Tips in Identifying a Great Investment Property

Investing in real estate is the dream of many people but what always limit them is the fear of investing in a property that cannot yield any profit. Much work is to be done from the time when you have made up your mind to buy a rental property. For a new or first time investor, this task might be frightful but for an old or experience investor the task is simple and they know what is require for the success of the business. Just the thought of keeping a property as an investment makes you scared that you might lose your money without making any profit. While you might want to use the services of a real estate agent to buy the rental property, it is also necessary that you also search for the type of property you will want to invest in. This is because with the help of a real estate agent you can be pressurize into buying a property that is not good. Also when searching for the property, you need not to be biased in your approach towards the properties and the environments in which you are searching. However, purchasing a great rental property is a difficult task in itself, but being a landlord is the greatest challenge. However, buying a rental property can make you a great deal of profit and make you financially free if you do the right thing and go for the right property. The issue is not just investing in property but finding and identifying the right property to invest in. Here are some tips to consider when trying to identify a great property to invest in:


The neighborhood in which you are buying a property determine the kind of tenants you will have and the level of vacancies that you will face. For example, in a neighborhood where you have the University and many other higher institutions, the chances for students being your potential tenants will be very high and you are going to face vacancies on regular basis during their break since the will be going back to their home.

Job Market

When you invest in a property that is located in an environment with numerous growing opportunities for employment, more people are attracted to the property because the want to be closer to these opportunities. If you come across any announcement about any new big company, industry, business center etc. moving to an area, then that is a good area for you to buy an investment property. This is because with the coming of this new facilities, many workers will move to the area in search for job and by so doing you will have many tenants to occupy your property. In as much as it is a plus to an investor, it can also affect the price of rents negatively of positively depending on the type of establishment that is moving in the area. However, the cash behind this is that, if you like the new establishment and can stay close to it, then any other tenants will.


Being in a neighborhood full of crimes can be very frustrating and nobody want to live in such an environment. Therefore, before buying an investment property is relevant you go to the police and get statistic of crimes about the area in which you are about doing the purchase. Avoid asking the owner of the property about the crime activities of the area because they can be misleading just to sell their property. When doing research on the crime rate of the area, you might want to look at the vandalism rates, severe crimes, minor crimes and the recent crimes that has occurred in the area.


Before investing in a property, you need to find out the cost of the average rent in the area since the rent is very important for a rental property. If you think demanding the average rents for the property will not be enough for you to cover the expenses of the property like taxes, mortgage payment, etc. then it is better to keeping on searching for another property. Do a good research on the area and try to forecast the changes that might take place in the next five years and if you realize that expenses are going to increase greatly in such a way that you might be bankrupt later, then do not invest in the property.


It is normal that if your tenants have children or if your tenants are students, then the will like a property that closer to a school. So, when investing in a property, you might want to check on the quality of the school around the vicinity since this can also affect rental payments. That is, a school with poor reputation around your property will reflect a low price on the property and attract less tenants.  

Vacancy rate

If you are an investor who wants to buy a property and rent it for a very long period of time, then you need to think of the vacancy rate of the property that you intern to buy. When the property vacancy rate is low, then the will be a high demand for the property, thereby increasing your cash flow and improving on your finances. You also have to try in predicting when you think the vacancy rate will drop or increase in order to be on the safe side when things starts turning.


In every neighborhood, there is a great investment property but there is a lot of research and footwork needed in identifying such a property. Your expectation should be realistic when you find a great property to invest in and always make sure you use the required budget allocated for the investment in order not to be bankrupt after the purchase.

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