A flower a day keeps the doctor away

Gourmet food is expensive and delicious not only for its quality ingredients and taste but also for its aesthetics. Food aesthetics are making a huge comeback in restaurants today and for good reason. An experience that involves one sense involuntarily involves more than one. So while we eat, we may think that taste is all that our brain processes, but it is a much richer experience than that. The smell and sight of food are important points in the eating experience. One of the most natural and attractive ways to brighten up and beautify a plate is the simple addition of an edible flower. There are many varieties that are edible and add a subtle flavor to your dish. However, cooking with flowers is a cautious process, as you have to be completely sure that what you are serving is not poisonous or chemically treated. Once you've safely chosen your flowers, the options available for cooking are vast. While I don't recommend that you start looking at bouquets as delicious salads and chewing on when receiving a gift, it's worth realizing the value of flowers as a garnish and ingredient to complement a host of recipes.

The absolutely most important factor in deciding to cook with flowers is making sure the variety is edible and not poisonous. While this article will provide general guidelines, please confirm before using any plant in your food that it is, in fact, edible. The safest bet for edible flowers is those that will eventually grow into vegetables and fruits that we already know and love. Often times, the flowers of vegetables, fruits, and herbs offer a reminder of the plant they came from, with a more subtle flavor. Some examples are the flowers of basil, chives, garlic, and lemon. These are good garnishes for dishes that can already use the fruit of the aforementioned flowers. The chamomile flower is very soft and pleasant too. Other flowers that come from plants that we know are the arugula flower, the mustard flower, the pumpkin flower (which can even be fried and eaten alone), and the sunflower. Edible flowers are not limited to those that later turn into fruits and vegetables. Some of the most beautiful flowers have petals that we can eat. Specifically, carnations, dandelions, jasmine, rose, lavender, violets, and daisies are edible. a number of these add a gorgeous aroma to the dish and a really romantic bite. These flowers are perfect to add to a salad, because they add a strong color, which always makes the salad more attractive, along with a delicate flavor.

There are important rules that must be followed absolutely when using flowers for cooking. The importance of certainty within the safety of the precise flower is of utmost importance. Never use an ingredient in your cooking that you simply aren't sure is safe. Remember that many flowers are poisonous, so make sure of the identity of the flowers you have chosen to cook with. Once this step has been verified, we are ready to move on to the next flower cooking rule. This rule is where you get your flower from.

Don't buy flowers to cook from florists, unless they are specifically grown for eating. Most of the flowers for a florist are not grown as edible and therefore are not treated as edible. The products with which these flowers are treated should not be consumed. So, find a florist who specializes in growing flowers to eat or grow your own. Growing your own flowers for food involves basically the same rules as growing flowers for aesthetic pleasure, but be sure to avoid pesticides and use natural methods of keeping bugs away: plant a spread of flowers near one another, as this equilibrium may help ward

out of mistakes; remember that ladybugs are a good insect that feeds on many pests, so get to know their friendly insects; Smearing some garlic and coffee grounds on the ground often keeps pests at bay, as they hate the sharpness and bitterness of these foods. Lastly, use only flower petals, as pollen can cause allergies and is often bitter. Especially for first-time flower cookers, use small amounts, as any new food in the digestive tract must enter slowly and easily.

Now that we are ready to cook, let the ideas arise! The use of flowers is very varied; They can accompany anything from hors d'oeuvres to dessert. The flowers are perfect garnishes for savory and sweet dishes, and the petals add a pleasant flavor and appearance to salads. Try making a mixed vegetable and fruit salad, and add some flowers as well. This will add to the beauty of such a varied salad and add unique flavor to the sensation of sweetness and saltiness combined. Herb butter has never looked prettier with mixed flower petals, and most masses will only be enhanced with one flower mixed in them. Imagine the beauty of crepes with some lavender flowers scattered everywhere! Drinks will look crisp with flowers frozen in ice cubes, while teas are delicious with aromatic flowers. Adding some rose jam to your tea is also a delicious option to sweeten your tea, so think about the jams you can make with flowers. Once you start cooking with flowers, you can get a lot more creative in your kitchen, with results that everyone will notice and love.

Every cook likes to improve her experience and is always looking for new ways to improve and change. Flowers are a wonderful step to this as they are easy to cook, add beauty and scent, and help the imagination flow to create ever more interesting recipes. Flowers have long been used in the kitchen, and how lucky that fashion is back. Our dishes will be more tasty, attractive, and rich in aroma. Learn what flowers you can cook with, and when purchasing them, make sure they have been grown for eating and stick with using flower petals. Keep in mind that many of the flowers used as garnishes are usually only decorative. For example, many live flowers used to decorate wedding cakes are not for consumption. However when you are cooking with flowers you know it is good to eat, let your imagination run wild and you will create a myriad of dishes that will be enhanced and embellished with the flower garden you have added to them.

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