Using Product Listing Ads to compete against bigger brands

An increasing amount of consumers are using Google Shopping to find what they are looking for. It is an important platform to target retailers, as this is also an area where smaller brands can compete against larger retailers. Discover how Google Shopping can benefit your business here.

It is common knowledge that the way in which people shop has been completely revolutionised in recent times. The majority now prefer to do their shopping online instead of visiting the high street; this is because you can do it from the comfort of your home at any hour, you get a much wider variety and the possibility of finding the best deals. Modern day consumers use search engines like Google to find what they are looking for and this has seen the rise of Google Shopping. It enables a user to find and compare the product with a quick search effortlessly. This can be extremely helpful for the user, as they can find the best deal without having to visit several different websites.

Such a platform must be targeted by all retailers, as this is where modern consumers now turn first when seeking products. If your product is placed in front of them when they make a search, they are much more likely to purchase your item. It is also an excellent way to boost your reputation and establish yourself as an authoritative business in the industry. One of the greatest aspects of Google Shopping is that it enables smaller brands to compete against larger retailers. This aim can be achieved by knowing where, what and how to bid and by matching queries to your product.

To reap the rewards of Google Shopping, it is crucial that reputable internet marketing firms create your Product Listing Ads (PLA). This ensures that you will get targeted campaigns where your products are highly visible and appealing to the consumer. This can also be more cost effective than opting for a pay per click (PPC) campaign, as the cost of each click could be less depending on your industry. It is the smarter investment to make, as a staggering 47% of retailers spent more on these ads than they did a year ago; this shows that Google Shopping is a growing platform and somewhere that all retailers need to target and appear.

Not only does Google Shopping enable a user to easily compare deals on the product they are looking for, but also enables them to see specific pricing and product information. Therefore, if your product looks fantastic and superior to the competition, this is a great way to generate new business. This is particularly helpful for small or new brands that have high-quality products but struggle to compete against the bigger names in their industry.

When a user clicks-through on your advert to visit your store, this is when you are charged by Google. As the consumer has seen the product, the price and other information, it is likely that a sale is closed if a consumer visits your website. All businesses should ensure that their website is easy to navigate, contains clear and concise copy and reflects their brand identity; this will ensure that the sale is made and also boost brand reputation. This will increase the chances of the customer returning to the website.

Google Shopping is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and this is for good reason. This means that all retailers should target this platform and ensure that their products are placed in front of the consumer when they are searching for a product that you provide.

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