Thumbwind Publication’s Network of Sites

Thumbwind Publication’s Network of Sites

Thumbwind publications started in 2009 specifically to offer coverage of the Wind Farm development in Michigan’s Thumb. Since that time, it has grown to cover news, history, things to do, and places to see in Michigan, with particular focus on the tip of the Thumb. 

Today the tiny company has grown into a half dozen other sites covering various areas. - Dynamic Content and Uplifting NewsDynamic Content and Uplifting News

The Two Verbs Project is a  development property for dynamic content and uplifting news in the United States. This site seeks to experiment with providing dynamic new content that is tuned to the individual reader. We strive to find and offer informative content that is unique and useful. TwoVerbs concentrates its focus on the following areas:

  • Articles and News About Health and Health Issues - Latest news and features on health and wellness. This includes topical information on the Covid-19 pandemic and recovery. We have a particular interest in Covid survivors dealing with Long-Haul symptoms and challenges.
  • Top News and News Headlines - Headlines and news updates from Michigan. Our Michigan Headlines Page offers dynamic headlines from various news sources and is continuously updated with new content.
  • Living and Lifestyle - Articles of living, culture, and religion. We look for particular stories of interest from the Great Lakes region including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. From time to time, we include special content from Ontario, Canada.
  • History and Historical Events - Articles and features diving into the past. We pay particular attention to the early to mid-1800s went the initial European settlers entered the Great Lakes region.
  • Economy - Business and economic news of the day with particular attention to the Midwest region.
  • Sports and Outdoors - Top News and articles on North American sports and events.

The Two Verbs Project - Looking For Fun At The Tip Of The Thumb

This is currently utilized as a redirect landing page and is being reserved for future development. The domain is used as a redirect link to content specifically designated from Michigan’s Upper Thumb. 

Michigan's Upper Thumb - Research Of German Religious Colony In Michigan 1861-1868

Ora Labora is an educational and research site dedicated to the recognition of the German Colony on Wild Fowl Bay Michigan from 1962-1867. Our goal is to provide verifiable and primary source information on the colony's formation, operation, and demise. We also offer feature stories on activity and work being conduction with the preservation and restoration of the original cabins from the property. 

Ora et Labora Research in Michigan - The Best Stories, Sites, And Fun From Around The Great Lakes State


An alternate site to offers stories about the Great Lakes State. Places to see, great things to eat, roads to explore and here and there, a sprinkling of history that we will bet you didn’t know.

Michigan For You - Paddle and Camp Happy By Being Prepared


This site was introduced in 2020 to cover skills and techniques for those adventuring in the backwoods of northern Minnesota and Canada. Specifically in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Skills are reviewed. Equipment and gear are discussed and tips on places to explore and see in BWCA. 

OutdoorSkillz - Finding Fun in Michigan’s Thumb


Our flagship site for topics covering Michigan’s Upper Thumb in the following areas; Renewable Energy, Tourism, Agricultural, and History of the region. Designated as the Wind Energy Capital of the Great Lakes, Michigan’s Upper Thumb is a fascinating farming region, renewable energy production, and tourism. The Thumb offers a playground of festivals, art galleries, and fairs with the ability to play on the water and the sugar sand beaches along beautiful Saginaw Bay and explore a rich agricultural interior full of amazing sites and history. is a regional blog/website focused on stories, current events, and Great Lakes history with a particular interest in Michigan's Thumb region. The site began as a Wind Industry focus in 2009 and has experienced  400% growth during the last 5 years. The site currently entertains and informs approximately 25,000 US-based visitors a month. 

Thumbwind Finding Fun in Michigan


The End of the Road in Michigan Podcast

This series of podcasts is the audio reading of some of Thumbwind's stories and articles. The Podcasts were developed to assist to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). 

End of the Road in Michigan Podcasts

Thumbwind Publications 2021 Focus

  • Expand content coverage beyond the Upper Thumb to focus on Sanilac, Tuscola, and Lapeer counties. Greater Michigan-wide content. This effort started in 2019.

  • Continue to optimize for mobile users by the support of mobile-friendly AMP pages.

  • Continue to grow and cover costs with advertising. This covers costs and online advertising to continue audience growth in views and follows. 

  • Expand publisher partnerships - Minden City Herald 2020

  • Continue to optimize the site for compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - WCAG 2.1 AA 

Living in the Upper Thumb of Michigan brings a perspective of both rural and urban settings. As the owner of Thumbwind Publications by goal is to bring dynamic content and uplifting news to underserved areas of Michigan.

See our article about the Thumbwind Publications properties.
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