ITIL, going beyond improving IT services, also solves business problems. By balancing adaptability and rigor, many organizations can reap many benefits from ITIL. These are 10 of the biggest gains to be made from implementing ITIL.


ITIL is the world's most accepted approach to IT service management and delivery. Many are even confused by the difference between ITIL and ITSM. Organizations using ITIL include the IRS, BP, Disney, and Microsoft.

ITIL is also globally recognized. Some of the major non-US organizations using ITIL include the Bank of Canada, British Airways, and Australia Post. ITIL is not only popular with employers; it is appreciated all over the world.

Integrates with project management frameworks

One of the reasons ITIL is widely accepted is its compatibility. ITIL is a set of best practices rather than a methodology. It also uses common concepts and terms, which makes it compatible with popular frameworks like PMP and PRINCE2.

Aligns IT and Business

ITIL is not only compatible with project management frameworks. It is also compatible with the objectives of a company. By managing the IT department as a service provider, ITIL turns IT into a central part of the business. Although ITIL does not create business strategies, it supports them.

Minimizes disruption

To align IT with a business, IT must be stable and uninterrupted. Fortunately, ITIL has a number of processes, such as incident management and ITIL issue management. They allow organizations to quickly restore services and develop effective workarounds.

Better reliability

The ITIL incident management and problem management processes also enable organizations to run flawless major incident reviews, eliminate root causes, and prevent incidents from recurring. ITIL's focus on continuous improvement means that organizations continue to improve with a reliable IT service.

Better quality of service and customer satisfaction

Other ITIL processes include business relationship management and service level management. These can help your teams understand and manage customer expectations. Using the ITIL availability management process allows you to ensure that IT services are always available to the customer.

A better environment for change

The availability management process also allows you to drive continuous service improvement. Change management is another of ITIL's disciplines. This allows you to respond to changing requirements in an agile manner.

Cost transparency

Without the best practices in place, service costs can increase without control. ITIL helps you with budgeting, accounting and invoicing requirements. By creating policies based on metrics, money spent on IT services is properly accounted for. This allows you to make tough cost cutting decisions with verifiable numbers at your fingertips.

Risk management

When using ITIL to optimize costs, you always consider quality and risk factors. In fact, every ITIL book has a section on risk. Risk analysis and management activities appear in many processes. By performing them, you can identify, prioritize, and manage service improvements.

Competitive advantage

ITIL enables organizations to deliver value to the customer. With the focus on continuous positive change, it's no wonder that many organizations are embracing ITIL. After all, an agile environment enables businesses to thrive. At the same time, ITIL's checks and balances keep customer satisfaction high and warn of unnecessary risks.

You can give your organization a competitive advantage and gain a global qualification. Check out our list of ITIL courses and start your journey today. For any questions or queries, please visit our contact page.

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