The effect of music on people and health

The effects of music on people and health are scrutinized by various scientific disciplines. Medicine and psychology research the effects of music on the body, emotions and psyche.


How does music work?


Music affects various areas of the body, mind and health. What research has shown, for example:

Music influences brain processes and functions. For example, specific brain areas such as the “corpus callosum” are particularly pronounced in music lovers and musicians (Trapp 2017).
Our body and physical functions such as heart rate, breathing, or body tension are influenced by music, as reported by a large number of studies. Unfortunately, this also applies to the influence of “unmusical” noise. This can lead to headaches, sleep problems, increased irritability and high blood pressure (Leventhall 2003).
We also “resonate” emotionally with music. A recent study of 94 test persons showed that “favorite pieces of music” tend to stimulate joy and excitement, while classical music tends to promote calm and relaxation (Lynar 2017).


Music as obstetrics


Several studies examine the effects of music during pregnancy and childbirth. It was shown that music during pregnancy helps reduce anxiety and improves the ability to relax. In the delivery room, music can have a relaxing, pain-relieving and stress-reducing effect.



 Music relieves stress:


Various studies report that music affects the human "stress system". In a more recent study by Thoma et al. (2013), 60 test persons were subjected to a standardized stress test. Before the stress test, the test subjects received either relaxation music, the sound of splashing water, or no acoustic stimulation whatsoever. Result: The test subjects in the relaxation music group had significantly less stress levels (cortisol) in their blood after the stress test than the participants in the other groups.


Music helps with illness:


The effects of sounds and music are examined in particular in the context of music therapy. Clinical studies indicate positive effects in various diseases. The spectrum of medical examinations ranges from eye diseases, depression, dementia, cancer to tinnitus. However, it should be pointed out that studies in this area have so far only been examined using smaller case numbers and can only be generalized to a limited extent.



From healing chants to the splashing of water ...


Different types of acoustic stimuli also affect individuals differently (Lynar 2017). For example, rhythmic sounds, classical pieces of music or relaxation music are used as part of music therapy. However, there is still a lot of research to be done on this. Little research has been done on the effects of healing chants ("vocal sound healing"). A first pilot study at the University of Canada, in which participants of a healing chant intervention were interviewed about their experiences, gives an interesting outlook on possible effects: the improvement of physical and emotional tension, more positive thoughts, deep insights into their own life situation and changes in Problem perceptions.



Online  lesson of vocal sound meditation?


Do you want to experience the effects of a vocal sound journey on your body and well-being?

You can take part in a one-hour singing event free of charge (worth 80 $) and fill out questionnaires before and after.

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