What is the Difference Between Acoustic & Electric Violin?

What is the Difference Between Acoustic & Electric Violin?

Isn’t it very obvious that Acoustic Violin and electric violin will have some major differences?

Even if you just take a look at them, you can find that they are completely different in the way they look.

Apart from their physical differences, there are also some other differences in their functioning and operation. There are some of the major differences that we will find out in this blog.

If you are a pro violinist, you surely know what you want. But this is for everyone who is willing to find out the prime differences between both of these.

Undoubtedly if you are going to enroll in the violin classes for adults and still in a dilemma about what to choose, then make sure you keep reading the following to find out the differences.

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Differences between Acoustic Violin Vs. Electric Violin:

Whilst electric violins are seemingly the popular versions of the acoustic versions but in the reinvented way. However, the electric violin can be termed as something that showcases their evolution.

No doubt that electric violins are widespread around the globe, but which one is more popular and a better choice is still a controversial matter.

The advent of this controversy took place as a violin is initially and primarily a traditional or classical folk music instrument, and therefore both the listeners and musicians look for such genres where they can expect to hear mellow tones, natural and pure tones of the acoustic wooden instruments.  

This is the most popular reason for the rise of controversy, and hence most of the electric violins are not used for that purpose. However, as people started experimenting, it has led to improved use of electric guitars. This is not the only difference between both the types. There are others as well, but before that, we will check what exactly remains similar.

Generally, both the instruments are running on the same principles even when they look completely different from each other. The basic components will always remain the same. The top-quality electric violins are now termed as the high-quality instrument which is used for professional purpose. If you are taking the violin classes for adults, consider buying high-quality acoustic violins.

Both the types of violins include similar parts that are neck, body, tuning pegs, headstock, bridge, fine tuners, chin rests, and tailpiece. Both of the instruments are played using a bow and are played in a similar way.

But this is where the similarities end. Therefore, let us now have a look at some of the prime differences.


The prime and the most visible difference is its construction. Until we are mentioning the acoustic-electric models of the violin, which are primarily the acoustic models with pickups, the electric models consist of a minimalistic and solid body.

Whilst the acoustic violin’s body consists of the “F” holes that can amplify the sounds. The amplify is generally used to improve the vibrations in the strings, as the electric violins do not have any resonant chambers. Mostly they have a wooden block and a simple frame as the prime body part. When these are played unplugged, the electric violins are some of the most silent instruments, which is the same as the electric basses and violins.

In the acoustic violin, implementations of different kinds of tonewoods can result in completely changing the tone but in the electric guitars, it is not the same case. Their body resonates very little, but most of its sounds are based on the electronics and pickups.

Some of the electric violins that consist of a solid body consist of bigger bodies compared to others, and in some of these models, its wood has the ability to resonate more. However, these are still not near to acoustic violins.

In some rare cases, some of the electric guitars have headless construction along with the tuning machine, which is placed on the tailpiece.

If you are willing to buy an electric violin, consider taking guidance from the trainer of adult violin lessons.


To amplify the strings’ vibration, these violins have pickups. In most cases, there are piezo sensors that can pick the string vibrations, which then converts into an electric signal.

When you plug the instrument into the amplifier or the PA system, the electric signal is then sent to the speakers for converting it into sound.

These are only some instances where the electric violins make use of magnetic pickups. However, you can stay assured that you are not going to experience these as these are rare and used for experimental purposes.

For further amplifying of the acoustic violin signals, make sure you use some kind of microphone instrument. To keep it affordable, you can attach a clip-on mic to it for free movement while performing.


As we have already discussed and checked that the look of an electric violin is similar to the conventional ones as they consist of neck, headstock, and body. Electric violins are complete news when it is about the design.

Even when the basic components of the violins remain the same, it somehow seems that they can be given limitless body shapes. Most of the electric violins have frames that show the basic contours.

In most types, these have rounded bases, which remained the same throughout. In this way, use any kind of chin rest that you would on the acoustic violins.

Start taking the adult violin lessons once you have decided on the type of violin you need.

Feel of the instrument:

Since the electric guitars have solid bodies, the resonation is a lot lesser compared to the acoustic violins. This is why there are a lot of differences in its playability, and it is drastically different.

Violins rely on the feel and resonation of string vibration and also the body on their chin and shoulders. In this way, the player gets more information about what is going on and can keep control while playing.

Even the size of their body is totally different. This way, both the instruments look and feel completely different.

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Final thoughts:

Even when both of these are violin, they have different purposes, and both of the instruments make sure of fulfilling their purposes. You should definitely not look for the electric violin as a great replacement for the conventional ones. You must know that electric violins can never replicate the tone of natural violins.

Instead of thinking of a replacement, you can simply view these electric models as a separate model that looks similar to the regular ones. However, before buying, make sure you know what you want exactly to make sure of making a good investment.

For the beginners, it is always great to go for the acoustic violins and start taking the beginner violin lessons for adults. This can help them to start working on their dreams and enjoy a better career.

For beginners, directly jumping on the electric violins can become a bad choice as you will not be able to handle the functionalities. Until you have the ability to play the acoustic version, it is never recommended to go for the electric ones.

Therefore, choose the acoustic ones first and ones you are a pro and willing to explore, you can start taking the electric adult violin lessons.

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