSIVE INSURANCE should i get for them to manage to obtain the braces they need or CAN
"Therefore"I simply posted a concern about my racing citation I acquired recently I used to be heading 101 mph on the 65 mph zone. I am under my dads coverage this can be my first admission I just want to discover how this can be currently going to influence the insurance costs? Naturally they will increaseWhat's the projected insurance for this car?

"I'm finding my vehicle soon"Can it be true that car-insurance is higher for vehicles that are red? In that caseI need a listing of all (or up to possible) car insurance companies inside the united states. I would like the names and cell phone numbers and much more info on them if possible. Cheers!
Can somebody help me shop for health insurance?
Letting a vehicle with no insurance .?
Individuals: just how much can you spend motor insurance?
What is insurance for a 16 year old man having a Toyota Corolla's common cost.
What could the insurance be on the 2010 Camaro SS?
How do you purchase automobile insurance ?
How much could car insurance expense under these conditions?
"I need a 92-97 Lexus SC-300Insurance getting terminated in Virginia on an SR22?
Simply how much is auto insurance to get a brand-new HS 250h Premium Luxury lexus?
Need free automobile insurance?
What could the minimum insurance for a 2008 Ford Ranger truck for somebody over 30 w/ a good driving record?
"I've already questioned if i could possibly get car insurance without certificate someone
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