Wedding Photographer in Hertfordshire to Capture your Special Memories

By Scott

Wedding might be a one day affair, but it lasts for a lifetime and along with it, the memories casted in the ceremony stay with you forever. The wedding ceremony first and foremost calls for one vow, “till death do us apart” which is equally true for both the relationship and the memories. These memories associated with the wedding ceremony stay with you forever whether in your mind or in the mind of your guests or in the memories captured by the wedding photographer in Hertfordshire! These Herts wedding photographers have only one aim, to capture and store for you the best moments in the wedding ceremony which you can cherish forever.

Wedding photographer in Hertfordshire offer both ceremonial formal pictures and pre-wedding intimate snapshots which would be the testimony of your life forever. In the ceremony pictures, which are more formal, the Herts wedding photographers take both candid and portraits. These may be of the family of the participants or the guests who have come by to witness the couple’s love for each other. The candid’s are most sought after because you get to see the raw, uncalled for expressions in these pictures whether it is someone going ‘aww’ over the wedding kiss or the father of the bride shedding drops of tears while giving his daughter away. The portraits keep a record of the guests who have been there to witness the bride and the groom getting into a universal bond of marriage.

The most exciting part is perhaps the pre-wedding shoot where the Herts wedding photographer has the license to take pictures which are not so formal and would be there in your personal collection to revive your memories about the happy event. These pictures might include happy moments, crazy poses or some intimate moments usually taken as candid’s. This is the best platform to show your love for each other and to express it through these pictures which you would be looking back at from time to time! All the more, if you are having a destination wedding or otherwise, you could have a themed photo shoots which would make your wedding different from all the others.

Wedding photographer in Hertfordshire is well experienced in their fields and knows how to go about it. They would capture the best of the moments, to make your memories something you could resort back to at times of sadness and perhaps, show your kids when you have kids.

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