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Reading books is an incomparable pleasure that nothing else can give a person. Those that have discovered reading have unlocked the door to visit many worlds. Reading about adventures, fantasies and science leaves you all the more hungry to explore new realms. A visit to the library or a bookstore becomes the most awaited event of the day. Bless the souls who thought of bringing all this pleasure online – packed with convenience, too. Now there is no need for you to think up the excuse of having no time to spare for books, because now they can be accessed online – entire stores and libraries full of titles. You name it, they have it! Looking for online reading novels? The websites provide many romantic novels to read online.

This article shall inform you about various services and facilities you can find on the websites that offer eBooks.

  • Buy books online

The websites that have eBooks to offer usually sell them online. If there is a specific title you are looking for which is not available at your favorite bookstore, you can find it on one such website and order it. The good thing is that you almost always get the benefit of discounts when you shop online.

  • Read books online

There is a very attractive option of reading these eBooks online as well. Many websites come equipped with special readers (software that simulates a book on the Internet) that give you the experience of reading a real book, which isn’t much different than reading a physical book. Some even play the sound of pages turning!

  • Make your own shelf

As you purchase more and more books from a website, you can make your own shelf to stack your eBooks on in the virtual world. This is highly convenient as you can find all your purchased eBooks at one place. All you have to do is login and navigate to your shelf. Some websites even provide themes for the virtual shelves to make them more interactive.

  • Connect with authors

Some websites have a special feature that lets you connect with the authors of certain books. This happens when the author gives permission to the website to let them do this. If you can get in touch with your favorite author this way, everything is worth it!

  • Get social

Online eBook websites these days have come in-step with the latest trend of online socializing. Some websites provide group discussions on various book titles that you can join. You can also initiate a discussion on your part using the tools give in your dashboard. This is an extremely popular and likeable feature as it lets you know about various opinions on the characters, story and plot of the book on which the discussion is taking place.

This is the era of Internet, and eBooks are here to stay. You can benefit from these services if you don’t have much time or effort to spare to carry a book around with you all the time. Get an account today! For information on romantic books to read or to read romantic novels online, visit

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Gina Williams is an expert who loves writing interesting articles and blogs about various eBooks and online book store. She recommends ChateBooks as the best name to trust if you read the best collection of eBooks. ChatEbooks provides the ultimate e-book experience for buying, selling, connecting and engaging in a fun-filled, user-friendly platform.

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