How to Fix 7 Common Grammar Mistakes

Many of us tend to make frequent English grammar mistakes. Without the help of a qualified English teacher, we would all be lost. And so will our children. 


To ensure that your child speaks fluent English, you need to find the best international and Indian schools in Abu Dhabi with a strong English faculty and enroll them in them. In these schools, you will find talented English teachers who will refine your child's English speaking and writing skills. 


Here are seven common grammar mistakes that a great English teacher can help you fix. 

Mistake 1: Capitalization in the wrong place

Random capitalization is a big mistake that many students make while writing a paragraph. 


Students frequently make this mistake in their assignments. As per the correct grammar format, capitalization is allowed only when there is a proper name or something that appears at the beginning of the sentence.


Pro Tip: Do not capitalize words unnecessarily unless it marks the beginning of a new sentence.

Mistake 2: Affect vs Effect

Both the words affect and effect are confusing to many. But affect and effect are very different in meaning and use. Effect is a verb and effect on the other hand, is a noun. For example, The beautiful dance affected the audience emotionally. Here affect is the verb.


Again, the effect is used as a noun such as- The effect of the performance on the judges was epic.


Pro Tip: If you’re unsure if you should use effect or effect, try to find synonyms to replace those terms in a sentence that you are constructing.

Mistake 3: It’s vs Its

One of the most puzzling grammatical errors that students make is the use of its and it’s. It is essential to know that an apostrophe makes all the difference in grammar. “It’s” is the short form of it is or it has. While “its” is used to denote any object. 


Example: It’s not possible to win the match because the team lost its captain.


Here “It’s” is the “It is” and the “its” is the object of the sentence.


Pro Tip: Use ‘it is’ in places where you may need to write it’s.


Mistake 4: Too and To

To is used to denote directions, towards and until. It is a preposition. But too is an adverb. Let us explain with examples.


We are going to the zoo.’ In this sentence ‘to’ is used to denote place.


It is too hot today.’ In this sentence ‘too’ is used to state the intensity of the hot day. 


Pro Tip: There is no hack around this blunder. You have to simply understand and acknowledge the terms for their meaning.

Mistake 5: You’re and Your

Another common mistake that is frequently seen in student’s assignments and exams is the use of ‘you’re’ and ‘your’. ‘You’re’ is the short of ‘You are or You were’. On the other hand, ‘your’ is a possessive noun.


For example: ‘You are early today’ can be written as ‘You’re early today’. Here ‘you’re’ is the short of ‘you are’.


I like your new set of crayons’. Here your is used as the possession.


Pro Tip: In places where you may need to type out ‘you’re’, stick to the basics. Keep it simple and use ‘you are’ to avoid a grammatical faux pas.

Mistake 6: There vs Their

Most of the time ‘there and they're’ becomes confusing. But one has to remember that the meaning of these two words are different and have different uses in grammar. ‘There’ is an adverb and ‘their’ is the possessive noun. For example:


There are many books on the shelf.’ Here ‘there’ is used to indicate a certain place.


Their lifestyle is very poor.’ here ‘their’ is used to indicate somebody.


Pro Tip: ‘There’ and ‘their’ is easy to distinguish. All you have to do is memorize the terms.


Mistake 7: Then and Than


The best way to understand the basic difference between ‘then and than’ is that ‘then’ is used to denote time and ‘than’ is used to make comparisons. For example- 


‘If you come early, then I’ll go with you.’ Here 'then' is about time.


The blue dress is better than the red one.’ Here 'than' is about the comparison.


Pro Tip: If you get confused between both words, recite them out loud. Doing this will tell you what the right spelling for the term you’re looking for is.


In this blog, we have presented seven common grammar mistakes that we tend to make and shown you how to rectify them. A highly knowledgeable English teacher at the best international and Indian schools in Abu Dhabi will clear out errors that students frequently have with English grammar. It is necessary to clear the basic grammatical concept from an early age. 


Apart from the mistakes mentioned above, there are some other common grammar mistakes that students might make. When looking for a school, along with the school fees in abu dhabi, you also need to take care of the experience of the English teachers, who can teach you correct English with proper guidance to strengthen your grammar. 

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