What is BEE certificate for star rating?

Every electronics product now has a rating that tells the customer whether the product would be an investment or a burden? If the product has a high star rating, it would have higher energy efficiency. Thus, it would consume less energy. On the other hand, a lower star rated product would inform the customer that the product would have a buffet of electric power and would bombard them with high electric bills. To promote energy efficiency and help customers with choosing the right investment, BEE certification was born.

What is BEE certificate for star rating? BEE certification is a process through which electrical product manufacturers get star rating for their products. If the rating is high, that means the product is efficient and thus the customer would not have to face high electricity bill using it. If the star rating is low, then the case is vice versa. 

what is the BEE certification cost? How you can you get the best BIS certificate service? All these questions, if they are in your mind, it’s time that you read this blog to know the answers to them. 

What is the process of BEE certification?

The BEE certification cost is tied in the process of obtaining BEE certificate online. It has two stages and both of them are of importance:

  1. The stage to register the brand. At this stage, it’s the brand that gets certified by the Bureau of energy Efficiency. 

  2. The stage to register the model: Once the brand has been deemed to product energy efficient products, one can apply for BEE model Registration. 

The process for registration at both stages follow traditional steps that are as follows:

  1. Getting the electrical or electronic product tested by a BEE certified lab. You can fine the list on their official website. 

  2. Take the test report and file the application to get BEE certificate online. 

  3. As you’re filing the application, remember to upload the required documents. 

  4. At the stage you’re about to submit the application, submit the government fee. It would finalize the filing process. 

  5. Now remember, based on the number of models, the fee would be different. So, before you take the step before this one, make sure that you have ample of room in your budget. It’s a costly, but worthy endeavour. 

  6. After getting to your application, the Bureau runs the test on the sample that you’ve provided on their end. The reason for doing so is to match the results you’ve given with the result of their in house testing. 

  7. If the results match, you get the star rating you’re looking for. That being said, the Bureau does provide some room for errors. So, if your personal test is showing some error rate, you don’t need to worry. 

While you don’t need to worry about the process itself, you definitely need to worry about the reaction from the bureau. To keep tabs on the reaction of the officials and to ensure that your application is filed properly, you need assistance. 

Who can provide the best BEE certification service?

There is a range of business license consultants that provide BEE certification service. However, you need specialist among them to get the best services. So, look for the following attributes in the service providers:

  1. Are they honest with their professional consultations?

  2. Are they transparent about their costs?

  3. Are they familiar with the procedure of BEE registration?

  4. Are they willing to give you concessions in the professional BEE certificate cost?

A positive answer to all those above questions means that the service provider is worthy. That being said, if you can just call to Registrationwala, you won’t have to burden yourself with finding your own experts.  


BEE certificate for star rating is an important attribute if you want to move forward with your electronics manufacturing and selling business. It will give you the power to influence your customers through the age old method – star rating. So, whether you’re a company or someone who is just looking for BEE certificate for sole proprietor, give us a call, for we are already standing over to pick it. 


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