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The love of reading never seems to fade away. Even after the development of different types of media such as the television, people still love the allure and charms of a good book. However, nowadays people don’t have to carry around lots of books with them while traveling. Reading is just a finger tip away. People choose to read ebooks on their laptops, smart phones or other devices. This has also made life easy for the author. The author need not get his book printed in order to get famous. All he has to do is type his views or ideas and get them published in the form of ebook.

One question does come to mind though “how to publish an ebook”? The answer to how to publish ebooks is a step by step process.

  • First, you can check the internet for sites that host ebooks from new as well as recognized authors. You should choose a site which gives a reasonable portion of the revenue earned by the book to the author. This will help you maximize your profits.
  • Once you have chosen a site, you can follow steps given on the site on how to publish a ebook. The first step would probably be creating an account. To do this, you need to provide different types of information to the site like your personal details which involve contact number. Also, there can be a brief summary about the author. The author can write where he or she got the inspiration to write a book. This is mostly like a preface.
  • You should fix the price as well as discounts that you are willing to provide on your book. It is not always necessary to upload a book as soon as you create an account. 
  • Next, you should look to join groups on the site. One of the best things about hosting ebooks on such sites is that you get to interact with people who love to read and write. You can read comments on the discussion board which can really help you study the market.
  • Furthermore, many sites give the option of interacting with other authors. You can talk to experienced authors and learn about the difficulties and challenges they faced. This will really help you in growing as an author. Maybe you can get some ideas about presentation and the way the language is used.
  • Once you have all the answers you want about how to publish an ebook you can go ahead and upload your ebook in a format that is specified by the site. Once your book has been uploaded it will be available to the readers on display. As the ebooks are sold you get revenue from them.

One thing to remember while publishing ebooks is to be active and involved. It is very important to interact with the readers as their feedback can really help you in future endeavors. Check your sales reports frequently so that you can take steps to boost your sales or profit. To know more about how to publish an ebook visit

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