Are LED lights superior to Halogen lights in Operation Theaters?

In any typical surgical or medical situation, clinical technicians and physicians are principally concerned about the two elements of light source- Heat and Color Variations.

Color Variations- Proper visibility is the most critical part during a surgery or medical practice to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. If the medical lights create a shift in the color scheme of the tissues then it heightens the risk of improper diagnosis of a condition. While the halogen lights naturally produce hot infrared lights, the led examination light create cooler light, closer to the daylight. The whiter light of led OT lights is perfect for operating jobs.

Heat: LED, being a semi conductor product much lesser heat as compared to the halogen lights. Halogen lights are brighter and hotter and they can heat up the surrounding areas easily. It can make the patients as well as surgeons uncomfortable.

These are the primary features that several medical facilities are turning towards operation theatre lights manufacturers in Delhi for different purposes. However, there are several other elements that come into play and influence the decision:

Efficiency: LED bulbs require less power to operate as compared to halogen lights.

Reliable:  LED OT bulbs have a much higher bulb life rate as compared to others. Halogen lights last around 2000 hours whereas the LED lights can run for around 30000 to 50000 hours.

Energy Uses- LEDs, as well as know, require less energy than halogen to produce high quality of illumination.

Cost- LED bulbs tend to be expensive than the halogen bulbs but it you compare the efficiency of both the lights then LED bulbs consume half amount of electricity to its halogen counterparts. This saves the medical facility thousands of bucks when compared to the standard Operational lights available.

Design flexibility - LEDS can be easily configured for different requirements, making them extremely versatile for various mounting configurations.

In the final analysis, your decision so as to which is the best choice depends on understanding the differences, how they will impact the clinical applications and also the specific needs of the healthcare facilities you work in.

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