At the point when bike riding what to wear, we suggest riding in what makes you feel comfortable, anyway, we have a couple of tips beneath on the best way to also be careful.


1. Solace


Your everyday apparel is totally alright for bike riding.


We do suggest:


  • You wear encased shoes and in the event that they have laces that they are tied so they won't come undone or snag on the bike
  • You don't wear apparel or accessories that can get caught in the tires or chain

In the event that you are planning for a longer ride, normal exercise gear is also totally fine. On the off chance that lycra is what makes you feel comfortable - pull out all the stops!

2. Preparing for Weather


On the off chance that you are riding in hot conditions:

  • Wear a long-sleeved, collared shirt to shield your skin from sun
  • Wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from the glare

If you are riding in rainy conditions:

  • Wear a tightly fitted rain jacket and rain pants
  • You can also purchase rain confirmation covers for your shoes

On the off chance that you are riding vulnerable:

Layer up! You may start off cold however when you start riding your body will rapidly warm and layers are easy to eliminate


3. Safety Hardware

In Australia, it is the law to wear a head protector on all occasions when you are riding.

We also suggest wearing a pair of riding gloves. These can shield your hands from chafing and rankles on longer rides, scrapes, and cuts in the event that you fall off and burn from the sun on a pleasant day.

In case you're riding on the road, in dusty areas, in the rain, or where foliage may strike your face sunglasses or eye protection is a smart thought.


4. Perceivability


When riding on the roads, we also suggest riding so you can be seen.

Our partners, MonkeySee and Bike Safety Gear have special deals for our Individuals for things to increase their perceivability through attire.

This incorporates:

  • High perceivability jackets
  • Intelligent attire
  • Lights implanted inside attire

Brilliant tones or garments with splendid patterns - can also assist with increasing perceivability.


5. Have Fun With It!

You CAN ride a bike in a dress or skirt, pants aren't mandatory

You CAN ride a bike in heels

You CAN shading coordinate with your bike or your riding companions

There are such fashion accessories to make riding trendy and a good time for all ages, and decorating your cap doesn't simply have to be a magpie impediment.


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