Dealing With Wrong Fuel In The Car

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By any chance, did you fill up the wrong fuel in the fuel tank? Did you put diesel instead of petrol? If yes, don’t worry as this isn’t a new thing. Many people are always in a hurry and they always put wrong fuel in the car by mistake. But now, there is no need to worry about damage caused to your engine with wrong fuel. Well, there is a dedicated team, who will help you in harmlessly recovering the fuel.

What’s the requirement?

The 1st question in your mind is what effect it would have on the engine if diesel is filled in a petrol car. The injectors that are there in the engine would receive new fuel and would be injected in the cylinders of the engine. Even the petrol’s compression ratio is low as compared to that of diesel engine. With this, the diesel would not be evaporated and the necessary kick start would be provided to the engine. In such cases, the spark plugs will not fire; apart from this, don’t expect anything bad to happen. In fact, there is so much difference in the ratio of compression that the engine will not start either.

Draining the fuel and recovering it

In such cases, the engine shouldn’t be started. If the engine is started, damage may be caused to the spark plugs and tank. When diesel is accidentally filled in the petrol car, the wrong fuel must be drained out of the tank and once this is done, it can be filled once again with petrol. Even though diesel is drained out of the engine, a small amount would still be there in the tank. For this, keep the engine runing, till the diesel is out of fuel lines or injectors.

Always keep in mind that diesel works well only in the diesel operated car, since the fuel system lubrication as well as injectors is different for petrol and diesel engines. If wrong fuel is injected, the diesel will not ignite as it is only combustible under extreme compression.

If you aren’t confident of removing the wrong fuel from the tank, a recovery company must be chosen. There are a variety of companies that have a thorough understanding of the trauma when the wrong fuel is filled.

They arrive very soon and help in safely recovering the fuel without any reason to remove your tank or any moving parts. You can save hundreds of pounds against your insurance excess costs as the cost is usually half of what you would need to pay if your insurance company handled it (around £150).

So instead of being worried and instead of more damage being caused to the engine with wrong fuel, you must drain it out very early without starting the engine of the car.

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