Does A Wooden Watch Reveal A Man's Personality

Does A Wooden Watch Reveal A Man

There are many reasons why men enjoy watches as much as women do. The obvious reasons such as accuracy, longevity, and usefulness cannot be discounted. What most men find interesting is the aesthetic factors associated with these products. A watch can say so much about a man that it makes you wonder if there is some other, more important reason behind his behavior. After all, isn't that what love is all about?


The first time I heard about this phenomenon of the watch revealing my personality was from an acquaintance. He was talking about how the current brand of top wooden watches for men in UK tended to be squarer than the old-school round or square design. I suppose that the reason for the change was due to current fashion trends. However, the rest of his statement still made sense and so I began to wonder, does a watch reveal something about a man?


Which Style Of Watch You Would Like To Wear?

There are several ways to answer that question depending on the individual. The first and most obvious way would be to go and get a wristwatch and take it to a jeweler. The jeweler will be able to take measurements of your wrists to determine what size and style of watch you need. From there you can tell the jeweler exactly what kind of personality you have and which style of watch you would like to wear. Of course, that said, you will probably want to wait until you know your personality a little better to make that decision.

Another option is to get yourself a brand new wooden timepiece. Watches of all kinds from diamonds to grandfather clocks now come in wood and sometimes come with leather bands. If you find one that has a leather band, you may as well look at that watch and see if it matches your personality or if it is too cutesy or feminine.

Some men do like more masculine, sturdy watches so they will go for a solid black or dark brown or even dark blue stainless steel watch. They will also prefer a watch that comes in a more rustic country look. These watches will often be made from wood and come with a thick band or they will use gold or silver in the construction of the band.


Choose a More Modern Type of Watch As Well

You can choose a more modern type of watch as well. These are more casual than the old-style watches that were popular just a few years ago. There are still plenty of these available but they tend to use much lighter metals in the construction. The big difference between the materials used is the feel of the watch. Some feel very soft, some scratchy, and others feel just right to wear. It depends on the person wearing the watch and their personality.


A more masculine-looking watch would be made of more solid woods. Woods that are darker and braver colored may be a good choice. You could also opt for stainless steel or even an aluminum watch if you want a less expensive watch. This is all about finding what goes best with your personality and personal taste. There are plenty of different styles of men's watches that reveal a man's personality and taste.


Take a little time and find a watch that is right for you and your personality. When you start to think about revealing your personality through your watch, it helps you get in the habit of putting thought into your watches and what you will be using them for. This will help you always have a great watch and a wonderful time. Make sure you consider the things that go into a good watch and you will find the perfect one for you.

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