Don’t Hesitate In Seeking Marriage Counseling In Reston Va

By Lincoln Scoffield

Marriage is the union of two persons with a promise to be committed towards the relationship for life long. It’s one of those life events that bring lots of happiness, excitement, fear, anxiety and many mixed emotions, all at one time. In marriage, both the individuals have to accept and deal with various aspects of their partner. The two individuals may differ on various aspects because of their individual personalities, environment, learning, temperament etc. These differences may cause disturbance and stress in relationships at various levels and effects both the individuals. Issues or problems in a marriage can come up variedly. It can be related financial issues, involvement in household functioning, third person, sexual issues and many more. Every couple is unique as every individual is, so their problems will also be diverse. There are ground rules and formulas to make relationship work but it might not help every couple equally. Some time when people are not able to handle their issues on their own or the differences are too strong, it starts effecting both the partners and children adversely.


Marriage counseling in Reston, VA is one of the important and upcoming branches of counseling and therapy. Its popularity and need is increasing in the modern world as it provides logical, rational and healthy solutions pertaining to issues related to marriage. In simple words, marriage counseling is professional assistance in understanding, dealing, resolving and improving relationship issues to minimize the negative effect of stress related to adjustment problems. In marriage counseling, the therapist facilitates in uncovering the issues which are the base of all the conflicts, differences, miscommunications, misinterpretation and misunderstandings.


The counselors are professionally trained in the field of psychology and problems related to mental health. There are different approaches to go about counseling process - it depends on counselor what they think best suits the couple.  The purpose of couples counseling in Reston, VA is to initiate and maintain a functional communication channel between the couple. Communication gap becomes a major barrier in mending the problems -in fact, it aggravates the conflicting issues. The counselor introduces a correct way of communication that greatly helps in resolving issues with discussion, listening to the other’s point of view without being judgmental, share feelings and express one’s heart out in an assertive manner and by not offending the partner.


Relationship counseling helps in reaching out to the root cause of the problem.  When lack of understanding creeps in a relationship, the couple is not able to figure out why things are getting out of hand and what has to be done to get things right. Ego clashes become one of the major hindrances in taking any initiative to resolve the issues. In such circumstances, when the coping capacity of couples has drained and they are on verge of losing hope in the relationship, professional assistance can make a big difference and bring a great level of clarity about themselves and relationship dynamics.


For more information about couples counseling in Bethesda, MD, visit Caringapproach.com.


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Lincoln Scoffield is a celebrated counselor and therapist in Bethesda who also likes to help people get through their everyday confidence issues and anxiety problems. He does so with the help of his services as well as through the many articles and blogs he writes. He recommends Caringapproach.com as one of best source for the same.

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