Here's Why You Should Invest in Explainer Video Production For Your Business

Even though it may seem like common sense, it's essential to be mindful of the fact that a customer won't buy your products except on a condition in which they know specifically what your products do. If what you offer is confusing, it's essential to elucidate what your products are and why they are important to your customers. By explaining how you can help customers solve their pain points, you can boost conversion rates effectively. When a how-to video demonstrates how customers can better their lives with what you offer, an explainer video by an explainer video production company lucidly and straightforwardly explains what pain points your brand tackles and the way you solve the pain points for the customers.


Here are 9 Reasons why you should consider an explainer video for your business. 


Increased Conversion Rates


Be mindful that confused customers really don't have a need to buy what you offer, so you need to answer as many questions as possible in the explainer video regarding your products. By lucidly, simply and rapidly defining the objectives of your product, you can reach consumers who are genuinely intrigued by your products. Through clarifying the objective, you can create an increased interest, which leads to increased conversion rates. Indeed, a case study shows that conversion rates can increase by more than 100% due to a well-made explainer video by an explainer video production company


Encourages Customer Communication 


Nowadays, Explainer videos are more than merely broadcasting visual images in motion. Technology advancement made it possible for the audience to interact with the explainer video which they watch at that instant, that further aids you quickly fulfil your marketing goals. Ranging from online surveys, polls to one-time forms explainer videos let the audience continue knowing more regarding your products, or even to buy your product. Audience interaction is mostly performed towards the culmination of the explainer video as a CTA. 

Investing With a High Return


Undoubtedly you will see the return of investment in the video, with improved conversion rates. With countless marketing opportunities summoning the attention of your business, it's essential to pick marketing solutions which yield the most rate of return. But it's crucial to take into consideration the ROI of any marketing opportunity if you wish to budget wisely or if you are working on a low budget. Having a track record of multiplying conversion rates, for many organisations, it might be worth investing in an explainer video by an explainer video production company. 


Showcase Your Personality


You not merely wish to sell your product/services but your brand as well. Setting a face to the name can make a huge impact on consumers as it's them who decides whether or not to buy what you offer. As customers will be able to see a face, it creates a kind of connection which makes them more comfortable with making a purchase from a brand. An explainer video by an explainer video production company is the best way to show the viewers your brand's overall personality and image. 


Attract the Attention of Customers 


In our society these days, which is inundated with advertisements, customers ignore ads whenever they see one. As a well-produced explainer video by an explainer video company lets you promote your business and products without being sales-y, the audience is more ready to focus their attention and remember your brand in a positive light. Added to that, they are genuinely interested and are likely to know more by themselves and even spark a conversation regarding your business with their friends. 


In a failed effort to add more interest to what they offer, certain brand owners add scores of images, colourful fonts and gaudy animation to their web page, which leads to:

  • Confusion among prospects

  • Slowing down of webpage load time


Both of these things are absolute disasters for businesses. Why not take all of these great ideas and get it played out in an explainer video? It does not just make your website look clean, but also offers sufficient material to engage a prospect. 


The Chance to Entertain 


Do you know what makes an explainer video by an explainer video production company successful? It's the video's potential to entertain the audience and elicit an emotional response simultaneously. In spite of all creative and technical considerations, a video should address the 3Ws of a business, i.e., Who, What and Why perfectly. If you regularly produce videos on online video sharing platforms, a well-made explainer video by an explainer video production company will encourage the audience to view your rest of the content so as to know more about your business. 


Boost SEO


SEO isn't merely restricted to website content. To reach more viewers, you can optimise explainer videos too! You can add keywords that the audience is looking for through the explainer video's title, description and tags. When you post your video on Facebook, Twitter or youtube or any other similar sites, the explainer videos mostly get shared, which can enhance your likelihood of getting indexed by Google. 


Help Viewers Retain Information


A study conducted by Wharton research centre revealed that a person remembers merely 10% of what they have heard whereas 50% of what they have seen. What does this imply for your brand? A surge in word-of-mouth marketing. And the word-of-mouth prevails to be the major way by which brands entice customers. If they love what you offer, then certainly they will share your explainer video. 


Let Customers Understand That You Exist


Ultimately, the point of any advertising video content is to let customers understand that your business exists and elucidate why they should do business with you. Through an explainer video by an explainer video production company, you can overthrow both the objectives through a single video, that improves your return of investment. 


No matter whether you're a new or an established business, a well-made explainer video by an experienced explainer video production company is one of the effective ways to boost your return on investment. An explainer video is an effective, targeted and cost-effective marketing tool which leaves plenty of room open for creativity and experimentation, so see what works and doesn't work for your brand. 

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