Do you have to have insurance if you don't have a car, just a license?

"I'm UK resident from 2009. I obtained my drivers permit a few months before. It's from LatviaWhat exactly does auto insurance cover?
I want to buy a vehicle from auction it's bot MOT & TAX. How do I ensure it for 1-day to jut to generate 300 miles back home and then visit a good insurance price? I am protected to get another vehicle like a driver. Thanks
I have to know what my insurance will cost and obtained a citation?
"HelloIm 19 years old
How much wouldn't it charge to possess a porsche 911 per-year? pleeeeeeeeeeeease answer. i ask to you.?
Which claims make it's citizens remove individual healthinsurance?
What type of insurance plan must Geraldo and Marina have due to their family?
Temporary automobile insurance for shift?
"I live in Vegas Nevada"March 31st will be the last day for 'everyone' to register for health care insurance. How would it workin my condition? My fianc and that I are actually equally unemployedJust how much do you purchase car insurance? (youngsters just please!)?
How can I see a physician?
May car insurance pay for the following:?
"I am moving there soon and I'd like to hear from every time peopleDo I would like moose insurance?
Car insurance for dependent child without any auto-(US)?
Why cannot working people that are liable get low-cost medical health insurance?
Support with bike insurance please. (Full coverage or Responsibility?)?
My medical health insurance policy is too costly. What'll Ido?
"with obama value to startDoes it charge more to guarantee a car with no airbags?
where could I find inexpensive fresh motorists insurance in uk
For a couple under-25 years old With a Mazda cx9 and a Ford350
Car Insurance help please?
"Does anybody understand how much Planb costs at the FlagstaffI speak with several that say a lot of their revenue is going to Health Care. May Obama care truly convey people who cannot afford it inexpensive healthcare? This looks a bit complicated?
"I want lots of work performed and I do not have income for insuranceAuto insurance in somebody else's label?

First Vehicle help - automobiles with cheap insurance?!?
Wht auto insurance is ... that is cheaper and better for full-coverage ?
Could i be capable of begin my own personal business online and localy promoting another companys life-insurance and setting-up visits what sort of license do I have to offer insurance as well as for my own personal business do i just marketing life-insurance for another company do I simply need an llc certificate
Why did my insurance carrier contact me?
"As soon as I actually do I'd want to ride it when possible although I'm going to obtain a scooter shortly. I can get MOT"I reside in Chicago"I am one and 17 speeding ticket that resulted on my file in four points. I-drive a bright bmw 2005Inexpensive car to ensure for young driver?
Will be the high-cost of healthcare and insurance the consequence of...??
In San Diego
Assist with vehicle insurance. with ethical dilemma?
"Insurance Measurements Granted a remaining deductible (Deductible)"In California"I've my drivers enableWhat is the most effective Dental Insurance in Florida?
"Should you share the car with someoneIm 17 with my provisional permit and im obtaining covered onto my vehicle but want to know where is cheapest for auto insurance and that I reside in northern ireland
I recently got knocked off healthfirst with no warning therefore I need to find something rapidly please support:-)
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