Ayurveda for Pain Management


Chronic pain of the body affecting your daily life? Are you suffering from Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, repetitive stress injury or Migraines? Ayurvedic treatment may be your answer! Check our Ayurveda for pain management at Ayur Healthcare, Sydney.


Do not ignore your body’s messages until the pain is unbearable! Try to solve the problem earlier. The pain may be caused by certain unconscious habits like chronically tensing your muscles, eating overprocessed, refined food, too much caffeine or not enough water. All these habits aggravate the Vata dosha.


The Ayur Healthcare Ayurveda doctors in Sydney offer Ayurvedic pain management. They study your medical history and suggest the correct methods for pain management. Here’re a few Ayurvedic remedies for pain management.


Ayurvedic Massages

The traditional oil massage, or snehana, is a highly effective form of therapy for all sorts of ailments. Ayurvedic massages address the Vata, mobilise toxins and relax the body. This in effect helps to reduce pain. Massages are also effective in reducing joint and muscle stiffness & increasing blood circulation.


Relaxation Techniques

A few minutes doing systematic relaxation in Shavasana pose is highly beneficial for pain management. This practice can reduce muscle spasms, relieve tension, and calm the mind naturally.


Ayurveda Diet

Food can make a huge difference to the pain as it is a powerful healer. If you follow a Vata-pacifying diet of warm, moist, mildly spiced, nourishing foods for a month it becomes highly effective in pain management. The sweet, salty, and sour tastes are all vata pacifying foods. Natural, healthy sources of sweets (like ripe plums, pears, or dates) are also good but don’t overeat as it aggravates Vata.


Gentle Asanas

Restricting your movement will only increase the pain. Where there is stagnation and congestion in the body, toxins accumulate and cause pain. By stretching and relaxing our muscles with gentle asanas, blood, lymph, and synovial fluids are mobilised. This relieves the stagnation of toxins.  Even 15 minutes of stretching every morning or evening is good enough.




Essential oils like Rosemary and Thyme increase blood flow to muscles and create warmth. Temporary pain killing effects can be produced by Peppermint and Myrtle. It is better to sprinkle a few drops into an aromatherapy diffuser or a hot bath and it is good for pain management.


These are only a few tips for Ayurveda in pain management. To get Ayurveda consultation in Sydney, contact us at Ayur Healthcare Parramatta.



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